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Implementation Plan for Building International Consumption Destinations with Bashu Characteristics Released

With the approval of Chongqing Municipal People's Government and the People's Government of Sichuan Province, the Implementation Plan for Building International Consumption Destinations with Bashu Characteristics has been issued recently. The plan proposes that by 2025, the two provincial-level regions will foster a new pattern of common development with the two cores of Chongqing's main urban area and Chengdu, as well as multiple regional and sub-regional consumption centers, and build international consumption destinations with high quality, sound functions and distinctive characteristics that are based in southwest China, and serving China and the world.

In order to achieve the goals, the plan defines 22 main tasks in nine aspects. We will build a region-wide linkage system of Bashu consumption, core carriers of international consumption, and regional consumption center cities. Efforts will be made to highlight the name brands of "Chongqing Landscape, Chongqing Fashion, Chongqing Food, Chongqing Night View and Chongqing Healthcare", as well as "Chengdu Leisure, Chengdu Consumption, Chengdu Creation and Chengdu Service", and promote the main urban area of Chongqing and Chengdu to become the core carriers of international consumption destinations that gather competitive product at home and abroad, lead fashion consumption trends and attract global consumers. 

We will improve the core platforms of Bashu consumption, build world-renowned business districts, night consumption clusters and characteristic consumption clusters, and promote the innovation of business types, facility transformation, brand agglomeration and functional upgrading of business districts, such as Jiefangbei-Chaotianmen in Chongqing and Chunxi Road-Taikoo Li in Chengdu, to build world-renowned 100- billion-yuan business districts with global influence and reputation; encourage eligible areas in Sichuan and Chongqing to create characteristic night scenes such as "3D Mountain City", "Light & Shadow River City" and "Charming Bridge Capital", promote characteristic brands of night consumption, and create cities' name brands of "Sleepless Chongqing" and "Tianfu Night Economy". 

We will upgrade Bashu consumption quality, develop international consumption, retail of competitive products and characteristic stores, support the opening of new duty-free shops in eligible areas, and further expand the scale of departure tax refund blocks on Jiefangbei and Chunxi Road; support the introduction of brands' first stores, high-end customization stores, cross-border integration stores and cross-border e-commerce experience stores, and facilitate the launch and debut of competitive consumer products. 

We will strengthen the characteristic brands of Bashu consumption, build an international food center, an international convention and exhibition center and an international fashion center, enhance Sichuan cuisine brands and Chongqing cuisine, create a food brand of "Sichuan cuisine & Chongqing flavor", hold "Sichuan cuisine gathering" and "Sichuan delicacies" national and global tour activities, and cultivate and promote the brand of "Tianfu famous dish". 

We will push ahead with the innovation and upgrading of Bashu consumption, develop digital information consumption, accelerate the transformation and development of retail, innovate new consumption platforms, and build a number of information consumption experience centers; actively spur green consumption, and encourage enterprises' efforts to meet national, industrial and local standards such as green shopping malls, green restaurants, diamond-level restaurants and star-level tourism restaurants; and build a number of key online goods production bases and livestreaming bases in the places of origin. 

We will cultivate well-known Bashu consumption enterprises, develop high-level headquarters economy, cultivate and expand local enterprises, and strengthen the cultivation of leading retail enterprises; and encourage local enterprises to actively create high-end regional quality brands of "Chongqing premium products" and "Tianfu famous products". 

We will develop Bashu consumption characteristic industries, promote the development of consumer goods industry clusters, promote products "made in Sichuan and Chongqing" to be marketed in the world, boost industry clusters of electronic information and green food and beverage, and emerging consumer goods industries such as characteristic consumer goods, fashionable consumer goods and exquisite high-end consumer goods; and move faster to upgrade the R&D and manufacturing of the automobile industry in Sichuan and Chongqing, and build a world-class automobile industry cluster. 

We will facilitate the integrated development of Bashu culture and tourism consumption, enhance the brands of culture, sports, and tourism, build Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor, and support Chengdu, Sichuan and Rongchang District, Chongqing to build national sports consumption pilot cities; and fully tap world-class cultural resources such as ancient Shu civilization, Bayu culture, Three Gorges culture and Three Kingdoms culture to create a number of high-quality tourism routes. 

We will optimize the international environment of Bashu consumption, and explore the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system for the consumption environment; seek to develop a system of returning characteristic tourism commodities for no reason; regulate the development of consumer finance, and steadily develop financial products and services that adapt to the new consumption trend under the premise of controllable risks and sustainable business.

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