Open Governance

  Ⅰ.Traffic and Location Advantages

  1.Water Transport. The water way of Yangzi River Luzhou Section is navigable for ships up to 3000 tons. The throughput capacity of Luzhou Port is 1,000,000 standard container. Six railway-river combined transportation container trains to Chengdu, Kunming and Panzhihua (10 departures per week), container liners from Luzhou to Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai (30 departures per week), and near-sea shipping lines from Luzhou to Taiwan, Korea and Japan have all been set up.

  2. Road Transport. Section from Longchang to Naxi of G76 Expressway, G4215 Expressway, S26 Expressway and Section from Yibin to Chongqing of G93 Expressway have been fully opened. The Free Trade Zone has integrated into the one-hour economic circle of Chongqing, two-hour economic circle of Chengdu and it only takes 4 hours to get to Guiyang.

  3. Railway Transport. The railway-river combined transportation can connect the Chengdu-Europe Block Trains and reach Kunming and Fangcheng Port of Guangxi. Cargo may go straight to the port through the port railway. The intercity railway of South Sichuan has begun construction, it will connect the Chengdu-Chongqing High-speed Rail and planned Chongqing-Kunming railway to promote the integration development of the cities along the line after its opening.

  4. Air Transport. The 4D Level Yunlong Airport will be built and operate in 2018 and plan to open “the Belt and Road” international airlines. The throughput of passengers may be up to 2 million and it would be the regional center airport of the connecting area of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou.

  Ⅱ.Efficient and Convenient Government Affairs Services

  Once approved, the South Sichuan Port Area of Free Trade Zone has been fully deepening the reform of

  “streamline administration and delegate power to the lower levels, use innovated regime to strengthen the regulatory system innovation and optimize the service environment” to build the optimal environment of government affairs services.

  1. “City integration of three areas.” Municipal departments and social, economic departments from Free Trade Zone, Longmatan District and Yangzi River Economic Development Zone may be integrated with all kinds of talents and business cadreman to set up the “apartment contains five bureaus and one center” to improve efficiency of government affairs services.

  2. “Concentrate acceptance” of administrative approval. Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approva of Free Trade Zone may be set up as a reform pilot of centralization of administrative permission right to establish mechanism of “one counter accepts the applications, separate the acceptance and handling and approved by one authority” to improve the efficiency up to 80%.

  3. “Full agency” of industrial and commercial registration. South Sichuan Free Trade Port Area Business Secretarial Company founded by Luzhou Longchi Investment Company, ltd.(State Owned) offers one-stop service to enterprises for free and solve the residence problem of enterprise registration with the method of “trusteeship of cluster enterprises residence”. At present, there are more than 1700 enterprises registered and settled in South Sichuan Port Area of the Free Trade Zone.

  4. Decrease of customs clearance cost. The national initiative operation pattern of “bonded logistics center and port exit interaction” can reduce the cost of 3 hours and 300 yuan for each container. The facilitating measures of “single stop”, “partial delivery and gathering customs clearance” and “pre-examine and release quickly” of international trade reduces the import customs clearance time to 12.8 hours with a decrease of 47.7% and the export customs clearance time to 1 hour with a decrease of 79%.

  Ⅲ.Great Policy Support

  On the one hand, the South Sichuan Port Area represents the “bold charge, bold attempt and independent innovation” of the Nation’s institutional construction. And on the other hand, the area innovates measures, promotes the industrial development and implements the industry support policies and talents accumulation policies at the same time.

  1. Trade support policies. Container vehicles may enjoy free expressway passages from Chengdu to Luzhou. High-tech enterprises with a certain scale of export business and labour-intensive export enterprises may be offered discount loan for technical reformation or research and development subsidy. Processing trade enterprises who rent manufacturing facilities and equipments may be given supports of up to 70% actual amount of rent.

  2. Industry support policies. Ten support policies of the Interim Measures of Promoting the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry have been carried out include selling the industrial land-use right at 70% basic land price, production reward of up to 1.95 million yuan per hectare, and main board listing reward of up to 2 million yuan. The Interim Measures of supporting and encouraging the introduction of financial institutions (17 articles) and the Interim Measures of promoting the development of financial leasing industry (18 articles) have been carried out and the enterprise start-up subsidies are up to 10 million yuan. The Interim Measures of Promoting the Concentrated Development of the Headquarter Economy have been carried out and start-up subsidies are up to 10 million yuan.

  3. Talents accumulation policies. The Twelve Measure of High Talent Accumulation have been carried out, the experts scholarships are up to 3 million yuan for each person, the encouragements for enterprises’ talents introduction are up to 1 million yuan per year and the capital supports for laboratories are up to 2 million yuan. These measures provide supports to the local talents accumulation.

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