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Sichuan’s Foreign Trade Volume Increasing By 24.9% in the First Half of the Year

  In the first half of the year, the total import and export volume of Sichuan was 249.91 billion yuan, an increase of 24.9% over the same period of last year, higher than the national growth in the same period. Among them, the export volume is 134.41 billion yuan, up by 27.5%; the import volume 115.5 billion yuan, up by 21.9%.

  According to the introduction of Chengdu Customs, the rapid growth of foreign-invested enterprises in import and export by means of processing trade is the main driving force for high foreign trade growth. With the release of the production capacity of the Intel’s “Junma” Project and the transfer of Foxconn’s mobile phone capacity to Sichuan, our import and export of processing trade has increased by 30.7% in the first half of the year, driving the foreign trade growth by 17.2 percentage points in the same period. The processing trade import and export volume in our province has accounted for 58.5%. Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the main driving force for the foreign trade growth in the province. The import and export value of this Zone has increased by 25.7%, driving the province’s foreign trade growth by 15.4 percentage points. The import and export of our province continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. Our foreign trade volume has reached 72.46 billion yuan, an increase of 33.6%. Among them, the growth rate of foreign trade with Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh has more than doubled.

  In terms of export, that of mechanical and electrical products accounts for 80% of the province’s total, of which, the growth of automobiles has tripled, color TV sets has doubled, and integrated circuits has increased by 40%. The export of traditional labor-intensive products grew negatively, down by about 10%. Among them, footwear and clothing have a large decline, while agricultural products, titanium dioxide and textiles have grown.

  In terms of imports, our province’s imported electromechanical products grew by about 20%, accounting for nearly 90% of the total imports. The main products include integrated circuits, machines and devices for flat panel displays, and measuring instruments. A large number of these products are imported to Sichuan through processing trade, meaning that quite a few electronic information products will be sent from Sichuan to the world. The amount of imported agricultural products fell by about 20%, of which soybeans and pulp fell by more than 30%.

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