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Sichuan's FDI Amount, with a Year-on-Year Increase of 5.2%, Ranks 1st in Central and Western China

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Sichuan's foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2022 totaled 3.53 billion U.S. dollars (23.03 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 5.2%. The amount hit a record high and ranked first in the central and western regions.

Data show that in 2022, Sichuan's paid-in FDI accounted for 32.2% of the total in the 12 provincial-level regions of western China. The growth rate of the paid-in FDI in the province's manufacturing and high-tech industries is higher than that in the whole country. The paid-in FDI in the former grew by 59.5% and that in the latter rose by 34.37%, 13.4 and 6.1 percentage points higher than that of the country respectively.

Major projects became an important driving force for Sichuan's FDI. Since 2022, some major projects have been signed, implemented or put into construction in Sichuan, including the full life-cycle services for aircraft of the French company Airbus S.A.S., with an investment of six billion yuan, and the production base of Thailand's TCP Group in Neijiang, with an investment of two billion yuan. Besides, some projects invested in Sichuan by such companies as Yihai Kerry Arawana Holdings Co, Ltd. of Singapore and Emerson of the United States have achieved a capital increase.

According to the relevant head of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Economic Cooperation, Sichuan achieved practical results in foreign investment attraction in 2022, with the focus on three key fields. The first field lies in the main development direction of the manufacturing industry to attract foreign investment. Sichuan reinforced and upgraded the weak links in the industrial chains and extended the industrial chains for enterprises in the key links, thus attracting a number of Fortune 500 companies to set up branches/offices or ramp up investment in the province. The second key field is services and safeguards for foreign-funded enterprises. The province designated service specialists for 156 leading enterprises in the key links of the industrial chains to actively respond to the impacts of high temperatures, drought and the epidemic, and made new progress in improving the investment environment. The third key field lies in improving the foreign investment policy system. While deeply implementing the 33 national measures to maintain the stability of the economy, Sichuan adopted some supporting measures to keep foreign investment stable based on the provincial government's policies to stabilize the economy, making new breakthroughs in the leading and motivating roles. In addition, a provincial-level working mechanism for foreign investment has been established for the first time, and 17 provincial departments have set up task forces for Sichuan's foreign investment work, forming a synergy for the work in the whole province.

In 2023, with the theme of the "Year of Making Breakthroughs in Attracting Major Foreign Investment Projects", Sichuan will attract a number of landmark foreign investment projects and some small and medium foreign investment projects with high technology, promote the efficient implementation of foreign investment projects and the high-quality development of foreign-funded enterprises, and further enhance the popularity of the province in terms of investment in western China.

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