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Sichuan Vegetable Output Value to Reach 350 Billion Yuan by 2025

  By 2025, the vegetable planting area in Sichuan will reach 29 million mu (1.93 million hectares), with a total output value of 350 billion yuan. On November 18, at the video conference on the development of the Sichuan vegetable industry and the stable production and supply of "vegetable basket" (non-staple food supply) program products, Sichuan proposed a "roadmap" for the development of the Sichuan vegetable industry in the next five years. Wang Fei, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial People's Congress and provincial head of Sichuan vegetable industry, presided over the conference. Yao Sidan, Vice Governor of the People's Government of Sichuan Province, attended and addressed the conference.

  The conference conveyed the guiding principles of the video conference on the stable production and supply of vegetable basket program products in large- and medium-sized cities across the country. It stressed that Sichuan is an important production area of winter and spring vegetables and a major production base of the "South-North Vegetable Transport Project". Sichuan vegetables have made the largest contribution to helping farmers increase income in the province's primary industry. Vegetables constitute an important part of the vegetable basket program products, concerning the people's well-being. All localities and departments must have a deep understanding of the importance of promoting the development of the Sichuan vegetable industry and the stable production and supply of vegetable basket program products, implement a package of strategies to enhance the influence of Sichuan vegetables, and stabilize the market supply of vegetables during this winter, next spring, New Year's Day and Spring Festival.

  Regarding the development of Sichuan vegetable industry, we should build on the Chengdu-Chongqing modern high-efficiency characteristic agricultural industrial belt, accelerate the construction of the agricultural park, maintain the planting area, improve the processing technology, increase logistics facilities, enhance the industrial influence, improve quality and efficiency, and focus on industrial integration. Ultimately, the focus of the Sichuan vegetable industry should be shifted from production scale to product quality while accelerating the integrated development of the entire industry chain of Sichuan vegetables.

  In terms of stable production and supply of vegetable basket program products, we must strictly implement the mayor's responsibility system of vegetable basket program to maintain the planting area, yield and quality. We must strengthen production guidance to facilitate vegetable production and transportation. We need to strengthen the connection between production and sales, and establish a sound mechanism to coordinate the off-season and peak-season reserves of vegetables. In response to the possible adverse effects of La Nina phenomenon on production, we must enhance early warning and forecasting to ensure the basic life of urban low-income groups.

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