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Wang Xiaohui Chairs 2022 Sichuan Provincial Plenary Sessions of General River Chiefs and on Forest Chief Scheme

On the afternoon of September 28, Wang Xiaohui, Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, General River Chief of Sichuan Province, and General Forest Chief of Sichuan Province, presided over and addressed the 2022 Sichuan Provincial Plenary Session of General River Chiefs and Sichuan Provincial Plenary Session on Forest Chief Scheme. He stressed the importance to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important statements on the work related to rivers, lakes, forests and grasslands, strengthen the awareness of the upstream, assume the responsibility of the upstream, coordinate the work of the river and lake chief scheme and the forest chief scheme, and continuously improve the ecological appearance of the Land of Abundance.  

Huang Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, Governor of the People's Government of Sichuan Province, General River Chief of Sichuan Province, and General Forest Chief of Sichuan Province, attended the sessions and delivered a speech. Tian Xiangli, Chairman of the CPPCC Sichuan Provincial Committee, attended the sessions.  

Attendees thoroughly studied General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discourses on the work regarding rivers, lakes, forests and grasslands in recent years, heard the report on the progress of the river and lake chief scheme and the forest chief scheme and the relevant key work in Sichuan Province, affirmed the achievements made by the province in fully implementing the two schemes since this year, and made arrangements for the next step.  

At the meeting, it was noted that we should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, and earnestly enhance the consciousness of thoughts and actions to implement the two schemes. Since the Party's 18th National Congress, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has made unprecedented efforts to advance ecological conservation. Notably, the Party attaches great importance to the systems and considers them a guarantee for consolidating the foundations of the Party's governance, and maintaining long-term development. The full implementation of the river and lake chief scheme and the forest chief scheme is an important institutional arrangement. General Secretary Xi Jinping's important statements on river and lake work and forest and grassland work have charted the way forward and provided us fundamental guidelines for better implementing the two schemes. Located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, Sichuan shoulders the major responsibility of safeguarding national ecological security. When General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Sichuan for inspection, he made important instructions and clear requirements for the ecological conservation in the province, which are an accurate analysis and strong guidance for the related work in Sichuan. All localities and departments in the province should thoroughly study and understand those instructions and requirements, always maintain strategic focus, adhere to the problem-oriented approach, strengthen systematic governance, promote the overall improvement of the quality of natural ecosystems and the comprehensive enhancement of the supply capacity of ecological products, and strive to make Sichuan's sky bluer, land greener and water clearer.  

At the meeting, it was required that we should uphold the comprehensive governance of water resources, environment and ecology to ensure the sustainable flow of lucid water in the rivers. We should manage and utilize water resources well, strengthen rigid constraints on water resources, scientifically plan the layout of water productivity, comprehensively promote the reform of water rights and prices, and push ahead with the sustainable use of water resources. We should effectively dispatch and distribute the water volume of major rivers and reservoirs to ensure the safe and stable power and water supply this winter and next spring. We should improve the water environment in an all-round way, resolutely address the problems found by the central inspections on ecological and environmental protection as well as the prominent ecological and environmental problems in the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Yellow River Basin, consolidate and improve the effectiveness of governance in key basins, deepen the treatment of rural domestic sewage and the improvement of the living environment, and further promote the overall improvement of water quality. We should continue to restore the water ecology, carry out regular and standardized combat against illegal riverway occupation, sand excavation, piling of waste and construction, strictly implement the fishing ban system in the Yangtze River Basin, promote the protection of aquatic biological resources and the ecological restoration of water areas, and consolidate and improve the quality of water ecosystems. We should accelerate the construction of major water conservancy projects and comprehensively improve the water security guarantee capability. We should always pay close attention to flood control and disaster reduction to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.  

At the meeting, it was underscored that we should strengthen the protection, restoration, development and utilization of forest and grassland resources to achieve the synergy of ecological and economic benefits. We should strictly protect and manage forest and grassland resources, scientifically promote land greening, carry out afforestation according to local conditions, strictly control the development and utilization of basic grasslands, strengthen the ecological restoration and management of degraded grasslands, crack down on criminal acts of destroying forest and grassland resources, and firmly guard the red line of ecological safety. We should strengthen the unified and standardized management of nature reserves, build the Giant Panda National Park with high quality, accelerate the construction of the Ruo'ergai National Park, and strictly protect wildlife and wetland resources. We should facilitate the realization of the value of forest and grassland ecological products in an orderly manner, accelerate the development of characteristic forest and grassland industries, promote the development and trading of forest and grassland carbon sink projects, and strive to promote the transformation of forest and grassland industries to major industries with significant resources and high efficiency. We should never relax our efforts to prevent and extinguish fire in forests and grasslands in autumn and winter, and resolutely prevent and contain major and serious fire disasters. We should prevent and control diseases, pests and invasive species in forests and grasslands to effectively protect forest and grassland resources.  

At the meeting, it was highlighted that the core of the river and lake chief scheme and the forest chief scheme is the responsibility system. Everyone should be clear about their own specific responsibility, so that water and forests can be governed and conserved. We should work hard to fulfill our responsibilities. Sichuan Provincial Office of River Chief Scheme, Sichuan Provincial Office of Forest Chief Scheme should strengthen overall planning and coordination, relevant provincial departments should cooperate closely and support each other, and all localities should strengthen work guarantee. River and lake chiefs and forest chiefs at all levels should regularly patrol rivers, lakes and forests to promote the implementation of decisions and plans and achieve expected results. It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, vigorously create a good atmosphere for the participation of the whole society, and continuously write a new chapter of a beautiful Sichuan.  

Attendees included provincial river, lake and forest chiefs, as well as heads from Sichuan Provincial Office of General River Chiefs, Sichuan Provincial Office of Forest Chief Scheme, their member units and provincial departments.

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