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Introduction of Qionglai Yang’an Industrial Park

  Qionglai is a county-level city of Chengdu and one of the 16 medium-sized cities of the key construction projects in the Sichuan town planning system. It boasts convenient transportation, superior living environment and profound historical and cultural heritage. At present, the city is accelerating the development strategy of "strong industrial city", and strives to build the development zone of the high-end chemical industry of Chengdu.

  Qionglai Yang’an Industrial Park is located in the southwest of Chengdu, in the junction area of five counties including Dayi, Xinjin, and Pujiang. It is 45 km away from the downtown of Chengdu, 30 km away from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, 115 km away from Leshan Wharf, and 13 km away from Puxing Railway Station.At present, Chengya highway, the No. 108 national road, Cheng-xin-qiong road for heavy transportation, Cheng-xin-pu fast channel and other roads lead to the park. The van line on Sichuan-Tibet Railway which is being planned to build will pass through Yang’an Industrial Park and a freight depot with a throughput of 800-1000 tons will be set in the park so as to facilitate the logistics and transport of the park. The transportation of the park is convenient and advantageous, and the park is within the half-an-hour economic circle of Chengdu.

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