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Sichuan’s FDI in 2021 Remains First in Central and Western Regions

    From January to December 2021, Sichuan's foreign direct investment (FDI) ranked 10th in China and 1st in the central and western regions, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce.
    Relevant data show that Sichuan's FDI reached a record high of USD 3,361 million in 2021, up 31.99% year on year. The growth rate was 11.82 percentage points higher than the national average when calculated as US dollars.
    In terms of investment structure, FDI in the manufacturing industry and high-tech industry saw a year-on-year increase of 52% and 25.47% respectively, accounting for 35.76% of the whole province, of which the high-tech manufacturing industry increased by 108.74% year on year, indicating the overall structure was further optimized.
    In terms of project support, FDI in 23 major foreign-funded projects such as Yabao New Era Lithium Battery Material Factory reached USD 2,638 million, accounting for 79.83% of the whole province. Among them, FDI in 14 projects, such as the Asia-pacific Headquarters Project of Monolithic Power System Inc. based in Chengdu, exceeded USD 50 million, indicating the prominent supporting role of major projects.
    It is worth mentioning that Sichuan Province has seen a dramatic increase in FDI in 2021. In 2021, Sichuan Province has promoted an additional investment in about 250 foreign-funded projects, with a year-on-year increase of 156.35% in contractual foreign investment and a year-on-year increase of 121.56% in foreign direct investment. Among them, 10 projects such as additional investment in the Hydrogen Fuel for Commercial Vehicle of South Korean Hyundai Motor Group increased more than USD 50 million.

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