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Agricultural Products Processing Industry
  Sichuan will integrate rich agricultural product resources to undertake following industrial transfers:

  Beverage industry: soft drinks, quality tea, liquid dairy products, etc.

  Food industry: deep processing of grain and oil products, scale meat products centered on pork and mutton, standardized slaughter and deep processing, trans-regional chain operation, etc.

  Textile and silk products industry: supported by the national policy “move mulberry from east to west”, Sichuan will undertake supporting enterprises contributing to the industrialization of silkworm breeding, cotton and hemp cultivation, fabric processing, garment production, and so on.

  Leather products industry: leather shoes, bags and suitcases, car interior leathers, leather furniture, etc.

  Bamboo and wood products industry: domestic and office furniture, bamboo pulp, paper, bamboo products, paper packing and printing and quality paper packing and printing.

  Tourism commodity industry: development, production and marketing of tourist souvenirs, arts and crafts, paintings, bamboo and straw handicrafts, silk embroidery and dyeing works, as well as brand-name and high-quality specialties.

  Main places undertaking those transfers:

  Textile and silk products industry: Chengdu-Suining-Nanchong-Dazhou

  Leather products industry: Chengdu Wuhou District, Chongzhou, Jintang and Leshan leather industrial cluster

  Furniture industry: Xindu and Chongzhou

  Tea processing industry: quality green tea mainly distribute in hilly areas such as Emei, Ya’an (Ya’an Ecological Park) and south Sichuan (such as Luzhou and Yibin); quality selenium-enriched tea – northeast Sichuan (Bazhong); quality jasmine tea – west Sichuan.
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