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Wang Xiaohui Inspects Ya'an City

Wang Xiaohui inspects Tianquan County Modern Agricultural Park of Aquatic Products on February 22.

From February 22 to 23, Wang Xiaohui, Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial People's Congress, made an inspection tour to Ya'an City. He stressed the need to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on Sichuan's government work and the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, focus on economic development as the central task and high-quality development as the primary task, thoroughly implement the development strategy of the provincial Party committee, set clear goals, make greater efforts, ensure a good start in the first quarter, and seek new and greater results in high-quality development.

Only by working hard can we welcome the spring of success early. Only by striving in the prime of youth can we achieve our ideals and values. Now that half of the first quarter has passed, Wang is concerned about the progress of the annual goals and tasks in all localities. Upon arriving in Ya'an, Wang listened to the report on the setting of economic development goals and tasks for the whole year of the city and the promotion of work in the first quarter. He affirmed the local practice of promoting industrial development through implementing projects. He said that the first quarter is the weather vane of the whole year's economic development, and a good start is crucial to stabilizing social expectations, boosting development confidence and enhancing development momentum. To achieve the clearly-defined goals and tasks of this year, the key is to promote development with fighting spirit and solid efforts. All localities should strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, highlight the theme of high-quality development, seize all favorable opportunities, make full use of all advantages, focus on goals and tasks, and do their best to develop economy, so as to ensure a good start in the first quarter.

Wang Xiaohui inspects Ya'an Tea Factory in Yucheng District of Ya'an City on February 22.

Since industry is the basis of development, we must consolidate the industrial foundation for high-quality development. In Ya'an Big Data Industrial Park, Wang listened carefully to the introduction of Ya'an's promotion of new industrialization and "intelligent and digital transformation" of manufacturing industry. He had a detailed understanding of the development of big data industry at the showroom and data center of the park. He said that the "First Session of the Spring Festival" of the provincial Party committee has made a comprehensive plan for "intelligent and digital transformation" of manufacturing, aiming to accelerate the development of new productive forces and provide strong support for high-quality development. With unique location advantages, resource endowments and development foundation, Ya'an should seize the great opportunity of the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and the strategic opportunity of the national "East-to-West Computing Resource Transfer" project, and integrate into the national hub of Chengdu-Chongqing area in the national integrated computing network. It should attract more large and good projects to strengthen and supplement industrial chains, pay more attention to return on investment and quality benefits, accelerate the construction of big data industry base in Chengdu-Chongqing area, and energize industrial transformation and upgrading through developing computing power, so as to steadily foster new growth drivers and new strengths. In Ya'an Tea Factory of Yucheng District, Wang carefully watched the display of Tibetan tea products and asked about the craftsmanship, production, sales and brand building of Tibetan tea. He encouraged enterprises to make overall plans for developing tea culture, tea industry and tea technology, ensure product quality, strengthen brand publicity, and spread good stories, in a bid to advance the high-quality development of the tea industry. The Tianquan County Modern Agricultural Park of Aquatic Products has achieved remarkable results in developing the whole industry chain of sturgeon breeding. Wang came here to learn about the development process of the park, inspect the fish pond along the plank road, and understand the situation of sturgeon breeding, product processing and market sales. Wang appreciated that the caviar produced and sold by the park accounted for more than 10% of the global market, which has increased the income of surrounding residents. He called for more efforts to improve quality, establish brands and expand market presence to make this characteristic industry bigger, better and stronger. He also requested relevant parties to establish a perfect mechanism of cooperating with farmers and driving their development, so that local people can gain more benefits from industrial development.

Wang Xiaohui inspects Xueshan Village, Muping Town, Baoxing County on February 23.

Ecological environment is the foundation of high-quality development. Baoxing County is the scientific discovery site of the first giant panda in the world. Wang came to the Panda International Original Discovery Camp in Fengtongzhai Township, where he inspected the real-scene creation of camp businesses, and learned about the origin of giant panda culture and the implementation of science popularization education. He also listened to the report on ecological environment protection and ecological value transformation and utilization in Ya'an area of Giant Panda National Park, and supervised the rectification of problems found in the ecological environment. He stressed the need to develop economy while protecting the ecological environment, establish the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and make good use of the name card of giant pandas. He also requested relevant parties to build the Giant Panda National Park with high quality, create an important destination for giant panda cultural tourism, promote the rectification of problems found in the ecological environment, and support high-quality development with high-quality ecological environment. Multiple earthquakes have caused serious damage to the geological environment of mountains around Baoxing County and high risks of geological disasters. As a response, functional dispersal is carried out in an orderly manner. In Xueshan Village, Muping Town, Wang overlooked the county seat and surrounding mountain collapses, learned about the risk control of geological disasters, ecological restoration and resident relocation in high-risk areas, and inquired in detail about the progress of functional dispersal in the county. He urged relevant parties to make scientific plans and rational arrangements, strengthen supporting functions, pay attention to city-industry integration, and better develop economy and benefit the people while implementing functional dispersal.

During the inspection, Wang also visited the Memorial Hall of the Red Army Crossing the Jiajin Mountain during the Long March. Through the exhibition of cultural relics and historical materials, he learned in detail about the arduous times and fighting process of the Red Army crossing the Jiajin Mountain, and guided efforts to carry forward the great spirit of the Long March and propel the inheritance and development of red culture. He stressed the need to make good use of patriotism education demonstration bases, educate and guide officials and the masses to carry forward the revolutionary tradition and enhance their fighting spirit, and continuously seek new progress in various undertakings while overcoming challenges.

Provincial officials Chen Wei and Tian Qingying, as well as heads of relevant provincial departments were also on the inspection tour.

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