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“Once and for All” in Passport Application is Possible in Sichuan Province from Today

  From May 1, the working system of “once and for all” is conducted for applying entry and exit credentials such as passport in Sichuan Province’s passport-issuing areas --- an applicant with complete application materials in compliance with statutory regulations can finish all procedures of entry and exit credentials once and for all in the exit and entry reception window. Our reporter has learned these from Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department on April 27.

  In 2017, our province issued a total of 5.4 million overseas credentials and endorsements. An official of the Provincial Public Security Department said that “once and for all” is mainly achieved through the optimization of process, the simplification of the procedures, the provision of “incremental” services and the use of new technologies.

  Specific measures for the optimization of the certification process include the following: one notification of handling matters and opening multiple consulting channels; implementation of the collection of photographs of the license, collection of fingerprints, submission of application materials, face-to-face verification, and payment of the documents all at the same time and in the same place; When applying for entry-exit certificates across provinces, the time limit for examination and approval is shortened from 30 days to 20 days. The specific measures for simplifying the procedures for applying for certificates include: one person applying for multiple certificates at the same time only needs to submit one application form and get one number to queue; the guardianship relation and social security information that can be verified through information sharing do not need to be resubmitted.

  In addition, urgency cases have been added such as “the handling of overseas emergencies, exit from the country to participate in emergency meetings, negotiations and to sign contracts”. Except Ganzi Prefecture and Aba Prefecture, other cities and prefectures provide time-extending services on Saturdays, the peak of the application and holidays, as well as staggering-peak  acceptance application services.


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