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Vanadium, Titanium and Steel Industry
  Vanadium, Titanium and Steel Industry has broad development space in Sichuan. The reserve volume of V-Ti magnetite in Sichuan is about 10-bln ton. Reserves of V (measured by vanadium pentoxide) is nearly 20-mln ton, taking up 87% of the national reserves and 12.5% of the world’s reserves. Reserves of Ti (measured by titanium dioxide) is about 870-bln ton, accounting for 94.3% of the national total and 63.5% of the world’s total. Sichuan is the biggest production base of titanium raw materials and titanium white. Development of supporting equipments and product marketing are encouraged.

  Main Layout:

  Panzhihua V-Ti Industrial Park, Deyang Mianzhu Xinshi Industrial Concentration District, Jiangyou Industrial Park and Chengdu Qingbaijiang District.
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