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Sichuan Releases New Measures on Food Security

  Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently announced that it would catalyze the promotion of the quality commitment certificate system.

  This upgrading will focus on regulating certificate issuing, equalizing efforts to promote the system in different areas, and intensifying administration. In comparison to the Edible Agricultural Product Quality Certificate on trial starting in 2019, the Quality Commitment Certificate highlights "quality satisfaction" and "commitment". Regarding quality satisfaction, relevant parties need to present their measures to guarantee food security during production and prove that agricultural products with the certificate reach the national food security standards. Regarding the commitment, relevant parties need to clearly state their commitments, the bases of such commitments, and corresponding responsibilities. For instance, they should promise not to use prohibited pesticides and veterinary drugs, stop using veterinary drugs and illegal additives, keep the residues of conventional pesticides and veterinary drugs within the limit, and be responsible for the authenticity of promises.

  Next, Sichuan will "ask producers of agricultural products and users of pesticides and veterinary drugs to make commitments and issue the Quality Commitment Certificate", which is expected to be used as the evidence for quality and safety. Meanwhile, the province plans to build an inspection system concerning farmer's markets, wholesale markets, and supermarkets, making producers voluntarily issue such a certificate. Issuers, who have made a quality commitment but failed to reach the standards, or counterfeited a Quality Commitment Certificate, will be punished according to the law and included in the "key monitoring list" and "blacklist" concerning quality and safety of agricultural producers.

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