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“The Once-For-All Errand Running” Has Covered More Than 80% Matters by the End of This Year

  In order to deepen the reform of "streamlining administration, delegating powers and improving services" and make the work of examination and approval services more convenient for the public, the General Office of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the General Office of the Sichuan Provincial Government issued the Work Plan for making the Examination and Approval Services More Convenient for the Public in Sichuan Province, which required the government to deliver tangible benefits for the enterprises and the public all through one matter, and to create an examination and approval service model featuring "tolerance on taking on matters, efficiency in handling, strictness on management, convenience for the public and transparency in the whole process". The Work Plan has defined the schedule and the process diagram: By the end of December 2018, the proportion of “the Once-For-All Errand Running” covered in provincial, municipal, and county-level government affairs has to reach over 80%, and at least 80% of the provincial government affairs can be handled online, the no less than 50% of municipal and county-level government service items can be processed on the internet, so as to basically realize full coverage of “immediate handling, online process, proximity principle, and once-for-all errand running” for all service matters. By the end of June 2019, the proportion of once-for-all errand running for government affairs at the provincial, municipal and county levels is to reach 90%. Tangible results are delivered in providing more convenience for the public by cutting redundant license registrations. The intermediary services are operating in a standardized way. The “one platform and one network" mechanism is adopted in the whole government services across the board. A standardized system for examination and approval, and an in-the-process and post-event supervision system which connects sound supervision and management are in place.

  The Work Plan has laid out 21 major tasks in 8 aspects, including launching the examination and approval service of “immediate handling, online process, proximity principle, and once-for-all errand running”; further promoting the standardization of examination and approval services; providing more convenience for the public by cutting redundant license registrations; centralizing examination and approval services; improving the capability of "Internet + government services"; innovating the methods for examination and approval to offer more convenience for enterprises and the people; deepening the reform of intermediaries providing administrative examination and approval services; and strengthening in-the-process and post-event supervision in an efficient way.

  According to the requirements, Sichuan Province will sort out and make public the A List of Sichuan Provincial Administrative Powers (2018) before the end of this year to list out the examination and approval matters that have guaranteed "once-for-all errand running" and " throughout online process" in the province, as well as the matters that have ensured “proximity principle” and “immediate handling” by county (city, district) level governments. At the same time, Sichuan will make the process for handling matters transparent to the public, prepare standardized guidelines and rules for review work for all examination and approval service items, and construct a perceptual and simple flow chart (table) for such items. Before the end of this year, Sichuan will also finish preparing the service standards for the examination and approval of real estate registration, market access, enterprise investment, construction projects, and matters concerning people's livelihood.

  Relevant regulations on the matter of certification which has gathered a lot of attention are included in the Work Plan. Sichuan will straighten out the matter of certification involving enterprises and the public across the board in light of the “six conforms” principle. The list of certificates to be retained will be published before the end of June in 2019. Apart from those retained in the list, no one is allowed to require any enterprise or individual to produce other certificates in principle.

  Sichuan has clearly stated to promote the "one institution system for all these offline service items", which means that the requests of the public or enterprises can be processed by a single institution. We will improve the centralized service mode of the comprehensive service halls at the provincial, city, county and township level governments, and integrate the examination and approval services once handled by the direct responsible management departments in the administrative areas into the comprehensive service halls. Before the end of this year, more than 80% of the examination and approval service items at provincial, city and county levels will be included in their corresponding service halls, and no less than 80% of the local administrative licensing rights are centralized for places equipped with Administrative Examination and Approval Bureaus. We will upgrade the service capabilities of government halls at all levels, encourage people to help each other in handling those issues, promote the green channel system, provide staggered working hours, delayed and holiday services, and offer more 24-hour self-services. Sichuan also requires that the examination and approval matters that are closely related to the production and operation of the enterprise and the production and life of the public should all be “handled on the internet as much as possible.” We should also promote the application of electronic licenses, official documents, seals, and so on.

  In order to provide the people and enterprises with more benefits and conveniences, our province will continue to formulate new service methods for examination and approval items in key areas such as market access, construction projects, and enterprise investment, and build demonstration convenient agents for examination and approval in development zones above the provincial level so as to explore more convenience service initiatives. For example, the time for enterprise registration can be reduced to 3 working days if it has no pre-approval matters, and has supplied to the same authority for name approval and establishment registration. The approval of exploration into investment projects encouraged by the state can be cancelled from now on.

  It is worth noting that the province has proposed to realize synchronized process, online consultancy, and remote application of ID cards, driver's licenses, entry and exit documents, medical insurance, social security, housing funds, and other convenience services. For personal matters covering a large amount of areas, we encourage the public to use banks, postal and other outlets to handle these items in advance. In the rural areas, the practice of payment and handling by others and agency services have been promoted.

  Targeting at the intermediaries, the Work Plan has clearly clarified that unnecessary administrative examination and approval items of intermediaries should be further reduced, and those lack legal support should be cancelled. The organizations providing technical services and activities entrusted by the government departments in the examination and approval process must be selected by means of fair competition with the service fees paid in full by relevant department and included in its budget. At the same time, we will relax market access for intermediary agencies and support all types of capital to enter this sector. We should conduct legality and rationality review for the industrial policies that have led to market monopoly. Unless specified by concrete laws and regulations, the restrictions set by each department on practice qualification of regional, industrial and inter-departmental intermediaries should be cancelled all at once.

  Sichuan Province will strictly assign the responsibility of in-the-process and post-event supervision, transform the administrative management method that emphasizes examination and approval and make light of supervision and management, and transfer more administrative resources from pre-examination and approval to in-the-process and post-event supervision. We would adhere to the establishment of the joint-punishment mechanism against dishonesty, and regulate "standards in advance, inspections in the process, post-event punishment, and credit management for the whole process." According to the requirements, the promotion of the examination and approval work which aims at providing more convenience for the public will be considered as an important factor for the comprehensive assessment of local party and government leading cadres, and it will also be included in the key supervision matters of the Sichuan provincial government.

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