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Sichuan Province’s Integrated Government Service Platform to be Launched at the End of this Month

  Recently, the Implementation Program of “the Internet + Government Affairs Service” to Promote the “One Network, One Department, One Time” Reform of Government Affairs issued by the General Office of the State Council puts forward the full use of information technology to solve the difficulties of enterprises and the masses. On July 2, good news came from the provincial government service and public resource transaction center that Sichuan Provincie’s integrated government service platform will be launched at the end of this month. Then, it can provide online processing of thousands of matters in 50 departments of the province, such as development and reform, economy, education, etc. Both enterprises and individuals can enjoy online appointment, application, inquiry, consulting and complaint through the integrated government service platform, truly achieving the government service “one network for all affairs”.

  The network has 50 departments and thousands of matters

  “Since last December, we have undertaken the province’s integrated government service platform construction and maintenance from the daily application and maintenance, the data sharing channel opening, superior infrastructure creating, and application support guarantee.” Officails of the Administrative Service and Public Resource Transaction Service Center introduced that the formulation of the national plan and the decisions of the provincial party plenary meeting have put forward clear requirements for deepening the reform of the “streamlining administration and delegating power”. The principle is to solve the difficulties, slowness and complicacy in handling things, and make it as easy as “online shopping” for enterprises and people to go to the government to deal with affaires. It is based on this that the province’s integrated government service platform came into being.

  The platform consists of seven modules, including government service network, government service mobile terminal, government service management platform, government service server platform, license management platform, electronic monitoring platform, and data analysis platform. Among them, the government service network and the government service mobile terminal are mainly for the public and can provide scene-based online service navigation, which can realize online reservation, online application, online inquiry, consultation and complaints and other related services.

  “At present, the platform has included 50 departments of the province, such as the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Committee, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, etc., which can realize the online processing of thousands of matters. For example, the Department of Commerce’s ‘establishment of initial review of enterprise for direct selling’, ‘foreign enterprises’ approval’; ‘civil affairs department’s social group establishment registration’, ‘foundation registration”, etc.” Officials told our reporter that this platform uses online and offline unified certification. The system can be handled unimpeded through identity authentication. In addition, the user experience has been specially optimized, and the number of users per second that can be carried is 200 and 4,000, respectively. In the case of the maximum number of concurrent users, the user response time is only 5 seconds.

  It is worth mentioning that, in addition to establishing a unified electronic certificate library in our province, the platform provides support for the “full network operation”, and also establishes a data analysis platform to conduct project management statistics and handling as well as website statistics through big data analysis, which can support all government units to analyze and control the data of the platform, so as to improve the quality and efficiency.

  The pilot operation will start at the end of the month

  Different from the general online service platform, this service platform is richer and more complete in service content, which can hold the registration of as many as 16 million users, and the online active users can reach 1.6 million, and can process more than 250,000 pieces of business per hour. In order to improve the content coverage of “One Netcom”, it also enhances the convenience of the public to handle things online, and added three aspects of service content based on Sichuan Government Service Network.

  The first is to display 4 new lists in the Sichuan Government Service Network, namely the list of investment projects in 2018, the list of investment projects in poverty-stricken areas in Sichuan, the list of professional qualifications and the list of intermediary services. Secondly, there are 80 high-frequency convenient services in the Sichuan Government Service Network, including 72 government-related items, such as the “marriage registration appointment” of the Civil Affairs Department, the “child registration” of the Health Planning Commission, and the illegal payment of funds and education contributions by the Finance Department, equipment production license inquiry of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration, etc.; 8 non-government categories, such as promoting Sichuan government service network and telecom wing payment living payment business, 114 appointment registration service and job recruitment service docking, to meet the public support Sichuan government service network online Service requirements such as living payment, medical appointment registration. At the same time, the Sichuan Government Affairs Service Network comprehensively displays the basic information and service information of the township (street) and village (community) institutions, and promoted the “five-level full coverage” of the integrated platform service from the province to the village.

  According to the functional requirements, the integrated platform has started the pilot operation in Deyang and other places on June 21, and according to the work steps of “piloting, consolidating, expanding the pilot, and putting the system online”, it is expected that the integrated platform will operate in our province at the end of this month. “In the pilot operation, in addition to the relevant training for business personnel, at the same time, the related matters such as claiming, reporting, summary, sheet configuration, charging information configuration, electronic signature, electronic license configuration, etc., and related Operation Guide were determined. Officials of the provincial government service and public resource transaction service center said that during the pilot process, the “one-time internal information publications issuance” for the Deyang City Literary Association was successfully dealt with. In the next step, the traversal test will be carried out. After the data cutover test is passed, it will be officially launched.


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