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Sichuan Will Issue a Special Permit for Express Vehicles Only

  The General Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government recently issued the Implementation Plan to Promote the Coordinated Development of E-Commerce and Express Logistics in Sichuan Province, which states that measures such as passes and special temporary parking spaces for express vehicles will be carried out to solve the problem of “difficult access, difficult parking and difficult operations” for express delivery vehicles.

  In the development of express logistics industry, Sichuan will promote the standardization and professional construction of urban distribution vehicles. Unified numbering and label management for these vehicles will be carried out, passes exclusively for express vehicles will be issued, and the use of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles with higher standards for emission will be encouraged. We will gradually increase the proportion of new energy vehicles, and encourage and support cities such as Chengdu, Zhangzhou and Nanchong to apply for the National Urban Green Freight Demonstration Project. According to the regional traffic flows, the requirements for period-dividing, staggered travel and classified parking of urban distribution vehicles should be clarified. Temporary parking spaces for urban distribution vehicles will be scientifically planed, a batch of temporary loading and unloading stops for delivery vehicles in suitable areas will be delimited, and the restrictions on the use of vehicles such as electric tricycles for express delivery appropriately will be relaxed. At the same time, we encourage logistics companies to build automated distribution centers, establish logistics information systems and apply big data and cloud computing to share upstream and downstream resources, so as to further improve the collaborative development of the supply chain of companies of e-commerce and express logistics.

  At the same time, Sichuan will promote the construction of “E-commerce + Express Logistics” industrial parks, encourage the construction of integrate projects of warehouses and distribution in the parks, and provide rent reductions or subsidies for settled enterprises. Chengdu will be built as the core hub of express logistics in the province, and a number of provincial-level urban express logistics parks and county express distribution centers will be built. We will build a batch of agricultural product logistics demonstration parks to promote the development of agricultural and rural logistics. We will promote the construction of express logistics system at county, township, and village levels, and open up two-way logistics distribution channels for industrial products delivered to the countryside and agricultural products to cities, and build an urban and rural integrated express logistics distribution network to further assist e-commerce providers in accurately assisting the poor.

  By 2020, Sichuan will basically achieve full coverage of courier service of city fringe and township, effectively promoting the sales of local agricultural products, and basically forming a new pattern where e-commerce with a scientific layout, open information, accessibility and industrial integration develops closely with express logistics.

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