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Press Conference of Sichuan Province’s New Policies for Talents Held

  On the afternoon of May 24, the Information Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government held a news conference on Sichuan Province’s new Policies for talents in Chengdu. Mr. Chen Guansong, Deputy Minister of Organization Department of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC interpreted Opinions on Introducing Overseas Talents and Accelerating the Construction of High-end Talents Upland recently issued by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Government as well as Implementation Methods of Sichuan Province’s ‘Tianfu Millions of Tanlents Plan issued jointly by 13 departments including the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department.

  The new policies for talents released on that day has clearly stated the focus on both the introduction of overseas talents and the cultivation of local ones, which is not only a positive response to the current international and domestic talent competition, a highlight of the provincial government's working concept of “equal stress on both introduction and cultivation” but also a manifestation of the strategic plan and forward-looking layout for a well-governed and more prosperous Sichuan.

  The most important feature of the Opinions is the wide absorption of innovative measures and effective practices for the introduction of talents in various parts of China in recent years, integrating and innovating past policies and measures and creating a “combination” in which talents can be introduced, employed well and stay for long. According to it, in the introduction of overseas talents, our province will highlight the orientation of those of “high end, sophistication and in deficiency”, focusing on the high-level overseas students, overseas Chinese professionals and foreign experts who are in urgent need of development in our province, and introducing “four categories of talents”, namely: a group of strategic scientists with significant original innovation ability of international leading level, a group of high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents who master key core technologies and can promote major technological innovations, and a group of senior management and financial talents who are familiar with international rules with strategic development capabilities, a group of experienced professionals with high academic accomplishments who are in line with the future development needs of our province.

  The conference revealed that our province is striving to accumulate 2,000 experts for the province’s “Thousand People Project” and 10,000 returning overseas students, 15,000 international students studying in Sichuan and 20,000 international experts each year who come to work or exchange in Sichuan within 5 years, so as to form a team of overseas innovation and entrepreneurial talents in line with the province’s construction of inland open place and the realization of transformation, development and innovation. At the same time, we will also build a number of pilot zones for international talents cooperation, high-level international talents ports, and overseas talents gathering places. In order to achieve this goal, our province put forward comprehensive measures from four key links, namely the improvement of overseas talent gathering platforms, the innovation of overseas talent introduction policy mechanisms, the reform of overseas talent evaluation and utilization mechanism, and the perfection of overseas talent service support systems. We also put forward a package of innovative and feasible policies and measures to break down the institutional barriers in the “introduction, cultivation, management and employment” for overseas talents and to maximize the stimulation of their innovation and vitality in Sichuan.

  In order to connect with the country’s “Million-People Plan” and the province’s “Thousand Talents Program”, our province has launched “Tianfu Million-People Plan”. From this year to 2027, focusing on the needs of industrial development and independent innovation in our province with a hierarchical classification and selection method, we will support 100 outstanding talents, 1,200 leading talents, and 1,000 young talents at the provincial level, and demonstrate and guide other cities (prefectures) to support the training of 10,000 or so high-level talents, so as to form a high-level talent system linking with the provincial “Thousand Talents Program”. The “Tianfu Million-People Plan” includes 12 projects in three categories: Outstanding Talents, Leading Talents and Young Talents selected each year. Those who are selected will enjoy 11 special support policies in funding, team building, and project support.

  At the press conference, the Provincial Department of Education, of Science and Technology, of Security Department and of Human Resources and Social Security introduced the relevant conditions in attracting foreign students, supporting overseas talents’ innovation and businesses starting, introducing international experts and their exit and entry as well as living in Sichuan.

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