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Work Permit for Aliens
  ◆Basic information

  Competent authority for accepting applications: Sichuan Development and Reform Commission

  Charge: no charge is payable

  ◆Required documents

  1. Permit for Employing Aliens (photocopies to be collected by the authorities);

  2. Both English and Chinese versions of the labor contracts signed by the aliens and the employing entities;

  3. The valid passport of the aliens (originals to be reviewed and the photocopies of the first page and the visa page to be collected by the authorities);

  4. The employment registration form for aliens (hardcopies of which are available at the Labor and Social Security Department at Sichuan Administrative Affairs Services Center; and softcopies of which are available from the official websites of both Labor and Social Security Department of Sichuan Province and Sichuan Administrative Affairs Services Center);

  5. Two photos of the aliens;

  6. In the case that no application for the Permit for Employing Aliens is required, in addition to the relevant documents as listed in above items (2), (3), (4) and (5), a report of application for Work Permit for Aliens, the aliens’ resume, the appointment certification and health certificate of the aliens and the business licenses or other official registration documents of the employing entities shall also be submitted.

  ◆Place to file the application

  Address: Administrative Services Center of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, No.2 Caoshi Street, Chengdu

  Contact: Window for Labor and Social Security Department (028) 86934580 86113042

  Complaint Tel: (028) 86936179 86121034

  ◆Conditions for approval

  The application for the Work Permit for Aliens shall meet the following conditions:

  1. The Permit for Employing Aliens has already been obtained, the aliens were holding employment visas when entering into the PRC and they have also entered into labor contracts or employment contracts with the employing entities;

  2. The aliens holding employment visas are invited to work in Sichuan province for Sino-foreign cooperation projects in accordance with relevant agreements or protocols entered into between the Chinese government and foreign governments or international organizations;

  3. The aliens holding employment visas serve as chief representatives or representatives of the permanent China representative offices of foreign enterprises.

  ◆Legal basis

  1. Attachment to the Decision of the State Council in relation to Administrative Permission for Administrative Approval Items That Need to Be Reserved (Order of the State Council No.412, June 29, 2004): Item 93 “Permission for aliens to work in China” in the list of administrative approval items that need to be reserved for administrative permission.

  2. Article 16 of the Regulations on the Administration of Aliens’ Employment in China (LaoBuFa[1996] No.29, Jan 22, 1996) jointly released by the former Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy provides: “the employing entities shall, within 15 days after the entry into the PRC of the aliens, apply for a Work Permit for Aliens with the original approval authority by submitting the Permit for Employing Aliens, the labor contracts signed with the aliens, the aliens’ valid passports or other valid identity documents in lieu of the passport. The Work Permit for Aliens is valid only within the regions prescribed by the approval authority.”

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