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“All-RoundBus Card”Availablein Sichuan Province within ThisYear

  The“all-roundbuscard” of urban public transport, which can also be used in other cities and provinces, will be available in the whole province within this year. This is what our reporter learned from the Departmentof Transportation of Sichuan Provinceon March 26.

  The urban traffic card is an IC cardissued in accordance with the requirement of interconnection and interworkingtraffic in Technology Standards of Urban Public Transportation from the Ministry of Transport.It is marked with the logo of “Traffic Union” and can be used in public transportation vehicles with the same logoin the whole country.

  Sichuan Province has started to implement the “all-round bus card” pilot since 2016. As of now, 21 cities with municipal and prefecture government settled (except Ziyang) have achieved transportationinterconnection. There are 1,143 city bus lines for the same traffic cards with an interconnection rate of 99.8%. More than 300 cities across the country have achieved joint public transportation. Taking Luzhou’s passengers as an example, they can swipe their cards for bus services not only in Nanchong and Chengdu, but also in Beijing and Shanghai.

  According to officials of the Provincial Department of Transportation, the all-round bus card will be available for public transportthis yearwith the exception of some special lines (ultra-longdistance lines and temporary lines).The next step is to include the Chengdu Metro line into the scope of application.


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