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Six Measures Introduced to Make Consumption Payment More Convenient for Foreigners in Sichuan

Recently, Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance and Sichuan Branch of the People's Bank of China issued Several Measures to Enhance Consumption Payment Facilitation for Foreigners in Sichuan, proposing strong support in six aspects.

In terms of expanding overseas card acceptance merchants, we will support more merchants in the province's business districts, pedestrian streets, tourist attractions, airports, stations and other places where foreigners consume to accept POS payment from overseas cards. Those who add or upgrade overseas card POS machines for merchants will be given a financial subsidy equal to 50% of the costs of each device and its operation and maintenance, but not more than 800 yuan.

In terms of reducing the service charges for swiping overseas cards, comprehensive inspections will be carried out on existing overseas card acceptance merchants in the province to ensure smooth payment; corresponding subsidies will be given to merchants whose service charges for swiping overseas cards are higher than those of the same bank in China.

In terms of supporting the development of mobile payment, we will promote payment service entities to simplify the registration and authentication process, enable domestic e-wallets to be bundled with overseas bank cards, overseas wallets and Cloud QuickPass E-Money Card for mobile payment on merchants' terminals, and facilitate foreigners to make QR code-based payment in small amounts and convenience scenarios.

In terms of improving account services for inbound people, we will promote the easy account opening for foreigners entering Sichuan, and realize the rapid processing of online appointments, electronic forms filling, name list screening, system approval and other procedures for them. Banks will be supported to extend account services at entry and exit ports.

In terms of optimizing the environment for cash use, financial institutions will be supported to speed up the construction of foreign currency exchange points and the installation of self-service exchange machines in airports, foreign-related hotels, key business districts and famous scenic spots across the province. In the form of "wallet", we will provide social business entities with services such as currency exchange and recovery of damaged currency, and encourage them to put up signs welcoming cash payment.

In terms of strengthening publicity and guidance, we will set up regular publicity points in key foreign-related areas, entry and exit ports and international flights to Sichuan, distribute financial service brochures for foreigners entering Sichuan, and present the use procedures, transaction limits and FAQs of mobile payment from overseas cards.

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