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Report On The Work of The Government

Report On The Work of The Government
Delivered at the Fourth Session of the 12th
Sichuan Provincial People's Congress on January 25th, 2016
Yin Li
Acting Governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government


Fellow Deputies,

  On behalf of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, I will now report to you on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval, and I invite comments on my report from the members of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

  I. Major Achievements in the 12th Five-Year Plan Period and A Review of the Work in 2015

  During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, it has been 5 extraordinary years for Sichuan because Sichuan has overcome special difficulties and severe challenges and spared no efforts to promote “Two Leaps”. During the last 5 years, global economy has continued to adjust deeply, the influences of the three period superimposed have been deepened continuously, and Sichuan has suffered from a series of grave natural disasters. However, under the firm leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the State Council, and Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, the supervision and supporting of Sichuan Provincial People's Congress and Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. We closely relied on all peoples, fulfilled comprehensively our responsibilities, surmounted difficulties, endeavored to make progress, completed the main targets and goals specified in the 12th Five-Year Plan period, and achieved new historical progresses in social and economic development.

  In the past 5 years, Sichuan has achieved a stable performance while at the same time securing progress and leap and enhanced remarkably in economic strength. Sichuan’s GDP has been over 2 trillion yuan making Sichuan’s ranking ascent in China. Per capita GDP has risen from 21,182 yuan in 2010 to 36,636 yuan in 2015. The annual increase of total investment in fixed assets and total retail sales of consumer goods has been 13.8% and 15% respectively. The annual growth rate of local general public budgets has been as high as 16.3%. Total grain output continued growing and infrastructure construction has been enhanced comprehensively. The mileages of highway and railway have been 6,000 km and 4,600 km respectively. Chengdu-Chongqing High-Speed Railway has been completed and opened. There are as many as 12 regional airports. Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Program has been constructed smoothly. The construction of “Four Rivers and Six Ports” has been accelerated and the port capacity has surpassed 100 million tons. 20 large and medium-sized water conservancy projects such as Tingzikou Water Conservancy Hub and so on have been completed comprehensively and increased effective irrigation area of 440,000 square km. Total installed power capacity has been reached 86.73 million kilowatts an 80% are produced by hydropower plants. The status of the largest base for clean energy has been further consolidated.

  In the past 5 years, Sichuan has firmly promoted economic transformation and upgrading and optimized economic structure. The supporting pattern of multipolars and multipoints was been accelerated to form. The local GDP of Chengdu reached a trillion yuan. The number of cities whose GDP surpassed 100 billion yuan and counties whose GDP surpassed 10 billion yuan increased 13 and 46 respectively. Tainfu New District was approved as national level new district and Panxi was approved as the first national strategic resources and innovation development pilot zone. The new industrialization, urbanization and the integrated rural and urban development strategies were launched. The proportion of three industries adjusted from 14.4:50.5:35.1 to 12.2:47.5:40.3. The income ratio of urban and rural residents decreased from 2.8:1 to 2.6:1. Urbanization rate rose from 40.2% to 47.7%. Moreover, 19.4% villages of Sichuan have met the fundamental requirements of Happy and Beautiful Village. New progress has been accomplished in innovation-driven development. The contribution rate of scientific and technological innovation to economic growth reached 50%.The output of high-end industries increased 1.7 times. The integration between the military and civil sectors maintained good development momentum. The patent ownership per ten thousand people rose 3.3 times. Non-public economy accounted for 60.7% of the local GDP. The Yangtze River Upstream Ecological Barriers were completed basically and the forest coverage increased from 34.8% to 36%. Sichuan comprehensively accomplished the national targets in terms of energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection.

  In the past 5 years, Sichuan has accelerated the development of social programs and people’s life has been improved remarkably. Livelihood revenue in the general public budgets reached 2 trillion yuan, 2.3 times of that in the 11th Five-Year Plan Period. 4.573 million jobs were created in urban areas. The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents grew by 11.3% and 13.7% respectively. The social security systems including the basic pension systems for rural residents and non-working urban residents and medical insurance were improved. The poor rural population was reduced by over 9.76 million. Rural poverty head count ratio reduced from 20.4% to 5.8%. 24.98 million rural residents, teachers and students gained access to safe drinking water and 358,000 rural households gained access to electricity. Dangerous sections of township and county highways were all installed with safety barriers. Sichuan completed the rebuilding of 3.07 million units of dilapidated urban and rural housing and rundown urban areas. Sichuan has taking the leading role in implementing housing providing action for migrant workers in China and supplied 60,000 units of public renting housing for migrant workers. In terms of compulsory education, Sichuan comprehensively implemented the policy of exempting textbooks, miscellaneous fees, and stationary fees and providing subsidiaries. The annual rate of gross enrollment rate for kindergarten and high school reached 2.9% and 2.6%. Sichuan strengthened the development of rural sector and cultural industries enjoyed sound and healthy development. Sichuan has also achieved steady progress in health care, family planning, and the disabled sector. Public fitness programs and competitive sports were developed into new stages. The livelihood enhancement in areas with concentrations of ethnic minorities achieved remarkable progress.

  The past 5 years has also witnessed that Sichuan actively integrated into national strategies and made tremendous achievements in reform and opening up. Sichaun deepened reform and openings head on, canceled and adjusted the power for review on 398 items, completed a new round of institute reform, and conducted employment management for 1.3 million institute personnel. Sichuan has achieved new progress in major fields, including agriculture, state-owned enterprises, finance, tax, science and technology, prices and so on, and popular entrepreneurship and innovation were vigorously emerged. There were over 100 Sichuan enterprises enlisted in A Share, ranking No. 1 in western China provinces. Sichuan seized the construction opportunities of the Silk Road Economic Belt, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, and the Yangtze River Economic Belt to expand reform and opening up comprehensively. The number of foreign consular institutes in Chengdu amounted to 15, making Sichuan rank No. 3 in China in terms of consular institutes. There were 78 sister cities and 85 international (regional) flight routes. Domestic actual funds from other provinces accumulated to 4.1 trillion yuan, actual foreign capital 53.25 billion US dollars, overseas investment 7 billion US dollars, total export and import volume 293.3 billion US dollars. There were another 79 Fortune Global 500 Enterprises settled in Sichuan and the total number of such companies in Sichuan was 299. International exhibition fairs and their opening platform functions such as Western China International Fair, China Science and Technology City International High-Tech Expo and so on were highlighted furthermore.

  In the past 5 years, Sichuan has gained remarkable achievements in disaster prevention and reduction and sought for new paths in reconstruction of earthquake stricken regions. Sichuan vigorously promoted the development of Wechuan massive earthquake stricken regions and greatly enhanced the living and producing standards. Sichuan earnestly implemented the new emergency response mechanisms formulated by the Central Committee of the CPC after Lushan Strong Earthquake, organized emergency rescue in a scientific and efficient manner, and won great victory in earthquake reduction and relief. Sichuan promoted post-disaster reconstruction vigorously and orderly, completed all the tasks of rural and urban housing construction, finished basically the reconstruction of public service facilities, including schools, hospitals and so on, enhanced industrial reconstruction and ecological restoration in a high level, accomplished 90% overall planning projects and investment undertaken by local governments, and explored a new path for disaster restoration and reconstruction, namely guiding from the Central Committee of the CPC, local governments serving as main body, and people in the disaster stricken area participating widely. Kangding and Derong have obtained obvious achievements in earthquake relief, restoration and reconstruction. Moreover, Sichuan has also tackled with heavy rains, floods, landslides, and other natural disasters effectively and actively and further improved the systems of disaster prevention, disaster reduction, and disaster relief.

  In the past 5 years, Sichuan initiated new journey in law-based governance of the province and achieved new progress in the rule of law government construction. The plans of law-based governance were deeply implemented, and the construction of democratic politics and democracy at the grassroots level was orderly promoted. Sichuan focused on governance in accordance with law and adhered to enhance reform within the rule of the law. Sichuan made new achievements in streamlining administration, delegating more powers to lower-level governments and reforming administrative review system, and established firstly in China the completed provincial, municipal, county, township and village five level governance service systems and provincial, municipal and county three level public resources transaction service system, made new progress in the construction of new type social management mechanisms, tackled the problems in road and transportation security head on, strengthened the supervision on the safety of coal mines, shut down small coal mines without required producing conditions in accordance with the law, enhanced safe producing continuously, maintained overall stable social security, and improved ethnic unity and the relationship of religions.

  Fellow Deputies,

  In 2015, we worked hard to stabilize economic growth, boost reform, adjust structure, benefit the people, prevent risks, and accomplished the targets and tasks designed by Sichuan Provincial People's Congress. The GDP of Sichuan in 2015 reached 3.01031 trillion yuan, increasing by 7.9%. Revenue in the genera public budgets grew by 7.9%. Per capita disposable income of urban residents grew by 8.1% and per capita disposable income of rural residents grew by 9.6%. Registered urban unemployment rate maintained at 4.1% and CPI increased by 1.5%. In the past year, we accomplished the following in our work.

  First, we spared no efforts to keep the economy growing steadily. In the face of complicated macroeconomic environments and the mounting downward domestic economic pressure, we studied and judged the economic trends, carried out 2 large supervisions and researches, released “4+1” combination policies to solve the difficulties in the economic development of companies, industries and the real economy. We lowered the industrial and commercial gas and electricity cost of 6.15 billion yuan, implemented tax reduction policy to remove the company and social burden of 60 billion yuan, promoted the reducing of unsold homes orderly, stabilized investment with comprehensive policies, won 653 national special construction fund projects, and initiated the construction of a batch of major projects. We formulated implementation opinions on reforming of railway financing system, achieved the investment on railway of 40 billion yuan, strengthened the cooperation between banks and companies, increased social financing of 600 billion yuan, promoted the the cooperation pattern of government and social capital with the contracted project investment of 160 billion yuan, finished 2.6 trillion yuan of total investment in fixed assets increasing by 10.2%, expanded markets and promoted consumption, organized about 90,000 companies to participate into 3 major activities of market expanding, enlarge emerging consumption and service supply including healthy preservation, pension, e-commercial shops and so on. Total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 12%.

  Second, we vigorously promoted transformation and upgrading. We released implementation opinions concerning new type urbanization, Sichuan Action of Made in China 2025, Internet Plus and so on, intensified efforts to promote the construction of modern agricultural bases and grain producing capacity enhancement projects, completed 450,000 hectares of high standard basic farmlands, and fostered 201,000 new type agricultural management main bodies of all kinds. We initiated 3 Year Action Plan for Industrial Transformation and Upgrading, promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional and advantageous industries such as wine industry, finished 531.8 billion yuan investment on technological renovation, shut down and eliminated 436 companies with backward capacities such as coals, concentrated on “7+7+5” industrial fostering and development, established industrial guiding funds, and organized to implement a batch of major industrial projects. We vigorously promoted the comprehensive reform work in service sectors, strengthened the leading and demonstration function of 5 emerging and leading service sectors, increased the added-value in service sectors by 9.4%. We successfully held 1st China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conference and 2nd Sichuan International Travel Expo. The total tourism revenues exceeded 600 billion yuan in 2015.

  Sichuan succeeded in enlisted in national systematic promotion of comprehensive innovation pilot region and Chengdu High-Tech Industrial Development Zone was approved as national level independent innovation demonstration zone. The innovation and entrepreneurship work at Tianfu New District and Mianyang Science and Technology City was achieved solid progress. We allocated 3 billion yuan as special funds to support the development of innovation-driven and 5 emerging high-end growing industries, and increased another 141 company research and development institutes of provincial level and above and 13,000 scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises. The number of patent applications surpassed 100,000. We enhanced vigorously popular entrepreneurship and innovation, guided a large group of scientific and technological talents, college graduates, overseas talents, grassroots capable people into entrepreneurship and innovation key battlefield, and achieved early achievements in the entrepreneurship by migrant workers and returning Sichuan businessmen.

  Third, we highlighted the deepening of reform and opening up. We vigorously enhanced streamlining administration and delegating more powers to lower-level governments, and channeled great efforts into the reform of the business system, Implemented the registration system of integrating 3 permissions into one. The number of newly registered market entities reached 177,000, with that of enterprises increasing by 23.5%. We took proactive steps to promote the reform in rural property right system, state-owned assets and companies, fiscal and taxation system, and official vehicle systems. We launched local financing reform, set up the first private bank, provincial life insurance company, asset management company and agricultural credit guarantee company, implemented Action Plan of Second-Board Market, and developed the trail insurance for catastrophe. We released implementation plan of involving “One Belt and One Road”, initiated 251 3-Year Action Plan, and promoted the two-way operation of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail, actively integrated the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and deepened the strategic cooperation with pan-Pearl River Delta Regions. We successfully held investment promotion activities such as Well-known Enterprises in Sichuan and so on, and 4th Symposium between China and Russia “Two Rivers” Local Leaders. Domestic actual funds from other provinces reached 911.6 billion yuan, actual foreign capital 10.44 billion US dollars, export and export volume of 51.59 billion US dollars. On behalf of China, Sichuan medical team participated into the relief of Nepal “4•25” Earthquake.

  Fourth, we worked on accelerating the development of living standards and social programs. We completed comprehensively 10 Projects and 20 Events of Improving Living Standards, promoted precise poverty alleviation and helped 1.17 million people lift themselves out of poverty. We accelerated the renovation of dilapidated urban and rural housing and the construction of government-subsidized housing. The ratio of rebuilding rundown areas and housing fund reached 49.5%. We enlisted migrant workers into urban employment registration and created new urban jobs of 1.019 million. We reformed the pension system for employees of Party and government offices and public policies, and unobstructed the pension transfer among rural and urban residents and company employees. We implemented the second stage 3 action plan for preliminary education, promoted the balanced development of compulsory education, initiated the trial of the first batch modern apprentice system in vocational schools, and maintained the healthy development of higher education. We established provincial grading treatment system, fully implemented the major disease insurance scheme for rural and non-working urban residents, and constructed provincial insurance settlement platforms for remote medical treatment. We deepened the reform of state-owned art troupes, developed cultural benefiting activities, and successfully held the 5th International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the 1st Sichuan Art Festival, the 9th National Games for Persons with Disabilities and the 6th Special Olympics National Games of the People's Republic of China. Sichuan achieved new progress in scientific popularity, philosophy and social sciences, archives and local chronicles and so on and strengthened the work in women, children, the aging, counseling, literature, history and so on.

  Fifth, we strengthened the urban and rural environmental protection. We carefully implemented new environmental protection laws and punished illegal and criminal behaviors in terms of environmental protection. We promoted the joint prevention and control of haze pollution in Sichuna Basin and achieved the reduction of 10% in average concentration of participates compared with the benchmark year (2013). We cut energy intensity by about 7% and surpassed the national targets for energy conservation and emission reduction. We released differential pollution charge policy, promoted the research evaluation of soil pollution risks, strengthened the prevention and control of rural non-point pollution resources, and took the lead in the national acceptance of rural living garbage management. We released 20 reform measures such as ecological compensation and so on, initiated the settlement of ecological protection red line, implemented major projects of ecological protection and management, achieved remarkable fruits in geological disaster prevention, afforested in a great manner, developed global wetland protection pilot in cities and counties, implemented the protection of drinking water sources and the comprehensive water environment management of major rivers, and ensured that all section water of Sichuan could meet quality standards.

  Sixth, we pushed to advance law-based government administration. We carefully implemented the plans of law-based governance, released the administrative right list and responsibility list of government, regulated administrative law enforcement discretion, promoted the online operation of 3 level administrative events in Sichuan, improved administrative decision-making mechanism, released Regulation of Sichuan Major Administrative Decision-Making Procedures, and highlighted administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation. We developed the major check and renovation of safe producing in major industries and found about 20,000 illegal cases in food and drugs. No severe safety producing incidents and severe food safety incidents happened in Sichuan in 2015. We strengthened social security work. We tackled with local financing risks positively and robustly. In accordance with the requirements of Three Stricts and Three Steadies proposed by President Xi Jinping, we changed working styles and concentrated on the settlement of major decisions and deployments of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC. We strengthened the supervision and auditing work, regulated strictly the exercises of power, deeply implemented the widely popularity of laws and initiated 3 trials in community construction.

  Fellow Deputies,

  In the past 5 years, we have worked conscientiously to implement the decisions and deployments of the Central Committee of the CPC and Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC and kept pushing ahead towards our “Two Leapfrog Developments” goal. We have profoundly conscious that we must adhere to people-orientation thought, always kept in mind development for the people and by the people, led new practice with new ideas, and enhanced the well-being of people’s livelihood. We must remain the strategic concentration of transformation development, grasp economic development, continue to enlarge economic scale, improve vigorously the quality of development benefit, and accumulate the energy for leapfrog development. We must actively adapt to the development trend of China’s economy deeply integrating into global economy, fully consider International and domestic linkage effect, wholly integrate into national development situation, adopt targeted steps to all possible development opportunities, and continuously expand new border of Sichuan’s development. We must fully release the powerful kinetic energy of reform, opening up and innovation, break all the systematic mechanism hinders blocking development, strive to create new advantages of reform and opening up, and stimulate innovation and creation potentials, drive development with innovation. We must lay a firm legal foundation for leapfrog development and adhere to promote development with the thought and methods of the rule of law, crate sound environment for the rule of law. We must give full floor to all positive factors, burst out the vitality of labor, knowledge, technology, management, and capital, gather the strong forces of surmounting difficulties and seeking for victory, and create new development achievements.

  Fellow Deputies,

  In the past 5 years, we owe the achievements to all public servants and civilians in Sichuan for their concerted and unremitting efforts and for their great supporting for government work from all aspects. On behalf of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to the people of all our ethnic groups, Sichuan Provincial People's Congress, Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the non-CPC parties, federations of industry and commerce, public figures without party affiliation, people’s organizations, and people from all sectors of society who always take an active interest in and support the reform and development of Sichuan. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the people’s liberation army, armed police officers, procuratorial policemen and reservists. We also wish to express true gratitude to our compatriots in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and in Taiwan, Chinese nationals overseas and friends in the world.

  While we are also soberly aware that the actual situation of Sichuan as underdeveloped and unbalanced province remains unchanged and Sichuan is still faced with multiple problems. The development gap with natural average is still large and per capita GDP is just 75% of the national average. The urban personal income and rural personal income of Sichuan are 84% and 89.7% of national level. There are still 3.8 million people living in poverty. The opening economic development of Sichuan should be further enhanced. The quality and benefit of development should be raised. Long-term accumulated structural problems are prominent. The development of service industry comprehensively lags behind. Sichuan is still faced with unreasonable investment structure and low resource utilization rate. Sichuan should also further raise total factor productivity. New force for driving economic development is still being nurtured in Sichuan. The growth rate of fiscal revenue and personal incomes has slowed down. Some companies have difficulties in producing and operating and some industries are faced with overcapacity. Some enterprises find it difficult and costly to obtain financing, decline in profits, and expand in scale of losses. Growth in industrial investment is sluggish and the growth rate of private investment is slower. There are still debts in social programs and livelihood sectors. The equitable level of basic public cultural services should be future enhanced. Environmental problems remain prominent. There still exist some industries with producing latent risks. Some inharmonious factors exist in social life and potential risks start to revel in some fields. In terms of government work, the government should further deepened the understanding of complexity and principle of economic development situation. A small number of government employees and civil servants behave irresistibly and fail to fulfill their responsibilities. The quality and capacity for law-based government administration should be further improved. Targeting at these problems, we should take highly responsible attitude, adopt proper measures, accelerate to solve these problems, and truly live up people’s expectations and trust.

  Ⅱ. Major Considerations of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period

  The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period is the decisive stage for for Sichuan to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the crucial phrase for Sichuan to adapt to new normal of economic development and accelerate transformation development. In line with the deployments of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Seventh Plenary Session of the 10th Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, and the suggestions of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC for formulating the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, Sichuan Provincial People’s Government drew up Sichuan’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development (draft) and submitted it to you for your deliberation and approval. Here I want to explain it in brief from 5 aspects.

  In terms of development situation, we have grasped profoundly the development situation and the current phase characteristics of Sichuan when formulating the plan. In the following 5 years, we will still face complicated and challenging international and domestic environments. From the international perspective, the in-depth impacts of international financial crisis emerge continuously. The global economy seeks for recovery from profound readjustment. International relationship is experiencing unprecedented complexity. Unstable and uncertain elements increase. From the domestic perspective, China is still in an important period of strategic opportunity during which China’s economic fundamentals are still promising and the connotations of this period have experienced profound changes. The increasing rate of economic growth, commercial commodity prices, the profits of entity companies, and fiscal revenue will decline while the probabilities of economic risks will arise and development will be faced with multiple challenges.

  After years of arduous hardworking, Sichuan has entered into new stage in economic development which presents the main following features. Economic development has been in the phrase when scale and quality are enhanced simultaneously and the accumulation and platform transiting from quantity to quality and from a major economic province to an economic power. The main tasks of economic development are steadily expanding economic scale and remarkably enlarging quality and benefits. Industrialization and urbanization are still in the accelerating period. There is much space left for the development of the primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry. A considerable scale of demands could be released in investment and consumption. Multi-point and multi-polar development has entered into dynamic phrase and been accelerating to construct win-win regional development pattern with complementary functions and stagger competition. The shift of driving forces is in critical period from investment-reliance to investment and consumption-reliance, from industry-driving growth to industry and service sector-driving growth, and from element-driving to innovation driving. Industrial transformation and upgrading have entered into continuous phrase and industrial levels will be enhanced significantly with high-end industries entering into national or even international industrial chains and value chains. New competitive advantages is being formed. Finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects has been in a crucial period and a historical moment to sprint to the finishing line. We will determine to fight the battle against poverty and shore up our weak spots in building a moderately well-being society in all aspects. These features reveal that Sichuan is equipped with comparatively large potentials in development, accumulating new development momentum. While Sichuan will also experience the pains in transformation and upgrading period and face severe challenges. During the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period, Sichuan will take all measures to change opportunities and potentials into facts, deeply integrate into “One Belt and One Road” Strategy and the Yangtze River Economic Belt Strategy, resolve all risks and challenges actively and prudently, and go through the important historical pass of transformation development.

  In terms of targets, we will concentrate on the achievement of “Two Leapfrog Developments”, accelerate the improvement from quantity to quality in comprehensive economic strength and competitiveness, complete the construction of Sichuan into a powerful province with enormous economic scale, optimized economic structure, strong innovation abilities, and good economic quality and benefits, and achieve the leap from a overall well-being society to a well-being society in all aspects. Therefore, our specific goals and suggestions include maintaining an economic growth rate higher than national average, comprehensive improvement in people’s living standards and quality, general enhancement in citizens’ quality and social civilization degree, achieving remarkable results in ecological construction and environment management, and making crucial breakthroughs in the reform of major fields and parts. In accordance with the plan, by the end of the Thirteen Five-Year Plan Period, Sichuan’s GDP will raise another one trillion yuan and amount to 4.2 trillion yuan. The industrial structure, regional structure, and force structure will be optimized and upgraded. Industries will step into middle or high level. Economy will be driven by innovation, increased by domestic demands, and enjoy vigorous development driving forces. Absolute poverty will be eliminated and poverty-stricken counties in Sichuan will be lifted out of poverty. We will maintain the comparatively rapid growth rate in urban and rural incomes and keep narrowing the urban-rural income gap. We will gradually achieve equality of basic public services and complete the construction of basic system for public cultural services. We will accomplish all the national tasks in terms of environmental protection, achieve new progress in the construction of Beautiful Sichuan, give full play to the decisive function of market in resource allocation, fundamentally form the new opening economic systems, basically construct law-based government, and act in accordance with the law in all our government work to govern and thrive Sichuan.

  All the goals above also serve as a systematic orientation for Sichuan to promote the construction of Five Aspects in One (namely economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, and ecological civilization construction), reform and opening up, which fully respect people’s development wishes, consider macro environment and the supporting conditions, and be achieved through our joint efforts.

  In terms of orientation, we must guide by 5 development ideas in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period, including innovation, coordination, green, opening up and sharing, work hard to crack the difficulties and problems blocking finishing building a moderately well-being society in all aspects timely, and find main orientations accurately. The plan has indicated that we could consider from 3 aspects to achieve breakthroughs and win the battle. First, we should accelerate the transformation of our development modes, which reveal the macro trends and is forced by development reality. In the crucial window period of transformation and upgrading during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period, we must break mental shackles and vested interests with great determination, fight to promote the changing of development mode from scale-speed mode to quality-benefit one, adjust structure from mainly relying on increasing resources and expanding energy to regulating existing resources and optimizing additional resources, shift the development driving forces from depending on resources and low-cost labor to innovation driving, and accelerate to form systems and development modes which have adapted into economic new normal. We will speed up to shore up our weak spots in development, which remains as the largest difficulty as well as the key measure to ensure the winning of the battle. During the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period, we must shore up our weak spots in people’s livelihood sectors, accomplish the battle against poverty, make up the weak points in regional and urban-rural development, promote the rapid formation of multi-point and multi-polar supporting pattern and rural-urban coordinating development pattern, and offset environmental weak points to ensure the improvement of atmosphere and other environmental qualities and build a solid defense for ecological security. We will also prevent and control all kinds of risks effectively. In the following 5 years, the risks from all aspects which are being accumulated may appear together. Therefore, we must build diversified risk disposal system, put more effects on research and early warning, resolve various contradictions effectively, firmly safeguard the bottom line of safe producing, and ensure Sichuan’s development steady and sustainable.

  To achieve breakthroughs in 3 main orientations, we must carefully implement supply-front structural reform proposed by the Central Committee of the CPC. On the one hand, there are some new situations happening in the demand-front management which has been highlighted for years. External demand continues being weak and overwhelmingly depends on expanding investment scale. While the function of external demand is limited with diminishing marginal utility. On the other hand, there exist some outstanding problems in supply-front aspect, mainly including comprehensive overcapacity, insufficient effective supply, especially insufficient supply of high level and quality, lower capacity to meet diversified and personalized consumption. The reality requires that we must put great efforts on supply-front structural reform and concentrate on the quality and efficiency of supply front. Therefore, we should promote vigorously comprehensive innovation and reform, strengthen systematic, management, technological, and product innovation, and focus on eliminating outdated capacity, reducing inventories, deleveraing, reducing cost and shoring up weak spots. Meanwhile, we should not neglect the demand-front management and do well in moderately enlarging aggregate demand. The plan has highlighted supply-front structural reform and specified the requirements of collaborative function of demand front and supply demand.

  In terms of development strategy, the 3 Development Strategies proposed by Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC are in accordance with the national Four Comprehensives (namely comprehensively finishing building a moderately well-being society in all aspects, comprehensively deepening reform, comprehensively implementing the rule of law and comprehensively strengthening Party discipline) and the connotations of Five Development Concepts (including innovation, coordination, green, opening, and sharing) as well the development reality of Sichuan, which have been proved true by practice. We should steadfastly carry out these 3 Development Strategies. In the Plan, implementation of 3 Development Strategies are indicated in overall requirements and major measures. The key of in-depth implementation of multi-point and multi-polar supporting development strategy lies in coordinating the relationship between competition and collaborative development, improves coordination in regional development, and build a win-win new regional development pattern with complementary functions and dislocation competition. We should also implement deeply the interaction of industrialization and urbanization and the urban-rural coordinated development strategy, focus on conforming to the trend of simultaneous development of information technologies, agricultural modernization, industrialization, and new-types of urbanization, promote the in-depth integration of information technologies and industrialization with new types of urbanization as carrier and support, build a more competitive modern industrial system, enhance urban and rural planning, construction and management level, and promote the equitable exchange and rational allocation between urban and rural elements as well as equality of basic public services. We will steadfastly implement innovation-driven development strategy, focus on grasping the kernel opportunity that Sichuan has been enlisted in systematic promotion comprehensive innovation and reform pilot region, emphasize more consciously the development on innovation, form systems and mechanisms promoting innovation, stimulate innovation and creation vigor continuously, and promote the unceasing delivery of benefits of comprehensive deepening reform. 3 Development Strategies are an organic whole which should be implemented collaboratively and advanced together. During the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period, we will speed up to finish constructing Sichuan into leading province in national innovation-driven development, achieve simultaneous breakthroughs in information technologies, agricultural modernization, industrialization, and new-types of urbanization, advance the leading development of Chengdu, expand municipal economic echelon, lay solid foundation for county economy, cultivate new economic growth poles such as Tianfu New District, form a sound development environment with Chengdu as the leading horse and the competition among municipal echelon, highlight the promotion of five economic zones, formulate and implement regional development plans of these 5 economic zones, and improve the benefit sharing mechanism of regional cooperation and development. Sichuan will guide and support the leading role of Chengdu Plain Economic Zone in scientific development, transformation and upgrading, building of a moderately prosperous society in all aspects, urbanization construction, opening up, reform and so on, play the better leading role of Chengdu, support the revitalization of industrial base in Southern Sichuan Economic Zone, accelerate the building of crucial city agglomerations of upstream Yangtze River to become important emerging economic growth pole, lead and support the active integration of Northeastern Sichuan Economic Zone into Chengdu-Chongqing city agglomeration, speed up the steps of revitalizing Sichuan-Shaanxi old revolutionary base areas, create a regional economic center combining Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, and Gansu, lead and support Panxi Economic Zone to build strategic resource innovation development pilot zone, world-class vanadium and titanium industrial bases, crucial national research, development and manufacturing center for rare earth, develop modern agriculture and healthy care services and tourism, guide and support Northwestern Sichuan Economic Zone to develop vigorously regional tourism and special agriculture and husbandry, construct the ecological barrier of upstream Yangtze River, and build it into global tourism destination.

  In terms of development path, we believe that steadfastly carrying out innovative, coordinating, green, opening, and sharing development path in accordance with Sichuan’s reality is the fundamental principle and the backbone of the Plan that Sichuan will follow in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period. We will adhere to innovation development, solve the problems in development driving forces, and accelerate the cultivation of new driving forces in economic development based on the directions and requirements proposed by Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC in Decisions Concerning Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Driven Development from aspects such as systematic promotion of comprehensive reform and trial, enhancing independent innovation abilities, promoting integrated military and civilian development, building talent highland in Western China, and accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading. We insist on coordinated development, tackle with development unbalanced problems, especially highlight to handle well with a series of major relations concerning development, put forward directions and requirements in promoting multi-point and multi-polar supporting development, integrated development of rural and urban regions, and the coordinating development of ideological and cultural progress and material progress.

  We will maintain green development, solve the inharmonious problems between human being and nature, propose directions and requirements concerning promoting the coexistence between human being and nature, constructing main function region, developing green, low-carbon, and recycling economy, strengthening resource conservation and resource recycling, efficient usage, greatly enhancing environmental quality and so on in order to speed up to construct new ecological civilized hometown. We will steadfastly adhere to reform and opening up, tackle with the linkage problems of internal development and external development of Sichuan, highlight the construction of new economic mechanism of opening up, propose new directions and requirements in terms of deepening comprehensive opening and cooperation, enhancing opening economic level, promoting the construction of opening and cooperation carriers and so on in order to speed up the coming of new win-win cooperation situation. We will adhere to sharing development, solve the problems of social equity and justice, and propose new directions and requirements concerning winning the battle of poverty, increasing the supply of public services, improving educational modernization, encouraging employment and entrepreneurship, narrowing rich-poor income gap, improving social security system, enhancing the balanced development of population and developing Healthy Sichuan in order to live up to people’s expectations to beautiful new life.

  Fellow Deputies!

  We believe that under the leadership of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, all our people will surmount difficulties and keep pushing ahead. The deployments of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period will be implemented smoothly. All tasks will be accomplished definitely on schedule and the goal of finishing building a moderately prosperous society simultaneously with the whole nation will be achieved.

  III. The Plan for Work in 2016

  2016 will be the decisive year for finishing building a moderately well-being society and the starting year for constructing a powerful economic province in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period. The work thinking of our government work in this year is as follows.

  We will comprehensively implement the guidelines of the Eighteenth National Party Congress and the third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee, take Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development as our guide, implement the guiding principles of Comrade Xi Jinping's important speeches, adopt firmly and implement “Five Development Concepts” in accordance with the overall layout of Five Aspects in One and the strategic layout of Four Comprehensives, actively adapt to and guide the new normal in China’s economic development, adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while keeping performance stable in accordance with the deployments of the sixth and seventh plenary session of the 10th Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, host steadfastly to steady growth, structural adjustment, benefiting people, and preventing risks, vigorously implement 3 Development Strategies, highlight the comprehensive driving forces of innovation and reform, focus on strengthening supply-front structural reform, improve the systematic quality and efficiency of supply, speed up to cultivate new development momentum, construct new sharing pattern of development achievements, and spare no efforts to achieve a good start in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period.

  The major targets for this year's provincial economic and social development are as follows: to increase local GDP by above 7%, increase social fixed-asset investment by about 10%, maintain the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods by about 10%, keep the increase of imports and exports higher than national average, increase local reveue in the general public budgets by about 7%, increase urban and rural incomes by around 8% and 9% respectively, ensure that the registered urban unemployment rate does not rise above 4.5%, keep the increase in the CPI at around 103, and accomplish national targets of energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection.

  To achieve the goals above, we need to concentrate on the following three areas.

  First, we will do everything in our power to maintain stable economic growth.

  Analysing from multiple aspects and predicting that we will still face difficult economic development, we must put the maintaince of stable economic growth into a more prominent position. Maintaining companies into operation and promoting the healthy development of real economy remain the most important things in keeping stable economic development. We will provide better services for companies, create a more comfortable market environment and investment environment for them systems and policies, improve their investment confidence, enhance market expectations of companies, work hard to implement relevant national policies and measures, strive to implement provincial policies and measures, give full play the coordinating supporting effects of fiscal, financing and industrial policies, enlarge the supporting efforts to real economy, release suitable and effective measures for different policies, and expand the supporting efforts to companies which enjoy a certain market share but have been faced with contemporary difficulties.

  We need to ensure continuity in and enlarge effective investment. We will take good advantages of the “Project Year”, well lauch 631 key projects in Sichuan and 100 provincial key projects, promptly implement a batch of key and landmark projects in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period, and plan to restore a group of strategic and fundamental influential projects. We will pay close attention on industrial investment, give full play the function of industrial leading funds and fiscal funds, promote 2017 completed projects to start producing, improve to facilitate project approval, initiate a batch of cooperation projects between government and social capital, make full play the function of leading funds, strictly abide by the contract commitments, and attract more private capital to participate into the construction of key projects.

  We will expand effective consumption demand. We will lead new supply and cultivate new energy with new consumption, guide companies to adapt to consumption demands and adjust product structure, increase the medium-high and diversified service supply, enlarge information, green, fashion, and rural consumption, ensure that paid vacations are enforced, encourage day off and flexible schedule, stimulate tourism correspondingly, further promote the development of consumption financing enterprises to enhance current citizens’ consumption abilities, and continue organizing “3 Activities” to expand market to improve the marketing shares of products made in Sichuan.

  We will strive to reverse the downward trend in import and export. We will implement “Quality Import and Export” Strategy and “Project to Increase Export of Independent Brands”, optimize the product, industrial and regional structure of foreign trade products, strengthen the brand construction of foreign trade products and producing zones, enlarge the exports of electronic machines, high-tech products, and agricultural products, promote the building of cross-border e-commercial comprehensive experimental zone and import commodity trade center, foster new types of foreign trade modes, such as marketing purchasing trade and foreign trade comprehensive services and so on, accelerate to develop service trade and service outsourcing, and explore to construct “single window” system for international trade.

  Second, we will promote innovation and reform systematically.

  Comprehensive innovation and reform are the No. 1 Project in the development of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period. We will make a good start in the first year of the Thirteen Five-Year Plan Period to strive to form a batch of reform experiences and major policies which could be copied and extended, accelerate to promote the collaborative innovation of Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang, break the barriers of administrative divisions, and promote the joint construction of innovation platforms, sharing with resources and joint application of policies. We will also accelerate the construction of innovation and development carriers including Chengdu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Deyang National Major Equipment Research and Development Base, Mianyang Science and Technology City, and other national and provincial high-tech zones and explore to establish trading platforms for intellectual property rights and creative projects. We will deepen the integration of the military and civil sectors, concentrate on systematic and institutional innovation, increase the promotion of transferring military technology to civil use and civil companies participating into military technology, establish development funds for military and civil integrated sectors, initiate the research and development of 200 military technologies into civil use, promote 150 key military and civil integrated technology transformation projects, spare no efforts to cultivate 50 large companies and groups for military and civil technology integration, and encourage qualified private companies to enter into military technology sectors. We will steadily increase government spending on science and technology, make full play the innovation main function of enterprises, accelerate the commercialization of scientific and technological advaces, improve collaborative innovation system combining government, industry, universities, research institutes, give better platform for technology and innovation alliances, and support the building of rail transit national laboratory and a group of national key laboratories, and engineering and technology research centers. We will strengthen institutional reform and political innovation in talent development and increase the intensity of talent cultivation and introduction. We will deepen classification reform of scientific research institutes, accelerate the reform in right of usage, right of disposal, and right to earnings of scientific and technological achievements, smooth the channels for the commercialization of scientific and technological advances, and vigorously enhance the protection of intellectual property rights.

  We will also comprehensively encourage people to start their own businesses and to make innovations. We will implement Sichuan Action for Entrepreneurship, make good preparations for Week for Popular Entrepreneurship and innovation, China College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition and so on, and accelerate the construction of national emerging industrial entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base. We will vigorously develop massive entrepreneurship, crowd-outsourcing, crowd-supporting and crowd-funding, support to construct a batch of new types of incubators and accelerators such as “Incubator Plus Venture”, “Internet Plus” and so on, strive to increase incubators of all kinds in Sichuan to 600, specify and implement policies and measures of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, implement employment promotion and guiding plans for college graduates. We will focus on migrant workers and returning Sichuan entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Sichuan, improve information communication and project docking mechanisms, give full play to the business investment funds of returning Sichuan entrepreneurs, and hold successfully 1st Returning Sichuan Entrepreneurs Conference.

  We will continue promoting reform in rural property right system, complete the confirmation and certification of rural land contractual management right on schedule, deepen reform on state-owned forests and forestry zones, and orderly promote the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives. We will deepen the reform on state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, speed up to improve modern enterprise systems, adjust the layout and structure of state-owned capital, enhance diversified ownerships, improve the management system of state-owned assets, deepen fiscal and taxation system reform, change the modes of fiscal supporting to industrial development, improve industrial development investment guidance fund system and fiscal and financing interaction policy system, promote local financing reform, develop comprehensive reform pilots of national mobile financial cities and ruran financial services, enhance the reform of municipal commercial banks and rural credit cooperatives, and regulate the development of online financing.

  Third, we will accelerate to construct modern industrial systems.

  We will solidly promote the construction of a powerful province with advanced manufacturing. We will substantially implement Sichuan Action Plan for Made in China 2025, initiate a batch of major projects such as manufacturing innovation center construction, high-end equipment innovation research and development, intellectual manufacturing and so on, accelerate to promote the development of 5 high-end emerging industries, implement “Internet Plus Manufacturing” pilot demonstration, spare no efforts to develop cloud computing and big data industries, cultivate emerging industries such as graphene, Beidou satellite navigation, robots, biological medicines and so on, and steadfastly enhance the local machining rate of electronic information and automobile manufacturing. We will support the product structure adjustment for special and advantageous industries such as Sichuan wine, Sichuan tea, Sichuan cuisine, and Sichuan herbs, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as steel, building materials, chemical industries and so on, shut down over 100 companies with outdated production facilities. We will implement the double action for high-tech companies, strive to achieve their output value of 1.5 trillion yuan. We will implement plans to cultivate large companies and groups, support small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve more professional, specified, special and novel development, promote the featured and professional development of industrial parks, and foster intensive industries of intellectual property rights.

  We will steadfastly speed up the development of modern service industry. We will vigorously implement “300 Demonstration Projects”, promote the construction of kernel cities of service sectors, 6 regional central cities and influential counties for service sectors, complete the construction of 20 provincial service industrial agglomeration areas, and speed up the development of Western China financial center. We will foster actively 5 emerging and leading service sectors, enhance the high-end and professional development level of producing service sectors, and enhance the development of 10 living service sectors such as culture, sports and aging, implement “all companies accessible to the Internet, all citizens accessible to the Internet and e-commercial demonstration” projects, promote well-known e-commercal companies to establish trade settlement centers or regional headquarters, accelerate the cultivation of sunshine vacation, health and aging, rural leisure and other tourism modes, release a batch of qualified tourism routes, plan and initiate regional tourism construction in Tibetan and Yin Regions of Sichuan. We will implement deeply international brand strategy of giant pandas, work on inbound tourism, and hold China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conference, Sichuan International Travel Expo and other activities. The total tourism revenues of Sichuan will reach 720 billion yuan in 2016.

  We will vigorously promote the development of modern agriculture. We will strengthen the farmland irrigation and conservancy infrastructure, enhance the agricultural comprehensive producing capacities and ensure the effective supply of main agricultural products such as grains, edible oil, meat, eggs and milk and so on. We will initiate the third rould of constructing modern agricultural (forestry, husbandry) key counties, highlight the construction of 20 modern agricultural demonstration counties, promote modern agricultural demonstration projects of 100 billion yuan and biological seeding projects, concentrate on the integrated development of the three industries in agriculture, develop featured planting, breeding and processing industries of agricultural products, promote the comprehensive demonstration of e-commerce in rural regions, support and develop new industries and modes from ecological and leisure aspects. We will support and develop new type agricultural main bodies, strengthen benefit alliance, increase rural incomes, strengthen scientific and technological innovation in agriculture, improve modern socialized service system, and carry out the Third Agricultural Census.

  Fourth, we will work tirelessly on the major tasks of structural reform.

  We will develop special action targeted on lowering cost and increasing benefits. We will carry steadfastly out relevant national policies concerning lowering the cost of companies in real economy, release relevant measures, eliminate monopoly intermediary service charges, and reduce governmental charge standards. We will further expand the pilot scope of direct purchasing electricity, well implement the policiy of restoration electricity, promote the usage of surplus electricity, and enlarge the scale of direct supplied gas. We will lower the land cost of companies resorting to leasing and combining leasing and transfer. We will establish logistics public information platforms, develop multimodal transportation and cold chain logistics of agricultural products, and reduce effectively logistics cost. We will enhance financial service level through eliminating unreasonable charges in banks and financial institutes. We will also improve the proportion of direct financing and lower financing cost for companies.

  We will constiue cutting overcapacity actively and prudently. We will count the total number of companies with outdated production facilities, scientifically formulate the tasks and methods for cutting overcapacity, lay out specific implementation plans and supporting measures, and strike for national support. We will implement different policies based on specific industries, cut overcapacity in steel, coal, flat glass and so on through eliminating, external transfer, controled increasement and so on, dispose zombie enterprises orderly and prudently through restructuring and mergering instead of bankruptcy and liquidation, and provide reemployment to relevant workers laid off.

  We will work on to reduce unsold homes as many as possible. We will start from meeting the housing demands of newly settled rural citizens in cities, orient on housing system of purchasing and renting, and deepen urban housing system reform. We will further implement new policies in real estates, and ensure the effective docking of rebuilding rundown urban areas, public rental houses, renting market and stock housing market. We will further deadministrate, eliminate all kinds of unreasonable charges, guide companies to lower the prices of commercial houses appropriately, and improve the sound development of housing market.

  We will work on to improve the quality of products made in Sichuan. We will refer to national standards, international standards, and overseas advanced standards and conduct quality enhancement projects in products of 10 major classifications. We will construct national technological standard innovation base, national and provincial examination and testing centers. We will formulate policies and measures for brand development, promote enterprises to develop advantageous products, encourage companies to improve product quality and make new technological innovation, and foster a group of local brands with kernel competitiveness. We will crash down illegal behaviors such as manufacturing and selling fake products, violating intellectual property rights, and strengthen credit construction and creative supervision of marketing main bodies.

  Fifth, we will deepen opening up and cooperation.

  We will integrate actively into “One Belt and One Road” strategy and the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy. We will highlight 33 key working items of “One Belt and One Road”, promote “251 Three-Year Action Plan”, organize carefully “1000 Sichuan Companies Traveling the Silk Road”, comprehensively expand trade, cultural and tourism cooperation with countries along “One Belt and One Road”, and encourage companies to involve into the development and construction of foreign railways, hydroelectric stations, ports and so on. We will initiate and implement international capacity cooperation 111 projects, build provincial-owned overseas investment companies, and promote advantageous industries and surplus capacity to transfer at abroad. We will adhere strictly to the priority of ecology, promote the liaison with provinces and cities along the Yangtze River, and jointly build comprehensive vertical transportation corridor of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. We will strengthen the integrated planning of industries along rivers in Sichuan, and gradually build modern industrial corridor with high agglomeration, comprehensiveness and reasonable layout.

  We will steadfastly promote the construction of channels linking Sichuan and other places. We will accelerate to build modern comprehensive transportation system based on national construction layout of “6 Corridors, 6 Roads, and Multiple Countries Ports”. We will concentrate on the planning and construction of 10 Railways and enhance the international operation levels of “Chengdu-Europe Express Rail” and “China-Central Asian Railway”. We will accelerate the construction of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport and regional airports in order to create “The Silk Road in the Air”. We will develop aviation, railways, and water ports and intensify the channel docking with coastal port cities and border prots.

  We will build opening cooperation platforms. We will accelerate the construction of China-Korea Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industrial Park, China-German Innovation Industrial Cooperation Platforms and China-France Chengdu Ecological Park . We will make good preparations for major investment promotion activities, such as well-known enterprises traveling in Sichuan, Western China International Fair, Western China Overseas Hi-Tech Talents Conference, China Science and Technology City International Hi-Tech Expo, China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo, Sichuan Agricultural Expo and so on, develop special investment promotion in major industries such as electronic information and automobile manufacturing, conduct targeted overseas investment promotion activities, strive to introduce domestic funds from other provinces of 950 billion yuan, and maintain among tops in Central and Western China in terms of actual foreign funds. We will hold G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting, Fourth U.S.-China Governors Forum, and Fifth China-France Local Government Cooperation Forum, and accelerate to enhance “2+2” cooperation between China and America. We will promote practically the cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and deepen cooperation with surrounding provinces such as Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and so on.

  Sixth, we will comprehensively fight the battle against poverty.

  We wil continue to implement “3+10” targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of povert, carry out 10 specific working plans for poverty alleviation, and benefit the comprehensive requirements of “Six Precisions” and “Five Batches” poverty alleviation action plan to villages and people in poor. We will focus on 10 projects to alleviate poverty such as infrastructure, medicine and health, relocation and so on, and promote prudently to lift people out of poverty through tourism, e-commerce, science and technology. We will develop various plans to promote industrial poverty alleviation and increase their productivity in farmland and income simultaneously. We must reduction the poor rural population by more than 1.05 million, 2,500 poverty-stricken villages and 2 poverty-stricken counties.

  We will highlight the key regions of poverty alleviation. We insist to take “4 regions” as concentration, continue to implement “6 Livelihood Project Plans” in Sichuan Tibetan Region and “10 Poverty Alleviation Projects” in Yi-minority Region, focus on the construction of a kindergarten in every village in rural regions of Daliang Mountain and Xiaoliang Mountain, implement volunteer teacher plans for 10 years, vigorously implement the combination poverty alleviation in Qinling and Daba Mountains, and promote the revitalization of Sichuan-Shaanxi old revolutionary base areas. Meanwhile, we will integrate to solve the problems of marching poverty alleviation.

  We will innovate new institutes to win the battle against poverty. We will promote the matching poverty alleviation of central and state organs, and central companies and the collaboration of other provinces, and initiate a new round of matching and fixed poverty alleviation in Sichuan. We will guide more financial funds and social capital to involve into poverty alleviation, intensify the integration of poverty alleviation funds for county-level governments, and guarantee the input of poverty alleviation poverty alleviation. We will strengthen the responsibility mechanism for poverty alleviation, improve fund management, and locate targets, tasks, capitals, and responsibilities into counties.

  Seventh, we will enhance ecological and environmental protection.

  We will continue to promote the construction of upstream Yangtze River barriers. We strictly define and control ecological red protection lines, the Second Phrase of National Forestry Protection, and convert croplands to forests and grasslands, develop Greening Sichuan Plan of large scale, make afforestation of 400,000 hectares, and increase the forest coverage rate to 36.2%, strengthen the construction of natural reserves, conduct the rescuing protection projects for endengered wild plants and animals, construct giant panda national park, explore to construct national ecological advance pilot zone, improve all kinds of ecological compensation mechanism, strengthen the ecological protection of river sources, construct wetland parks, and implement sand prevention and control projects as well as environmental protection projects.

  We will step up efforts to prevent and control environmental pollution. We will highlight emission reduction, coal compression, dust suppression, vehicle control, and straw burning prevention, conduct joint prevention and control in key regions, and promote quality improvement in air. We will increase the prevention and control for key water sources, strengthen the protection on dring water sources, promote the regulation on urban smelly waters, ensure that all industrial pollutants could meet discharging standards, accomplish the national tasks of emission reduction. We will implement 5 projects aiming to improve urban and rural environment, improve living environment, strengthen environmental monitoring, law enforcement, and relevant supervision, and intensify the punishment of law enforcement.

  We will promote green, low carbon, and recycling development. We will promote green reform on traditional manufacturing companies, enhance the industrial development if environmental protection equipment, accelerate the promotion and application of new-energy automobiles and new types of building industrial products, and speed to create national clean energy demonstration province. We will promote the comprehensive management and recycling on industrial waste gas, waste water, and litter, implement the control on the amount and strength of resources and water resources, construction lands, and explore to establish carbon emission trade center in Western China.

  Eighth, we will improve regional, urban and rural development levels.

  We will promote coordinated development among regions. We will guide and support the construction of 5 economic zones, improve coordination and linkage mechanism among regions, formulate plans to construct economic zones and city agglomerations, and strengthen the integrated coordination of important matters among infrastructure, industrial layout, public services, ecological environment and so on. We will accelerate to gather advanced manufacturing and high-end services based on the function layout of “1 City and 6 Zones” of Tianfu New District, highlight to construct Chengdu Scientific City, Sichuan Airport Economic Zone, and Western China International Expo City. We will improve assessment on county-level economic development, build top 50 counties and construct a batch of influencial counties with modern agriculture, industries, service sectors, tourism and ecology, and support qualified counties to be districts.

  We will strengthen urban and rural planning construction. We will combine multiple plannings into one for counties and cities, conduct verbal warning on illegal behaviors in planning, enlist the implementation of urban and rural planning into the check lists for major local leaders concerning economic responsibilities, and ensure the continuity of one blueprint. We will comprehensively conduct Urban Infrastructure Construction Annual Plan, improve the main functions and underground pipelines of newly established districts, and highlight the pilot of sponge cities construction. We will continue to promote Construction Action for 1 Million Houses, renovate dilapidated housing and construct indemnificatory housing of 300,000, increase the ratio of rebuilding rundown areas and housing fund to over 50%, build pilot counties suitable for living and business, enhance the construction level of 300 boutique towns, initiate the demonstration Happy and Beautiful Villages, and accelerate new village construction in Tibetan Region, Yi-minority region, Bashan, and Wumeng Mountain.

  We will improve urban management systems. We will specify and locate the responsibilities for urban management main bodies, enhance the reform on urban management fields in municipal and county level, and integrate the enforcement teams of urban management. We will release more powers to local departments of urban management, strengthen the responsibilities of subdistricts in urban management, give full play the fundamental functions of communities, and widely advocate citizens to participate into urban management. We will promote the construction of smart cities and enlarge grid management services.

  We will increase the urbanization rate of population. We will draw on reform to the household registration system, promptly Implement residence certification system, help migrant population become urban citizens, and provide more public services for migrant workers. We will improve the mechanism combining migrant population with construction lands, building funds and migrant payment. We will work hard to increase the urbanization rate of household population to 31.5% and urbanization rate of permanent residents to 48.9%.

  Ninth, we will guarantee and improve people’s living standard of living.

  We will spend our revenues on substantially improving people’s standard of living. The ratio of revenue in the general public budgets will maintain about 65%. We will continental to implement “10 Projects to Improve People's Standards of Living”, and accomplish 20 livelihood events. We will adhere to drive employment through entrepreneurship, focus on the employment and reemployment of college graduates, migrant workers and workers laid off due to addressing overcapacity, and strive to create new urban employment of 800,000. We will expand the insurance benefits to all citizens, and promote the reform on the pension system for employees of Party and government offices and public policies. We will accelerate the integration of medical insurance between urban and rural citizens, and implement the serious disease insurance scheme for  all residents. We will promote social assistance, improve the sound welfare for vulnerable groups, develop charity, and deepen tailored services for the disabled.

  We will vigorously develop social programs. We will promote the balanced development of compulsory education among counties, increase the number of general kindergartens, improve the education levels of high schools, implement the tuition-free policy for secondary vocational schools, implement comprehensively 15-year free education in minority regions, initiate the construction of first class of universities and disciplines, and guide some local colleges to transfer into application ones. We will construct “Healthy Sichuan”, deepen 3 medical reform pilots such as grading treatment, guide more excellent medical resources to serve in grassroots regions, focus on the prevention and treatment of serious diseases, local diseases and vocational diseases, and improve the development of traditional Chinese medicine. We will comprehensively implement two-children policy. We will promote the construction of demonstration counties (cities, districts) for modern public cultural service system, strengthen the protection and inheritance of cultural heritages, implement “Bashu Cultural Brand Project”, develop “Book Fragrance in Tianfu and All Loving Reading”, and develop regional special and innovation cultural industries. We will develop public fitness programs and competitive sports, and foster the sports industry.

  We will highlight the restoration and reconstruction of earthquake-hit regions. We will complete the overall planning reconstruction tasks for Lushan Earthquake regions, prudently promote the reconstruction projects in infrastructure, towns, public services and so on, vigorously develop special industries such as tourism and ecological agriculture, and accelerate the construction of industrial gathering zones. We will promote the restoration and reconstruction of the earthquake-hit regions in Kangding and Derong.

  Tenth, we will strengthen and make innovations in social governance.

  We will make innovations in the methods of social governance. We adhere to prevention first, highlight the governance of the source, strengthen emergency prevention and disposal, and solve all kinds of contradictions and problems. We will conduct 3-zero activities in public complaits filed through letters and visits, develop online handing system, and promote to resolve these conflicts. We will simprove the effectiveness of people’s mediation. We will improve law-oriented governance system in grassroots, strengthen the connection between communities, social organizaions, and social affair workers, support the participation of organizations such as trade unions, communist youth leagues, women's federations in social governance, and promote governments to purchase services from social organizations. We will prudently promote to transfer townships into towns and towns into subdistricts. We will make intensive efforts to increase awareness of the rule of the law, and deepen Law Popularities into 7 Places. We will increase the education of core socialist values.

  We will promote further the construction of “Safe Sichuan”. We will improve three-dimensional public security prevention and control system, strengthen countering terrorism, riots and separatists, and crack down all types of criminal activities in accordance with the law. We will focus on the supervision on public security such as explosions, roads, transportations, fires and so on, and intensify the fight against drugs and AIDS. We will continue to crack down and manage illegal behaviors, carry out special safety management, and resolutely curb the appearance of serious accidents. We will implement the most strict supervision on food and drug safety, and investigate and punish violations. We will strengthen earthquake, meteorological, and hydrological monitoring forecast and warning of geological disasters, and effectively prevent and respond to major natural disasters.

  We will faithfully implement the Party's policies concerning ethnic groups and promote the law-oriented governance of religions work. We will strengthen national defense mobilization and the reserve forces, support the reform of national defense and the armed forces, and implement civil air defense. We will actively develop children, women and the aging care, continue to provide good services for overseas Chinese affairs, press, publication, radio, film, television, statistics, archives, local annals, counselors, literature and history.

  Fellow Deputies,

  We are deeply conscious that people have high expectations on government work. In 2016, we will concentrate on law-based government administration, transform our functions, improve efficiency, and strengthen the construction of law-oriented government and service-oriented government. We will strictly push to advance law-based government administration. We will bring government work into line with the rule of law and fulfill comprehensively responsibilities. We will enforce the decisions of Sichuan Provincial People's Congress and the Standing Committee, and actively accept oversight from Sichuan Provincial People's Congress in working and law, and accept the domestic oversight of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. We will strengthen administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation. We will improve government legislative consultation mechanism, and ensure the close docking between legislative decisions and reform decisions. We will strengthen the construction of think tanks, improve decision-making consulting system and government legislative consulting system, enhance the lifelong responsibility resourcing and checking mechanism for major administrative decisions, and ensure that decisions are made in a sound and democratic way. We will strengthen and improve enforcement supervision and regulate strictly enforcement in a just and civil way. We will fully put into practice transparency in government affairs and information in order to better accept oversight from people. We will deepen reform treamlining administration, delegating more powers to lower-level governments, combining streamlining and management together, optimizing services, continue to sort out administrative approval items, enlarge the achievements of streamlining items in 5 aspects, further optimize the responsibilities and power lists of provincial, municipal and county level, thoroughly implement business license first and relevant permissions second, and strengthen procure regulations. We will vigorously promote “Internet Plus Government Services”, establish and manage provincial government cloud platforms, and complete fundamentally a unified and standard public resource trading market system. We will strengthen government’s administrative capacity. We will strengthen government supervision and efficiency oversight, introduce third-party evaluations, resolutely eliminate irresponsible behaviors in government, punish those who are indolent, sloppy or neglectful of their duties, and ensure the comprehensive implementation of decisions and deployments of the Central Committee of the CPC and Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC as well the settlement of measures and polices. We will enhance working styles, put into practice of Three Stricts and Three Steadies, make persistent efforts to fight formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance, and resolutely build a clean government, and fight corruption. We will strictly establish the responsibility system for improving Party conduct, settle Party conduct improvement into all circles of government work, and strive to make self-discipline and probity become an unconscious behavior for every government work staff. We will exercise government power in accordance with the law, highlight the supervision of power exercising on major fields, major links and important positions, give full play the functions of administrative supervision, audit supervision, and social supervision, and make people feel integrity and probity in government construction and work.

  Fellow Deputies!

  Sichuan is standing on a new historical starting point. Let us rally closely around the Party Central Commitee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, steadfastly under the lead of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, closely depend on all our people, work together to break new ground, work hard, and endeavor to accomplish this year’s objectives of “Two Leapfrog Developments”.

  Term Explanations and Illustrations

  1. Three Periods Superimposed: Changing period of economic growth rate, difficult period of structural adjustments and absorption period of previous economic stimulus policies.

  2. Four Rivers and Six Ports: the Yangtze River, Minjiang River, Jialing River, Qujiang River, Luzhou Port, Yibin Port, Leshan Port, Guang'an Port, Nanchong Port and Guangyuan Port.

  3.“4+1” Combination Policies: strengthening the management of resource element price, strengthening and improving investment promotion, further solving the difficulty and cost for companies in financing, expanding marketing and enlarging Sichuan products, and comprehensively implementing new policies in real estate.

  4. “7+7+5” Industries: 7 advantageous industries, 7 strategic emerging industries and 5 high-end growing industries.

  5. “251 Three-Year Action Plan”: Based on “One Belt and One Road” strategy, Sichuan will focus on 20 countries to conduct further and indepth expansion, select 50 major projects to promote, and select 100 advantageous companies to lead and form demonstration in order to comprehensively enhance the economic and trade cooperation level between Sichuan and countries along the Silk Road.

  6. China and Russia “Two Rivers”: Russian Volga River Federal Districts and the upstream regions of the Yangtze River of China.

  7. 10 Projects to Improve People's Standards of Living: Employment promotion, poverty alleviation, assistance for minority regions, assistance in education, social security, health care, people’s housing, people’s livelihood infrastructure, ecological environment and cultural and sports projects.

  8. Law Popularities into 7 Places: Advocating law in Party and government organs, schools, villages, communities, temples, companies and units.

  9. 3 Trials in Community Construction: the trials of community public service comprehensive information platforms, the trials of negotiation between urban and rural communities and the trial of rural community construction.

  10. Four Comprehensives: Comprehensively finishing building a moderately well-being society in all aspects, comprehensively deepening reform, comprehensively implementing the rule of law and comprehensively strengthening Party discipline.

  11. “Single Window” System for International Trade: Parties involving in international trade and transportation provide standard information and documents to single platforms in order to meet the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and management.

  12. 1000 Sichuan Companies Traveling the Silk Road: Sichuan will every year organize about 1,000 companies to the key regions of “One Belt and One Road”, including Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Central and East Europe and so on, to develop trade and investment promotion activities.

  13. “111” Projects: Sichuan will initiate 100 cooperation projects of major international productivity, create 10 cooperation demonstration bases of major productivity, and drive the exports of Sichuan equipment and other products amounting to 10 billion US dollars by 2020 during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period.

  14. “6 Corridors, 6 Roads, and Multiple Countries Ports”: Channeling 6 corridors including New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, China-Mongolia-Russia, China-Central Asia-West Asia, China-Indo-China Peninsula, China-Pakistan, Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor, promote the interconnection and linkage of railway, highway, water way, aviation, pipeline, and information expressway, and foster a number of fulcrum counties and ports among counties along “One Belt and One Road”.

  15. Ten Railways: In the north direction, Chengdu-Dazhou-Beijing railway, Chengdu-Xi'an-Beijing Railway, in the west direction, Chengdu-Central and Western Asia Railway via Xining and Lanzhou, Chengdu-Western Asia railway via Golmud, Chengdu-South Asia railway via Lhasa, in south direction, Chengdu-Southeast Asia railway via Yibin and Panzhihua, Chengdu-the Pearl River Delta railway via Guiyang, and in east direction, Chengdu-the Yangtze River Delta railway via Chongqing. 

  16. “2+2” Cooperation between China and America: Initiating and developing “Washington State + University of Washington” and “Sichuan Province and Tsinghua University” cooperation modes in fields such as climate smart and low carbon city construction.

  17. “3+10” Targeted Measures: one plan, one measure and one decision for poverty alleviation and 10 specific schemes for poverty alleviation in infrastructure, new villages, industries, capacities, ecology, health care, cultural benefit, social security, social poverty alleviation, and financing.

  18. Six Precisions: Sichuan should have precise targets, projects, fund location, measures to households, appointments and effectiveness in poverty alleviation.

  19. Five Batches: Sichuan will reduce the number of poor people through supporting producing and employment, migranting and moving, subsistence allowances, medical care and assistance, and post-disaster reconstruction.

  20. 6 Livelihood Project Plans in Sichuan Tibetan Region: new housing construction plan, education revitalization plan, medical care enhancement plan, social security improvement plan, cultural development prosperity plan and poverty alleviation plan.

  21. “10 Poverty Alleviation Projects” in Sichuan Yi-minority Region: Sichuan will the constructions of Yi-style new villages, rural roads, irrigation and water conservancy, education, vocational skill training, special industries fostering, new type agricultural operation main bodies, services, health and hygiene improvement, and modern civilization popularity in 13 counties (districts) of Yi-minority regions of Daliang Mountain and Xiaoliang Mountain.

  22. 5 Projects Aiming to Improve Urban and Rural Environment: Long-term management project for rural living wastes, specific treatment project of rural sewage, construction and management improvement project for rural houses, renovation project for rural environment, and control project for rural non-point source pollution.

  23. “1 City and 6 Zones” of Tianfu New District: Tianfu New City, Chengdu-Meishan Strategic Emerging Industrial Function Zone, Shuangliu High-Tech Industrial Function Zone, Longquan High-end Manufacturing Function Zone, Chengdu Scientific City, Southern Special Advantageous Industrial Function Zone, “Two Lakes and One Mountain” International Tourism Cultural Function Zone.

  24. 3-Zero Activities in public complaits filed through letters and visits: zero unusual appeal to Beijing, zero appeal for help to Beijing with higher ranks, zero collective appeal to provincial level.

  25. “Streamlining, Management and Services”: Streamlining administration, delegating more powers to lower-level governments, combining streamlining and management together, optimizing services.

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