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Briefing Session on Tianfu New Area Planning & Construction

  Tianfu New Area Enters All-round Construction Stage

  The fourth pole of China’s economy is in the period of important strategic opportunities. In the afternoon on March 8, Briefing Session on Conditions of Sichuan’s Progress in Building Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone & Tianfu New Area Planning was held in Beijing. What progresses have been made in the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone? What will the blueprint of Tianfu New Area be like? The briefing session attracted attention from 117 reporters from 52 domestic and foreign media such as People’s Daily, CCTV, China News Service, Xinhua News Agency, and so on.

  During one year of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone construction, 15 cities grow faster than provincial average level.

  Sichuan vice governor Wang Ning introduced that in order to promote the implementation of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone Planning, Sichuan has launched the planning of Chengdu urban agglomeration and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone southern urban agglomeration, completed the construction scheme of Chengdu-Chongqing Cooperation (Guang’an) Demonstration Park and formulated special work programs, for example, program on the deepening of balanced urban and rural development.

  Last year, Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone Sichuan part has carried out 407 projects concerning infrastructure construction, key industries, people’s livelihood, social undertakings, and ecological protection. A total 328 billion yuan fund has been accomplished and 58 projects have been completed and put into operation. At the same time, Sichuan and Chongqing have actively promoted the establishment of senior joint meeting system and regional cooperative mechanism between the two parties.

  According to rough estimates, in 2011, the gross regional product, industries above designated size, fixed assets investment, general budget revenue of local finance, urban per capita disposable income and rural per capita net income of 15 cities in Sichuan that are included in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone increased by 15.4%, 22.1%, 18.5%, 34.7%, 16.3% and 20.9% respectively, all above provincial average level, which strongly supported Sichuan’s GDP to break through 2000 billion yuan.

  “Five areas” picture the most dynamic growth pole in western China.

  Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone Planning states that the planning and construction of Tianfu New Area is a major task of enhancing Chengdu’s status as core of development. Wang Ning said that Sichuan regards the construction of Tianfu New Area as major strategic measure to deepen a new round of Western Development, to implement Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone Planning and Western Development “Twelfth Five-year” Plan and to quicken the building of western economic development highland. Sichuan is striving to build Tianfu New Area into the most dynamic pole of economic growth in Sichuan and even in western China.

  The overall positioning of Tianfu New Area can be defined as: focusing on modern manufacturing industry and gathering high-end service industry to build a new international modern urban area that is suitable for developing industry, running business and living as well as to realize coordinated growth of modern industries, modern life and modern city so as to provide strong support for the building of western economic development highland and western economic center.

  In the construction process of Tianfu New Area, constant attention should be paid to “five-adherence”, that is, adhere to scientific planning to build demonstration areas of scientific development, adhere to the interaction between new-type industrialization and urbanization to build “all-in-one” city sample areas, adhere to opening to the outside world to build frontiers of inland open highland, adhere to deepen the reform to build leading areas of mechanism innovation, and adhere to improve people’s livelihood to build prosperous and harmonious areas.

  A number of multinational corporations and innovation R&D agencies will be gathered in Tianfu New Area this year.

  At the end of last year, the launching of seven starting areas set off the construction of Tianfu New Area. Wang Ning said that the construction will enter all-round stage this year.

  In the first half year, urban design of key areas and districts as well as specific planning on transportation, ecological environment, greenbelt, industrial development, public service, and so on will be completed. Regulatory detailed planning on “one-city-six-district” will be finished within the year to form a high-level planning system.

  Wang Ning introduced that a number of multinational corporations, leading enterprises and innovation R&D agencies will be gathered in Tianfu New Area this year. The building of supportive infrastructure projects, pioneer ecology and greenbelt projects, representative public service projects and guiding industrial projects will be accelerated. Priority will goes to a batch of major ecological projects to strengthen protection of historic and cultural cities, towns and blocks as well as landscapes that present regional culture. Great efforts will be spent to fuel the construction of starting areas such as Singapore-Sichuan Hi-tech Innovation Park, Chengdu Financial Headquarters Business District, and so on as well as the building of “all-in-one” cities, “two-lake-one-mountain” international resort and so on. (Li Qiuyi, Xiong Runpin, and Hu Yanshu, special correspondents from Sichuan Daily Group)

  Tens of Domestic and Foreign Media Focusing on Tianfu New Area Construction——Tianfu New Area: New Symbol of Dynamic Western China

  “Is this Chengdu?” On Mar. 8, before the briefing session opened, many reporters showed great interest in the two display boards presenting the future Tianfu New Area.

  The 100-minute long briefing session answered their questions. How does Tianfu New Area, located in western inland, attract capital and talents? “To build another industrial Chengdu” – is it just concept hype, or is with substantial contents? What are the concrete measures to realize “all-in-one city”? … As Q&A between reporters from tens of domestic and foreign media and related persons in charge from Sichuan heated up, the image of a new international modern city that is suitable for developing industries, running business and living gradually became clear.

  How does Tianfu New Area attract capital and talents?

  ◎Tianfu New Area will serve as powerful engine. It will enjoy maximum policy support from governments at all levels.

  ◎15 cities in Sichuan that are included in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone experience faster economic growth than provincial average level.

  Will Tianfu New Area, launched last year, be able to gain popularity, grow into scale and strike an image rapidly? These are concerns of media. The question posed by correspondent from People’s Daily is straightforward. What policies will Sichuan issue to attract capital, enterprises and talents to flow to Tianfu New Area? 

  Sichuan vice governor Wang Ning answered that as Tianfu New Area serves as engine for enhancing Chengdu’s status as one of the “dual-core” of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and plays a significant role in promoting Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone to become economic center in western China, it will enjoy maximum policy support. A hierarchical all-around supporting policy system from nation to province to cities and counties will be formed. 

  Some media asked, “What is the relationship between Sichuan’s “twelfth five-year” development and the building of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and even the new round of Western Development?” Wang Ning answered that the development orientation of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone is “one center-one base-three districts”. This orientation is in accordance with Sichuan’s goal to build western economic development highland, which has been put forward in the “twelfth five-year” planning. By integrating the building of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and the implementation of “twelfth five-year” planning, Sichuan will fulfill the strategic objectives required by the new round of Western Development.

  What achievements have been made during one year’s construction? Wang Ning presented some numbers. The 15 cities in Sichuan that are included in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone take up 31.9% of Sichuan’s gross area and 75% of the Zone’s gross area, while their economic aggregate occupies 66% and 86% respectively of that of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and Sichuan. Last year, average GDP growth rate of the 15 cities are all above provincial average level. In summary, during one year’s construction, Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone is marching toward planned objectives no matter in aspect of social and economic development or in aspect of infrastructure construction.

  How will Tianfu New Area Chengdu part play its leading role?

  ◎Regulatory detailed planning of Chengdu part has been completed. Planning and design of specific regions are still improving. A number of projects are under negotiation as well.

  ◎Western cloud computing data service center in Chengdu will be the first highlight in the construction of Tianfu New Area.

  Chengdu plays a vital role in Tianfu New Area and media all pay close attention to Chengdu. Correspondent from CCTV wanted to know the substantial progresses in the construction of Tianfu New Area, especially the project construction.

  “Regulatory detailed planning has been formulated and core starting areas have been decided as well,” introduced Chengdu mayor Ge Honglin. At present, infrastructure construction which involves water, electricity, gas, communication, and so on has been launched first. At the same time, construction of a bunch of projects in modern manufacturing industry, strategic burgeoning industries and modern service industry have been started as well. Detailed planning and city design aiming at every specific area are being formulating. At the end of last year, 84 major projects in Chengdu have been launched with a total investment of 214.4-billion yuan. Tianfu New Area gets plenty of preferential policies which will appeal to large enterprises and groups both at home and abroad. In addition, Chengdu has solid foundation of industrial system, scientific strength and so on. The development momentum is quite promising this year with a bunch of projects under negotiation at the moment.

  “During the process of construction, we can draw lessons from other cities’ experience so as to avoid detours and build a better Tianfu New Area,” said Ge Honglin. Tianfu New Area Chengdu part consists of several “all-in-one city units”. Each unit covers an area of about 20 to 30 square kilometers with a population of 200,000 to 300,000. The unit has five features: job-housing balance, mixed functions, perfect supporting facilities, green transport, and layout fusion.

  Some reporters worried that there might be industrial “collision” between Chengdu Hi-tech Zone and Tianfu New Area.

  Ge Honglin cleared up their worries. He said that Chengdu Hi-tech Zone is divided into west district and south district. The former mainly gathers IT manufacturing industry while the latter mainly aims for software industry. The south district has been included in Tianfu New Area, which not only expands space for the development of hi-tech industries in Chengdu, but also greatly promotes the building of Tianfu New Area. Recently, three biggest telecommunication operators in China have decided to set up Internet Data Centers in Tianfu New Area with a total investment of over 20-billion yuan. Plus the former data center, Chengdu’s status as western cloud computing data service center will be established in shorter time. Services can not only be provided for western area, but also other cities in China and even foreign corporations. “This could be the first highlight during the construction of Tianfu New Area.”

  What is new about Tianfu New Area?

  ◎New urban form will overcome traditional urban diseases.

  ◎Housing and social service needs of low-income population and industrial workers are taken into account.

  Media have paid close attention to the new points of Tianfu New Area.

  Yang Hongbo, director of Sichuan Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, introduced that the overall planning of Tianfu New Area presents high starting point and high level with five features. First, the area is embraced by mountains and rivers and the layout presents composite structure. This new type of urban form and space structure will effectively overcome a series of urban diseases such as disorder, traffic jams, serious floods, environmental pollution and so on. Second, industries and urban areas are integrated. The problem of stressing industries while neglecting supporting facilities is avoided. Needs of different groups of people, especially the low-income population and industrial workers are considered during construction of housing and public facilities. Third, the area is intensive, effective, low-carbon and intelligent. Green traffic concept that takes bus as predominant transportation mean is fully displayed. An infrastructure guarantee system that is low-carbon and intelligent will be constructed to enhance disaster handling capability. Fourth, the area will become an ecological pastoral area with balanced urban-rural development. Innovative urban-rural integrated development mode will be explored. Overall arrangement will be made regarding urban-rural public service and administration infrastructures.

  Open type spatial pattern will be applied to drive regional coordinated development. Fifth, the area will highlight culture and express distinct features. Excellent cultures and traditions in Sichuan and Chengdu area will be explored and features of pastoral urban area will be highlighted so that regional history and culture can be carried on and manifested in Tianfu New Area.

  Yang Hongbo said that in order to make sure the realization of innovative concepts and guarantee planning quality, argumentations about location and more than 10 special researches were carried out before planning. China Academy of Urban Planning & Design and Sichuan Academy of Urban Planning & Design formed a joint work team and 20 provincial departments and 3 municipal departments took part in this work. The contents of Tianfu New Area overall planning are realized by district planning and urban design. The establishment of Tianfu New Area planning system is beneficial exploration of cross-region strategic planning in China.

  What are the substantial contents of “building another industrial Chengdu”?

  ◎By 2020, Tianfu New Area will achieve a gross regional product of 650-billion yuan, which equals to Chengdu’s economic aggregate last year.  

  ◎Certain scale should be reached within short time. At the same time, a path that is resource-saving, eco-friendly and low-carbon should be taken.

  “Tianfu New Area” proposes the idea to build another industrial Chengdu by 2020.

  Correspondent from Xinhua News Agency showed interest in this topic and asked whether it is just concept hype or there are substantial contents.

  Tang Limin, director of Sichuan Development and Reform Commission, said that the idea “to build another industrial Chengdu” is based on scientific planning and has rich contents:

  From the aspect of functional orientation, Tianfu New Area aims to build inland open doorway, hi-tech industrial base, high-end manufacturing base, high-end service industry center (especially producer services) and national self-dependent innovation center.

  From the aspect of industrial orientation, Tianfu New Area fully manifests high-end industries and industrial high-end, that is, strategic burgeoning industries to be specific. Most of the 7 major strategic burgeoning industries will launch projects in Tianfu New Area. Meanwhile, modern manufacturing industry and high-end service industry will be promoted in Tianfu New Area as well.
  “The meaning of ‘building another industrial Chengdu’ is directly reflected in the development objectives of Tianfu New Area,” said Tang Limin. Tianfu New Area Planning requires that Tianfu New Area should realize a gross regional product of 250-billion yuan by 2015, 650-billion yuan by 2020, and 1,200-billion yuan by 2030. The economic aggregate of Tianfu New Area in 2020 will equal to that of Chengdu last year.

  Tang Limin said Tianfu New Area, on one hand, is striving to reach an industrial scale that would take several decades in the past within relatively short time; on the other hand, it should stick to innovative development mode and take a path that is resource-saving, eco-friendly and low-carbon.

  How will Meishan and Ziyang play their roles?

  ◎Meishan will introduce in a batch of major industrial projects.

  ◎Noted enterprises like Chengdu Exhibition Group have already settled in Ziyang starting area.

  A part of districts and counties in Meishan and Ziyang are included in Tianfu New Area. How will these areas integrate into the overall development?

  “Though Tianfu New Area Meishan part is small in area, we will seize this opportunity to upgrade location advantages and expand development platform,” said Song Chaohua, mayor of Meishan city. Meishan will follow Tianfu New Area overall planning to support Chengdu and share same industrial chain and infrastructure network with Chengdu. 

  Song Chaohua said that the development of Tianfu New Area Meishan part will affect future industrial and urban development of the whole Meishan city. Meishan will adhere to its development orientation in Tianfu New Area to arrange its industrial and urban development. At the same time, Meishan will make full use of Tianfu New Area this “golden signboard”to introduce in a batch of industrial projects and try to realize “build image in one year, make great change in two and grow into scale in three”.

  Ziyang mayor Deng Quanzhon illustrated the relationship between Ziyang part and Tianfu New Area. He said that Tianfu New Area is an integrated whole and each part of it shoulders different functions. The positioning of Ziyang is “two-lake-one-mountain” international resort, that is, to build world-class mountain-lake style cultural & ecological recreation and conference destination. It will offer services such as recreation, vacation, conference, exhibition, cultural exchange, high-end residing, and so on for the whole western region.

  “‘One city and six parts’ of Tianfu New Area make up an integrated whole. Each part enjoys equal preferential policies and similar infrastructure conditions and investment environment,” said Deng Quanzhong. Ziyang part will keep pace with the construction of Tianfu New Area and boost its development in accordance with other parts. At present, in the “two-lake-one-mountain” starting area, noted enterprises like Chengdu Exhibition Group have already settled there and will invest in projects concerning the building of international conference & recreation resort. (Hu Yanshu, Xiong Runpin, and Li Qiuyi, special correspondents from Sichuan Daily Group)

  Sichuan Provincial Government Issues Ten Policies to Support Tianfu New Area

  In order to strongly support the construction of Tianfu New Area, Sichuan is structuring a preferential policy system from national level to provincial, municipal and county levels. Reporters learned from the Briefing Session on Tianfu New Area Planning held on Mar. 8 that supporting policies at provincial level have been approved during Sichuan government executive meeting and will be issued soon.

  This hierarchal policy system is comprehensive and supportive. It absorbs maximum state policies such as a new round of Western Development, Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone construction, balanced urban-rural development reform pilot area, national level development area, comprehensive bonded area, and so on. In addition, Sichuan provincial government and related municipal and county governments as well as provincial departments will formulate detailed policies and implementation rules to support the construction of Tianfu New Area.

  There are a total of ten preferential policies at provincial level, including five policies regarding fiscal taxation and other five policies regarding finance, land, price, opening to the outside world and attracting talents respectively.

  First policy is to set up special fund for Tianfu New Area to support construction of major infrastructure, key public welfare projects, and main part of greenbelt ecosystem.

  Second, within five years from 2012, except the part for central shared tax and provincial fixed revenue, the rest of newly-increased fiscal revenue of Tianfu New Area will all be put into its construction.

  Third, local government bond fund will be used to develop infrastructure and public welfare projects. Sichuan investment fund for industrial development will be guided to invest in major industrial projects in Tianfu New Area.

  Fourth, applicable amounts of tax on occupancy of farmland and tax on using urban land will be independently decided by three cities according to relevant rules.

  Fifth, greater policy support will be given to enterprises in encouraged industries. Before Dec. 31, 2020, corporate income tax of such enterprises in Tianfu New Area will be collected by a tax rate of 15%. From 2012, support will be given according to the contribution an enterprise has made.

  Sixth, factor prices of water, gas, electricity and so on for high-end service industries such as modern logistics, enterprises headquarters, finance, R&D, design and so on will apply industrial standard according to relevant state rules.

  Seventh, separated management will be practiced in land utilization annual plan of Tianfu New Area. Priorities should be granted according to planning and construction needs.

  Eighth, financial industry in Tianfu New Area should be supported. Examination and approval rights of provincial government regarding small-loan companies and other financial institutions will be authorized to the three city governments. When allocating financial development special fund, provincial finance will award financial institutions that make outstanding contribution to Tianfu New Area.

  Ninth, effective and convenient customs clearance will be provided. All enterprises in Tianfu New Area will enjoy “low-risk quick permit” and “low-risk documents examination”. Export and import through customs will follow the policy of “one-time declaration, one-time examination and one-time permit”. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Customs and other customs in Sichuan will simplify their customs transfer procedures.

  Tenth, special policies concerning talent introduction will be carried out. High-level and highly-professional talents that are urgently needed will enjoy relevant preferential policies on housing, household register, medical care, children’s education and so on.

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