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The 2020 World Research Travel Conference Held in Leshan

  On October 20th, the 2020 World Research Travel Conference was held in Leshan. At the scene, relevant standards and guidelines compiled by global industry experts were published to the public, including Research Travel Base Certification Standards, Research Travel Tutor Certification Standards, Research Travel Geology and Landform Guidelines, Research Travel Ecological Environment Guidelines.In the meantime, it was announced that Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) would be the host city of the 2021 session.

  The conference themed with "Reading Ten Thousand Books and Traveling Ten Thousand Miles" lasted until October 21. In the meantime, two parallel seminars on "Challenges and Opportunities for the Research Travel Development in the World" and "Significance of Research Travel to the Growth of Youth" were held, accompanied by site visits to Leshan Giant Buddha Research Travel Base, Jiajiang County Daqian Papercut Hometown Research Travel Base and other key research travel projects in Leshan City. More than 300 experts and guests from government departments, industry associations, research bases, educational institutions, research travel service providers, travel agencies, etc. from 23 provinces and cities in China, as well as 13 countries and regions, "gathered together" to seek the development of research travel industry in the online/offline way.

  The lack of standardized teaching materials, professional tutors and brand base brings the fact that high-quality research travel products are still scarce. In recent years, starting with building up excellent research travel bases, Leshan has made use of abundant research travel resources to continuously expand the space for tourism development and upgrade the tourist experience by means of travel and education.

  In the near future, the Sichuan Office of the World Research Travel Organization will settle in Leshan. By accelerating the formulation of guidelines and standards, this organization will standardize and guide the construction of research travel bases, cultivate the professional skills of research travel practitioners, and facilitate the operation of research travel institutions.

  Vice Governor Luo Qiang attended and addressed the conference. After the conference, Luo Qiang went to Leshan Normal University, Suji Ancient Town, Leshan Olympic Center and other places to conduct researches on education, cultural, sports and tourism.

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