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The Economic Work Conference of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC Held In Chengdu

  On November 26th and the morning of November 27th, The Economic Work Conference of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC was held in Chengdu. On the conference, series important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of The Central Economic Work Conference were learned on the conference. The conference has summarized the economic work of Sichuan in 2016, analyzed current economic situation, and arranged the economic work plan in 2017. Mr. Wang Dongming, Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, and Mr. Yin Li, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC and Governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, were present on the conference.

  Mr. Wang Dongming delivered a speech on the conference, summarized the economic work in 2016, analyzed current economic situation, specified the thoughts, comprehensive requirements, and expected targets of Sichuan’s 2017 economic work, deployed the major tasks of economic work, and required to strengthen and improve economic work in accordance with the requirements of the Party, Governor Yin Li made specific arrangements for the economic work in 2017.

  The conference thinks that since 2016, faced with the increasing economic downward pressure of macro economic situation, Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC and Sichuan Provincial People's Government follow the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China headed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, carefully implement the comprehensive layout of five integration and the strategy of four comprehensiveness, maintain the working style of seeking for stability, adhere to new development idea, resolutely advance the supply side reform, and implement three major development strategies. Sichuan has achieved steady and healthy development in society and economy and positive changes in industrial structure, dynamic structure, element structure, regional structure and urban-rural structure and so on. In the practice of endeavor, Sichuan has deepened our understanding in accomplishing the targets of economic work. The situation, difficulties and challenges which Sichuan faces are common and unique as well. Therefore, we must keep clear mind, continuously and firmly grasp correct orientations, and unhesitatingly implement the policies, decisions and deployments of the Central Committee of the CPC. Sichuan’s fundamental situation has determined that development remains as first priority. Sichuan must insist on development strategic concentrations and adhere to the major tasks. Currently, Sichuan still shoulders heavy tasks in transforming development methods. Therefore, Sichuan must adhere to economic transformation depending on reform and opening, accelerate fostering new driving forces. Sichuan must adhere to be realistic and a down-to-earth attitude to realize the targets of “Two Leaps”, strengthen execution and implementation, insist on problem orientation, problem orientation, and target orientation, make specific lists, specify clear responsibilities, and promote the implementation of work gradually. Sichuan people are the fundamental forces of development. Therefore, we must embody the development thoughts of people orientation, always keep the needs and requirements of people, further gather powerful forces, and struggle to seize the new success in rejuvenating Sichuan.

  The conference also points out that 2017 is a significant year in implementing the 13th Five-Year Plan and holds the 19th CPC National Congress and 11th CPC Sichuan Provincial Congress. 2017 is also an important Year for promoting supply side reform. Therefore, it is of great significance to complete economic targets. Sichuan is still faced with complex domestic and international surrounding, great downward economic pressure, and contradictions and problems urgently needed to be solved in economic scale, industrial structure, regional development, substantial economy, opening, environmental loads and so on. Meanwhile, Sichuan has lots of favorable conditions in economic development, faces national strategies of “One Belt and One Road”, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Western China Development, Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, systematical promoting comprehensive innovation reform trial, and unprecedented historical opportunities including approving free trade pilot zone, Tianfu New Area as national level area, the increasing national supporting in poverty alleviation and so on. These great opportunities will create more favorable development situation for Sichuan.

  The conference has proposed requirements on economic work in 2017, including fully implementing the spirits of the 18th CPC National Congress, the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC, the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC, and the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC, and the deployments of The Central Economic Work Conference, carefully learning new ideas, new thoughts and new strategies of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China headed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, always focusing on development and transformation in accordance with the requirements of “five integration” and “four comprehensiveness”, implanting and implementing new development thoughts, consciously adapting to and seizing the new normal of economy, adhering to efficiency in stability, insisting on concentrating on improving development quality and benefits, insisting on promoting supply side reform, implementing three major development strategies, highlighting No. 1 projects benefiting people, focusing on poverty alleviation, solve problems such as stabilizing economic growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting livelihood, and preventing all risks, achieving steady and rapid economic growth and a harmonious society, and embracing the 19th CPC National Congress and 11th CPC Sichuan Provincial Congress.

  The conference has highlighted that we should attach much attention on several major problems in our practical work. Firstly, we should adhere to the working style of seeking for improvement in stability, achieve stability in economic growth, expectations, employment, and environment, and make significant progress in economic development, innovation-driving, regional development, opening and reform, and poverty alleviation. Secondly, we must firmly seize economic work as priority, implement supply side reform, and solve problems in promoting agricultural supply side structural reform, revitalizing real economy, and ensuring the the healthy and steady development of real estates. Thirdly, we must grasp the regional coordinating development progress, expand the development strategy of multiple points and multiple points, promote the coordinating development of five economic zones, activate municipal and county economic development potentials, and further form a new development pattern. Fourthly, we must seize the era trends of global information, enhance the in-depth integration between information and industrialization, active promotion between information and agricultural modernization, and sound interaction between information and urbanization, and create new situation of urbanization and agricultural modernization. Fifthly, we must carry on the missions of comprehensive innovation and reform, highlight on innovation, focus on innovation transformation, and accelerate to foster new driving forces.

  The conference has also made comprehensive arrangements to the major tasks of economic work in 2017.

  Firstly, we must carefully implement the work of Project Year and give full play the key functions of effective investment, stable economic growth and adjust structure. We must highlight newly signed projects, improve the project execution rate and capital allocation rate, concentrate on projects in construction, strengthen classified dispatching and element guaranteeing, accelerate the construction progress, highlight projects in operation, optimize governance services, promote more restoring projects, actively dock with the investment orientations in the 13th Five-Year Plan, and strengthen project planning. We should vigorously implement policies supporting private economic development and encouraging social investment and so on, and support all types of marketing main bodies to participate into project implementation and gain profits.

  Secondly, we must pay attention to expand consumption and enhance the driving forces of increasing domestic demands on economic growth. We must actively promote the upgrading of traditional consumption, implement specific actions in consumption supply, promote traditional consumption in clothing, food, living and transportation to change into more individual and qualified, guide the upgrading of agricultural consumption, vigorously foster new consumption spots, aim on Internet consumption, improve information infrastructure, vigorously develop big data, cloud computing and sharing economy, promote green and healthy consumption, expand the supply for high quality products and services, improve the influence of brands, foster more made in Sichuan brands, and increase the marketing sharing of Sichuan products.

  Thirdly, we must seize the development of modern agriculture, accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading, implement Sichuan Action Plan of Made in China 2025, enhance the upgrading of traditional industries and fostering emerging industries, promote emerging industries in Sichuan, focus on achieving breakthroughs in major industries with current foundation and promising futures, strive to create industrial agglomerations of trillions of yuan for electronic information, beverage, automobile, transportation, aviation, gas turbine, biological medicine, technical services, tourism and so on, optimize advantageous industries including equipment manufacturing, vanadium, titanium, iron, steel and rare earth resources, foster and expand emerging industries including shale gas, environmental protection equipment, graphene, basalt fiber, modern logistics, pension and so on, develop cultural industries, and comprehensively improve the development levels and standards of industries.

  Fourthly, we must pay attention to comprehensive innovation reform pilot, accelerate to foster new economic driving engine, continue to concentrate on the implementation of 9 lists, accelerate to promote 30 reform tasks authorized by the Central Committee of the CPC, improve the integration between military industries and civil industries, between technology and economy, and between technology and finance, constantly strengthen supporting in innovation platforms, innovation industries and innovative talents, and inject New impetus for transformation and development.

  Fifthly, we must focus on constructing Sichuan into the financial center in Western China, provide excellent and efficient financial services for development, expand financial industries, gather more financial institutes, create first-class financial holding platforms, accelerate to construct financial headquarters business zones with national influence, improve the supply side reform in financial services, real economic development, comprehensive innovation reform, and poverty alleviation, implement strategic agreements signed with financial institutes, construct a good regional market for major elements, increase the supporting of poverty allocation in policies, pay attention to prevent and solve financial risks, strengthen the debt risk management for local financial platforms, and crack down illegal fund raising in accordance with the law.

  Sixth, we must highlight on the construction of new type urbanization, promote the integrated rural and urban development, strengthen the guidance of planning, optimize urban space layout, build a batch of regional central cities, concentrate on the construction of counties suitable for living and business, expand the construction of one hundred towns, promote the coordinating development between large, medium and small cities, highlight on people orientation, deepen household registration system, enhance supporting policies, guarantee the citizenship work of rural population, enhance urban management, integrate new district development and reconstruction, continue to promote comfortable housing projects and urban infrastructure construction, accelerate the construction of underground comprehensive pipelines and sponge cities, and further improve rural development and living environment.

  Seventh, we must pay attention to comprehensive deepening reform, release more reform dividends, continue to launch a batch of major reform schemes, carefully implement the reform schemes and reform pilot tasks, deepen reform in major fields and key areas including agriculture, rural areas, state-owned assets, state-owned enterprises, administrative management system, financial and tax system, local finance, education, health care, culture, sports, social management systems and so on, integrate the reform in investment, finance, property rights protection, social security and so on, and play a better role in economic system reform.

  Eighth, we must enlarge opening and cooperation, continue to improve opening economic levels, accelerate to promote the interlink and intersection of infrastructure, strive to construct 10 expressways and big channels and Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, enhance the levels of the Yangtze River waterways, improve the connection transportation and customs clearance integration of railways, waterways, and airports, accelerate to promote country parks, vigorously enhance China (Sichuan) Free Trade Pilot Zone and strive to build a legal, marketing and international business environments, develop precise investment promotions, implement a batch of major and good projects, and accelerate the process of going globally.

  Ninth, we must highlight poverty alleviation, safeguard and improve livelihood, pay special attention to industrial poverty alleviation, housing safety construction, poverty alleviation on medical treatment and education, and shaping new life style, provide better houses, better living styles, good habits and good habits for poor people, mobilize all sectors to participate into poverty alleviation into powerful forces pushing poverty alleviation, integrate the improvement of livelihood, implement 10 living projects, continue to implement a batch of projects to improve livelihood, and weave the social safety of livelihood.

  Tenth, we must pay attention to green development, build a solid ecological barrier in the upstream of the Yangtze River, develop the prevention from air pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution, continue to increase the prevention against haze, construct major ecological function zones, accelerate to construct giant panda national park, actively develop green low carbon circulation economy, improve the usage ratio of clean energy, lower resource consumption and pollution emission, enlarge the supervision and law enforcement supervision on environmental protection, and never achieve economic growth at the expense of ecological environment.

  The conference has stressed to pay attention to economic work in new normal. Economic work is a major test for all levels of party committees. Therefore, we must embody the requirements of comprehensively implementing the rule of law into the economic work, implement the responsibilities of the party committees in deciding orientations and making decisions, continuously improve the capability and levels of the party committees in guiding economic work, and complete the economic tasks with progressive and vigorous spirit, seize economic trends and make sound plannings, adhere to the speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping to guide our work, make arrangements in a practical and innovative way, grasp firmly the initiative of reform and development, analyze the relationship of current and long-term, addition and subtraction, strength and rhythm, implement our policies in classification and local conditions in accurate way. We must also list clear responsibility task lists surrounding supply side structural reform, comprehensive innovation reform, project investment, industrial development, opening and reform, poverty alleviation, green development and so on, strengthen supervision and check to guarantee that all work are implemented. We must gather forces and select good cadres, promote more practical and hardworking work style, and fully stimulate The creativity and innovation of the whole society. We must also adhere to leader guidance, vigorously promote the working systems that leaders guide and link grass-root work, link major industries and projects, and link poverty-stricken counties, villages and households, lead party members to forge ahead and promote the implementation of decisions and deployments of The Central Committee of the CPC and Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC.

  Members of The Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, deputy directors of The Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress, vice governors and Senior Consultant of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, deputy chairmen of Sichuan Committee of Chinese People’s Consultative Conference, head of Sichuan Higher People’s Court, head of Sichuan People’s Procuratorate and so on attended the conference. Major responsible municipal leaders, responsible responsible officials of provincial departments, and so on also attended the meeting.


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