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Chengdu International Railway Port to Eye RMB 100 Billion Trade Value

  In the first half of 2019, international trains of Chengdu International Railway Port have run smoothly. Of these, the freight value and comprehensive loading rate of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail have seen the fastest growth in China. The value of imports and exports reached RMB 44.9 billion, up 77% year on year. It is expected that the trade volume this year will exceed RMB 100 billion. The information was released from the press conference held by Chengdu International Railway Port on the operation of trains in the first half of 2019 on July 15.

  In the first half of this year, the value of freight transported by Chengdu-Europe Express Rail topped USD 2.52 billion, up 18.7% year on year. The trains it sent and the ratio of return trains ranked first in China. With regard to the route construction, Chengdu-Europe Express Rail this year will open a rail-sea intermodal transportation network across the Atlantic westwards, extending its service beyond to Northern Europe and the east coast of Americas. Meanwhile, southwards it will establish a multimodal transport network starting from ASEAN and ending in Europe with transit shipment in Chengdu. At present, the number of the domestic and overseas destination cities of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail have increased to 39. Relevant persons taking helm of Chengdu International Railway Port Investment Co. Ltd noted that efforts were accelerated to build an import and export commodity trading center focusing on vehicles and parts, fast consumer goods, agricultural products, minerals and timber resources and hardware and electrical machinery in surrounding areas with Chengdu International Railway Port as the core. At the same time, it has established "Chengdu and Europe+" ASEAN rail bases with 12 cities and autonomous prefectures in Sichuan Province and promoted industrial cooperation with 98 counties (districts and cities), establishing the industrial model of "export settlement in port and production bases in cities and autonomous prefectures".

  In accordance with the thinking of supply chain to operate Chengdu-Europe Express Rail, Chengdu International Railway Port is moving faster to build a comprehensive supply chain solution center. So far, Chengdu International Railway Port has introduced 1,677 international trade enterprises and 465 well-known international trade and supply chain enterprises, and saw more than 800 service enterprises such as international finance, legal service and commercial mediation has settled in the region. It provides multinational distribution enterprises with comprehensive solutions including customized logistics services, specialized customs clearance services and diversified distribution services based on the whole supply chain. Therefore, an efficient, flexible and low-cost global distribution system of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail has been preliminarily constructed. Next, Chengdu International Railway Port will build a comprehensive supply chain solution center integrating cargo flow, capital flow, trade flow and information flow, so as to realize full support of scientific research, finance, information, talents, business and law and serve the whole province.

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