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  Sichuan Province Has Printed and Issued the Implementation Opinions to Accelerate the Development of the Five Major Economic Zones
  Share your thoughts on Chinese govts work
  Polish Economic and Trade Representative Office in Chengdu Was Unveiled
  The Conference for the Healthy Development of Sichuan’s Private Economy was Held
  The Consul Officials from Eight Countries Along the “Belt and Road Initiative” Paid a Visit to Sichuan Province
  The Pilot Area for Innovation and Reform in Sichuan Has Achieved Win-Win Results
  Symposium for Private Entrepreneurs of Sichuan Province Was Held in Chengdu
  Clear Boundaries Will Be Delimited for Better Control of the Rivers and Ponds in Sichuan by the End of 2020
  Sichuan Province Launched Procedures for Applying the “1000 Talents Program” of Sichuan and the “10,000 Talents Program of Tianfu”
  Sichuan is Promoting High-Quality Construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone
  The 17th Western China International Fair Will Present the Character “New” in September
  Sichuan Meshing with the “Point-Line-Plane” Along the Belt and Road
  Sichuan’s Foreign Trade Volume Increasing By 24.9% in the First Half of the Year
  Sichuan Province Achieving Regional GDP of 1832.701 Billion Yuan in the First Half of the Year
  Sichuan Province’s Integrated Government Service Platform to be Launched at the End of this Month
  Sichuan Will Issue a Special Permit for Express Vehicles Only
  Press Conference of Sichuan Province’s New Policies for Talents Held
  2127 Trains Running on the Chengdu-Euro Express Railway
  Sichuan Province’s Increasingly Larger “Circle of Friends”
  The 10th Anniversary Commemoration of the “5•12” Wenchuan Earthquake Relief Was Held
  The New Version of General Planning and Arrangements for Cities Beginning in Sichuan Province
  “Once and for All” in Passport Application is Possible in Sichuan Province from Today
  The 2018 Conference of Sichuan Business Return to Hometown for Development Held
  “All-RoundBus Card”Availablein Sichuan Province within ThisYear
  The Total Volume of Foreign Cultural Trade in Sichuan Province Exceeding1 Billion USD in 2017
  The Output Value of Sichuan Province’s Construction Industry Exceeding One Trillion for the First Time
  The Output Value of Sichuan Province’s Steel Industry in 2020 Will Reach 350 Billion Yuan
  “One Rocket with Two Satellites”: BeidouWas Launched in Xichang
  Wetland Area in Sichuan Province Reaching 1.7474 Million Hectares
  Chengdu Jintang General Airport Was Approved
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