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   The Engineering System of Dujiangyan Irrigation District Was Included in the World Heritage List for(2018-08-16)
   The First Research Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Stem Cell Was Inaugurated in Sichu(2018-08-15)
   Sichuan Province Launched a General Investigation Project of Active Fault(2018-08-14)
   Sichuan Incorporates Drug Prevention Knowledge into the Academic Test for the Junior and Ordinary Hi(2018-08-13)
   The 2nd ASEAN-China People-to-People Friendship Organization Leaders’ Meeting Was Held in Sichuan(2018-08-10)
   Sichuan Issued the First Local Standard for Provincial-Level River & Lake Park(2018-08-09)
   The Biologist of Sichuan Province Revealed the Genetic Mystery of Hot-Spring Snake for the First Tim(2018-08-08)
   Mr. Wang Yihong Meeting with Peru’s New Ambassador to China Mr. Quesada(2018-08-07)
   Sichuan Province Implementing Carbon Neutral Project in International Conference for the First Time(2018-08-06)
   Consular Officers in Chengdu Proposing Ways for the “Four-direction Expansion and Across-the-Board (2018-08-03)
   Mr. Yin Li Presiding Over the 10th Executive Meeting of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government(2018-08-02)
   Mr. Yin Li Meeting with Mr. Platov Governor of Surxondaryo Region in Uzbekistan(2018-08-01)
   The Fifth Sichuan International Travel Expo Will Be Held on September 7th(2018-07-31)
   72 New Taiwan-Funded Enterprises Added in Sichuan Province in the First Half of This Year(2018-07-30)
   Mr. Yin Li Presiding Over the 9th Executive Meeting of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government(2018-07-27)
   Mr. Yin Li Meeting with Former Tanzanian President Kikwete(2018-07-26)
   The 5th Plenary Session of China-Africa People’s Forum Held in Chengdu(2018-07-25)
   The 5th China-Africa People’s Forum Opening in Chengdu(2018-07-25)
   Mr. Yin Li Meeting with Seychelles Vice President Vincent Meriton(2018-07-24)
   Mr. Yin Li Presiding Over the 2nd Plenary Meeting of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government(2018-07-23)
   Sichuan’s Foreign Trade Volume Increasing By 24.9% in the First Half of the Year(2018-07-20)
   Sichuan Province Achieving Regional GDP of 1832.701 Billion Yuan in the First Half of the Year(2018-07-19)
   Over 1,200 Planned Western Volunteers Going on Their Expedition(2018-07-18)
   Sichuan Province Striving to Build a Unified Audit Big Data Center in 2020(2018-07-17)
   Sichuan Province’s Pilot Project of Comprehensive Financial Service Innovation “Loan for Guarantee(2018-07-16)
   The Number of Government Procurement Agencies in Sichuan Province Ranking the Second in China(2018-07-13)
   New Tax Authorities in Cities and Prefectures Opening(2018-07-11)
   The 8th Executive Meeting of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government(2018-07-10)
   Sichuan Province’s Integrated Government Service Platform to be Launched at the End of this Month(2018-07-09)
   “Sichuan Poverty Alleviation” Applying to be Registered as a Public Welfare Collective Trademark(2018-07-06)
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