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Sichuan Create Tea Industries over 10 Billion Yuan

  From April 29th to May 2nd, China’s Tea Town-Mount Emei International Tea Culture Exhibition will be held in Emei city. As the host place and major county producing tea in Leshan, Meishan spares no efforts in creating real “China's green tea hometown” with its characteristics and features in tea industrial development and making the scents of Emei tea known in the whole world.

  ”Emei will strive to complete the transformation from major county of tea to powerful county of tea during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period, expand industrial chains through innovation driving, accelerate the going globally by enhancing brands, create new markets by integrating e-commerce together, actively promote the integration of tea and traveling, and create tea industries worthy of ten billion yuan.” On April 23rd, Yuan Shilun, Vice Secretary ofEmei Municipal Committee of the CPC and Mayor of Emei Municipal People's Government, said.

  Mayor Yuan Shilun introduced that at this tea exhibition, Emei is the major host place and it has conducted intense arrangements in organizing tea companies participating into the exhibition, hosting theme activities, environmental management, atmosphere building and so on. Currently, all preparations are promoting orderly. At this tea exhibition, Emei will attend “Mount Emei Tea” exhibition, Emei theme activities, tea traveling map exhibition, “Mount Emei Cup” 11th International Famous Tea, online tea expo and so on. There will be 17 tea companies attending “Mount Emei Tea” exhibition including 6 organic tea companies with over 700 square meters in exhibition area.

  The unique and advantageous natural environments have achieved unique features of Mount Emei tea as “green, fragrant, and straight”. Tea culture has long and rich history and forms colorful and profound Mount Emei cultures together with Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Emei martial arts culture. In recent years, “Mount Emei tea” has enjoyed increasingly brand reputation, gone globally with a rapid speed, and entered into modern and characteristic new track. In 2009, Mount Emei tea represented by Zhuyeqing, Emei Xueya, Xianzhi Zhujian, Senlinxue, and Yizhichun” has won national geographical indication protection product certification.

  In 2015, there are 17 towns producing tea in the total 18 towns in Emei, 99,000 mu of national green food materials (tea leaves) standardization producing bases, 9 tea leaves standardization demonstration parks covering 10,000 mu, 11,000 mu of organic tea producing bases, 205,000 mu of tea, 13 kinds of tea tree brands with the good ratio of 65%, 19,200 tons of tea leaves, and the total tea value reaching 643 billion yuan. Tea industries of Emei cover fields such as fresh tea leaf trading, tea leaf sale, tea drinking, tea material extracting, tea machine manufacturing and so on, and form over 20 famous brands including Zhuyeqing, Lundao, Emei Xueya, natural organic tea and so on winning international golden prizes. Tea leaf markets in Southwest China has attracted tea merchants from the whole country with the trade volume of 8 billion yuan. Mount Emei has also gradually become the major zone for qualified tea leaves and trade center, named as “Modern Agricultural Industrial Demonstration County (Tea Leaf)” by Sichuan Provincial People's Government.

  With the development of tea industry, the integration of tea and traveling in Mount Emei has been explored for many years. A batch of comprehensive scenic spots with tea the theme such as Zhuyeqing ecological tea gardens, Xianzhi Zhujian ecological gardens and so on and won national A level tourism scenic spot certifications. Relaxing and sightseeing, tasting tea and admiring cultural folks have been new consumption hots for customers. At Zhuyeqing ecological tea garden, customers could enjoy a journey of tea culture in tea fragrance from collecting tea, making tea, the development of Chinese tea, and tea performances through “sightseeing and experiencing”. Currently, scenic spots with tea as the theme are mostly developed by major tea companies with tea culture as publicity windows and the windows to enhance company’s brands.
  It has been learned that to construct China's Tea Cultural Famous City, Emei plans to in the following 5 years introduce scaled tea plating zone at Puxing Town, Huangwan Town, Shaxi Town and so on and about 5 major tea companies, develops modern tea villages integrating producing, sightseeing, experiencing, food, relaxing, entertainment and so on, implements the integrated development for tea regions and scenic spots, and changes tea regions into scenic spots. Meanwhile, Emei will develop solid ecological tea gardens combining “tea plus cherry”, “tea plus peaches” and so on, construct tea landscapes with flowers in tea full of colors”, achieve the in-depth integration of tea industries and leisurely traveling, and promote the development of tea cultural tourism.

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