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Sichuan Announced the First Batch of Provincial Industrial Heritage Projects

  Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission has issued a notice saying that the first batch of provincial industrial heritage projects has been established for the protection and utilization of industrial heritages in Sichuan Province. The list was identified in accordance with the spirits of the Guiding Opinions on Developing the Industrial Culture of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2016) No. 446), the Notice of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission and other five departments on printing and issuing the Sichuan Provincial Plan for Promoting the Development of Industrial Culture (Regulations of the Sichuan Commission of Economy and Information Technology [2018] No. 52). The list would go through the following procedures: owner of the industrial heritage submits the application which is then reported to the corresponding People's Government for review, or the relevant municipal economic and information administration authorities can recommend qualify industrial heritages, and all of those submitted candidates are subject to the review and examination of experts.

  The first batch of provincial industrial heritage projects in Sichuan Province

  1. Chengdu State-Owned Factory of Hongguang Electronic Tube

  2. Former Site of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics

  3. Luzhou Laojiao Bodega and Brewing Workshop

  4. Huangcunjing Pit of Bagou along Jiayang’s Train route

  5. Wuliangye Bodega and Brewing Workshop

  6. Zigong industrial heritage of ancient salt field (Old Salt Field 1957, Dongyuanjing Ancient Salt Field)

  7. Ancient Baoning Vinegar Industrial Heritage

  8. Former site of Yonglichuan Factory

  9. The Third-Line Construction Industrial Heritage Group of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group

  10. Anti-Japanese Military Heritage Group of Dongwo Hydropower Station

  Industrial heritage is an important carrier of industrial culture. It records important information about the industrial development trajectory of Sichuan Province. It bears important value in terms of history, science, technology, society, culture and arts. The Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission required enterprises (units) affiliated to provincial-level industrial heritage projects to take effective measures to strengthen the protection, management and utilization of heritage projects. Local economic and information administration departments should pay attention to the protection and utilization of industrial heritages. On the basis of ensuring the effective protection of industrial heritage, we should explore a new development model to promote industrial cultures, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of industry and information in Sichuan Province.

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