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The New Version of General Planning and Arrangements for Cities Beginning in Sichuan Province

  A few days ago, Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued Key Areas of Urban Planning Work in Sichuan Province in 2018 which requested that cities whose planning deadline is 2020 (including counties, the same below) shall initiate the preparation of a new edition of overall plan to ensure their completion by the end of 2019. At the same time, it guides the cities that need modification in planning and arrangements whose overall plan’s deadline is 2030 to do a good job of planning and revision.

  In the implementation of arrangements, the government departments shall assume the main responsibility for the implementation of the overall planning of cities, and entrust the team led by the high-level planning preparation units and well-known experts in accordance with the principles of “the government’s organization, expert’s leadership, department’s cooperation, public’s participation, and scientific decision-making”.

  In the promotion of the level, we encourage the inclusion of the overall urban design as a specific chapter into the new version of the overall city plan, and guide the 6 provincial pilot cities in urban design which is the tool in cities planning and construction design; these cities are Suining City, Longchang City, Zitong Qi County, Shehong County, Wusheng County, and Jiuzhaigou County.

  The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction that this year our province will also formulate the Administrative Measures for the Implementation of the Four Major Urban Agglomeration Plans, which clarifies the contents and requirements for the implementation, modification and supervision of the four major urban agglomerations. We are to establish and improve regular consultation and work promotion mechanisms to form a regular meeting mechanism and work promotion mechanism with urban groups as the main form.

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