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Sichuan Province Launched Procedures for Applying the “1000 Talents Program” of Sichuan and the “10,000 Talents Program of Tianfu”

  To implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Provincial Committee of the CPC, promote the high-quality development of Sichuan, and strengthen the support of intellectuals and talents, Sichuan Province has launched simultaneously the procedures for applying the “1000 Talents Program” of Sichuan and the “10,000 Talents Program of Tianfu” in 2018 for the first time.

  The application of the “1000 Talents Program” of Sichuan Province is to focus on major strategic deployments such as “one main area and multiple auxiliaries, and coordinated development among the five areas”, and “four-direction expansion, and across-the-board opening-up”. It will target “high-end talents who are in urgent need”, and introduce a number of high-level talents and entrepreneurial teams for innovations, their introduction can help break through key technologies, develop emerging industries, and lead the innovative development. According to the relevant measures of implementation, the employing units, located within the administrative region of Sichuan Province, that have introduced high-level talents and teams from outside the country (overseas) and outside the province may apply for the Programs in line with the procedures. The application is categorized into three types, namely introduction of individuals, introduction of teams, and special introduction, which can be further divided into ten projects. Among them, introduction of individuals includes project for top talents, project for leading talents in entrepreneurship, long-term project for leading talents of innovations, project for youth talents; introduction of teams includes teams for entrepreneurship and for innovation; special introduction includes project for military-civilian integration, cooperation project among universities, administrations and enterprises in the province, project for financial talents, project for ethnic areas and poverty-stricken regions.

  The “10,000 Talents Program of Tianfu” encompasses the in-service personnel of enterprises and institutions in Sichuan, and it is categorized into three types, namely outstanding talents, leading talents and youth talents, which can be further divided into 12 projects. Among them, the first type includes the project for outstanding scientists of Tianfu, and 10 scientists have been selected this year. The second type includes 8 projects which have selected 20 innovation leaders, 20 entrepreneurial leaders, 10 cultural leaders, and 20 renowned teachers, 20 renowned doctors, 10 artisans, 10 agricultural masters, 10 financial talents of Tianfu in this year respectively; the third type includes 3 projects which have selected 50 technological elites, 20 social science elites, and 30 financial elites of Tianfu this year.

  For the first time, the two programs can be applied both online and offline. The “1000 Talents Program” of Sichuan Province will be filed is slated to be applied from October 8th to October 31st, and the “10,000 Talents Program of Tianfu” is slated to be applied from October 8th to October 19th. Applicants have to gone through stages of application, preliminary evaluation, final evaluation, approval and naming. Evaluation and approval procedures are expected to be completed by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. These selected talents can enjoy special supportive policies in terms of funding, team construction, project support, housing security, medical care, and enrollment of children in accordance with relevant measures of implementation.

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