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The Consul Officials from Eight Countries Along the “Belt and Road Initiative” Paid a Visit to Sichuan Province

  On November 15th, 14 foreign senior and intermediate officials, serving at the departments of foreign affairs, embassy, immigration and so on, and attending the seminar for counterpart departments, from eight countries along the “Belt and Road”, including Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Malaysia, paid a visit to Sichuan at the invitation of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  The first thing that has been waiting for them is the Symposium of Sichuan on the “Belt and Road Initiative” and Deepening Cooperation with Southward Countries and Regions. The opposite side of the Symposium includes more than ten departments and enterprises, such as the Sichuan Provincial Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs, the Sichuan Provincial Commission of Development and Reform, and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology.

  After gaining a clear and comprehensive picture of Sichuan's involvement in the “Belt and Road” construction and the notable progress achieved in the “southward” regional cooperation, Mr. Sayyid, Counsellor and Director of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made a touching remark, “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has served as a flag for cooperation between China and Pakistan. I am glad to know that many enterprises from Sichuan are expanding businesses in Pakistan.” The Deputy Director of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, Mr. Seurayut, also expressed his desire to establish more cooperative relations with Sichuan, “especially in the field of high-tech zone. I hope the free flow of goods, services and talents on both sides would be further facilitated." Mr. Zhou Shunnan, Deputy Director of the Treaty, Consular Affairs and Border Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia, is full of expectations for his next trip in Sichuan: "I hope to gain an in-depth understanding and learn more from Sichuan's foreign cooperation and coordinated development experiences."

  These senior and intermediate officials assuming diplomatic, consular, immigration related posts have been engaged in a discussion with representatives of various departments and enterprises in Sichuan Province, during which they have conferred in-depth exchanges on facilitating personnel exchanges, deepening pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

  The relevant person in charge of Sichuan Provincial Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs said that the symposium has enhanced the understanding between the consular departments of relevant countries and corresponding departments of Sichuan Province, and has created a favorable condition for Sichuan Province to expand cooperation with the southward countries in the future.

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