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Sichuan's Banking Industry Takes the Lead in Multiple Indicators across Central and Western China

On February 4, information from the Sichuan Branch of the National Financial Regulatory Administration revealed that, by the end of 2023, Sichuan's banking industry boasted respective balances of 15.46 trillion yuan in assets, 14.91 trillion yuan in liabilities, 11.90 trillion yuan in deposits, and 10.64 trillion yuan in loans. These figures represented increases of 11.82%, 11.86%, 10.44%, and 14.56% since the start of the year. These substantial accomplishments have positioned the province's banking sector seventh in the national ranking and first in central and western China by scale. Notably, the province's banking industry distinguished itself with the highest loan growth rate in the country. The insurance industry in Sichuan reported total assets amounting to 624.729 billion yuan, with original premium income reaching 248.351 billion yuan and payouts tallying 97.449 billion yuan. These figures represented year-on-year increases of 9.37%, 8.08%, and 27.57% respectively. Moreover, the industry provided risk guarantees of 1,090.08 trillion yuan. Insurance fund investments in Sichuan have escalated to 585.3 billion yuan, positioning the province as the sixth-largest in terms of premium volume across the nation.

The banking industry in Sichuan remains committed to advancing scientific and technological finance, green finance, inclusive finance, finance for the aging population, and digital finance. As of the end of 2023, banking and insurance institutions in the province had launched over 40 scientific and technological financial products, such as "Keyirong" and "Science and Technology Innovation E-Loan". Over the year, more than 18,000 science and technology firms benefited from credit facilities, resulting in an 18.32% surge in the total loan amount provided to these enterprises. The province has insured the highest number of enterprises with policies specifically designed for their inaugural piece or set of equipment or initial batch of products. The province saw a 39.68% growth in the balance of green loans within its banking sector from the year's onset. Enterprises throughout Sichuan purchased environmental pollution liability insurance products on 1,149 occasions, with risk guarantees reaching 4.893 billion yuan. Banking and insurance institutions in the province have shown avid support for the country's pivot towards peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, with the corresponding loan balance in these areas escalating by 48.44% when measured against early-year figures. Throughout the past year, the growth of the inclusive small and micro-enterprise loan balance continued to outpace that of other loan offerings. The number of accounts carrying a loan balance continued to grow with a loan balance rate of surpassing 25%. The long-term care insurance pilot program in Chengdu has delivered significant benefits, reaching approximately 2.88 million person-times and amassing a fund of nearly 2.4 billion yuan. Guomin Pension's branch in Sichuan has successfully initiated operations, introducing 19 personal pension insurance products and 21 commercial pension products. Furthermore, large banks operating within the province have released 37 iterations of pension-focused wealth management products. Chengdu's designated pension savings deposit pilot has also seen substantial participation, with over 8 billion yuan in deposits. Sichuan has pioneered the payment of agricultural insurance indemnity via the social security card system. Efforts to forge ahead with the Chengdu-Chongqing collaboration for building a pilot demonstration zone aimed at enhancing new citizen financial services have been underway. This collaboration has facilitated the establishment of specialized zones for new citizens on platforms such as "Tianfu Credit" and "Tianfu Citizen Cloud" while also advancing the upgrading and expansion of the consumer complaints hotline "12378".

In addition, the province's banking industry has spearheaded initiatives to serve the rural revitalization strategy. By the end of 2023, the province had seen a positive increase in the agricultural-related loan balance for 36 quarters. The agricultural-related loan balance and inclusive agricultural-related loan balance had respectively grown by 17.96% and 19.45%. The average loan-deposit ratio at the county level has exceeded 70%. The insured amount and the indemnity payout in agricultural insurance have risen by 13.24% and 18.76% year-on-year respectively. The insurance industry has launched a unified live pig insurance product "Chuanzhubao", with the insurance payout increasing by 48.81% year-on-year. The banking industry has also actively contributed to the establishment of a higher-level "granary of heaven" for the new era. Loan balances in major grain-producing counties have seen an annual growth of 17.07%, and legal person banking institutions have expanded their loan balances in major grain sectors by 52.01% since the start of 2023.

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