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The Output Value of Sichuan Province’s Steel Industry in 2020 Will Reach 350 Billion Yuan

  Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission as well as another 10 departments have jointly issued Opinions on Promoting the Regulatory Reform and Upgrading of Steel Industry, which is to enhance the quality and efficiency of steel industry in our province.

  The Opinions states that we will strive to build a 10 million-ton backbone steel group with great influence and strong competitiveness, create a number of brand-name products in the fields of rail and automobile steel and achieve a "double down" in total amount of energy consumption and pollutant discharge to meet their standards comprehensively and stably.

  Adjusting the structure and promoting transformation. Sichuan Province will eliminate backward production capacity according to laws and regulations, take market-oriented and lawful measures to dispose of "zombie enterprises", and strictly prohibit increase of new steel production capacity. Under the precondition that enterprises voluntarily reduce their displacement, we will guide enterprises to carry out capacity replacement on limitative legal capacity of iron making blast furnace of more than 400 cubic meters, steelmaking converters of more than 30 tons and steelmaking electric arc furnace of over 30 tons, and promote the upgrading and remolding of old equipment that have long service period or fail to meet the environmental requirements with high energy consumption rate.

  Enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of iron and steel enterprises. Our province will select 2-3 enterprises as pilots for building national technology innovation demonstrative enterprises. At the same time, we will promote the intelligent transformation of iron and steel enterprises and green manufacturing within our province. Targeting high-speed rail, nuclear power, automobiles and other fields of major technical equipment needed for the development and promotion of high-end steel varieties, we will focus on improving vanadium and titanium anti-seismic steel, steel products used for automobile, household appliance and rail, and encourage steel companies' synergy to further research and develop high-strength, corrosion-resistant, long-life and high-quality steel.

  Our province will steadily promote mergers and acquisitions and layout optimization of this industry, so its concentration as well as the market influence and competitiveness are expected to be increased. Relying on the existing leading enterprises' integration and reorganization, we are to build a strategic large-scale professional vanadium and titanium steel group with Sichuan characteristics.

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