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Luxian County Economic Development Zone

  Luding county is located in the junction area of Chengdu and Chongqing the two national comprehensive reform pilot sites. It is the bridgehead node of the southwest passage to the sea and has always been the throat and fortress between Sichuan and Chongqing. It is 236 kilometers away from Chengdu, 135 kilometers away from Chongqing, 1 kilometer away from Luxian Railway Station, 39 kilometers away from the biggest wharf of Sichuan -- Luzhou International Container Wharf, 35 kilometers away from the Luxian Shenxianqiao Wharf, and 38 kilometers away from the second largest airport of Sichuan -- Luzhou Airport
Luxian county boasts advantageous production factors: the geological reserves of bituminous coal in this county amounts to 130 million tons, the recoverable reserves being 67 million tons and annual coal mining output being more than 2 million tons; the reserves of natural gas add up to 16 billion cubic meters, and daily natural gas for use  will increase 300,000 cubic meters after the completion of the 219 double-track project which is about to start; both thermal power and hydropower are used with the installed electricity capacity being 100,000 kilowatt; abundant labor resources are available in Luxian county the population of which is about 1 million, and the price of labor power is about 800-1000 yuan / month. On the land use, according to the scale and efficiency of investment, Luxian county takes the policy of "one thing, one discussion" and sell formed land to enterprises; on taxes,  for newly built projects the investments in fixed assets of which are over 5 million yuan, its local retained part of enterprise income taxes can be fully subsidized by the financing institution at the same level for 2 years and then it will be halved for 3 years; on fees, the local retained part of administrative fees can be halved, and service fees will be charged at cost price so as to support the development and growth of enterprises.

  Luxian County Economic Development Zone consists of two parks: the Lingang Industrial Park and the Chengxi Industrial Park, the total planning construction area being 36 square kilometers.

  The Lingang Industrial Park: It is located on the north shore of the Yangtze River, the nearest industrial park from the river and sea on the north of Yangtze River in Sichuan, and has been included in the provincial economic development planning. Mainly relying on the Luxian Shenxianqiao Wharf, the Lingang Industrial Park will be built into an integrated wharf development zone featuring complete infrastructure, strong comprehensive wharf competitiveness and reasonable industrial layout and the most important export-oriented economy park of wharf logistics in Sichuan province, even the whole upper reaches of the Yangtze River region. The planning construction area of the park is 26 square kilometers and 6 square kilometers will be constructed recently. Industries that will be mainly developed include machinery and processing industries dominated by automotives, motorcycle parts and steel processing and heavy machinery products, chemical industries dominated by the coal chemical industry, the heavy chemical industry and the fine chemical industry, light industries dominated by injection molding, textile, and processing and assembly; and also the logistics economy of the wharf.。At present, five 1,000-ton bulk cargo berths of the first stage at the Shenxianqiao Wharf the annual throughput of which amounts to 300 tons have been built and put into operation. Two container berths will be constructed next.

  The Chengxi Industrial Park: It is located in the west of this county and equipped with completed infrastructure. It consists of 3 parts: Area A, Area B and Area C, the planning construction area being 6 square kilometers. At present, Area A and Area B have been basically completed, the built up area being 1.5 square kilometers. Area C is about to start, and industries that will be mainly developed in this area include machinery and processing industries dominated by automotives, motorcycles and engineering machinery parts, labor-intensive industries dominated by the textile • garment industry, and high-tech industries dominated by medicine and electronics.

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