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Mr. Peng Qinghua Urging Us to Encourage, Support and Guide the Development of Private Economy

  On November 14th, Mr. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, went to Chengdu and Deyang to get a clear picture of the progress made in developing private economy and protecting ecological environment. He stressed the need to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping made at the symposium for private enterprises. We should carry out across the board deployments of the central government. That requires us to encourage and support the development of the private economy, and try every means to solve the difficulties faced by private enterprises. With that being done, we are going to make Sichuan an enabling piece of land for the healthy development of private enterprises.

  On that morning, Mr. Peng Qinghua went to the Chengdu Research Institute for New Economic Development and learned about Chengdu's unique way for promoting the development of the private economy - cultivating a new economy. At the Jiao Zi Fintech DreamWorks in Chengdu High-tech Zone, Mr. Peng Qinghua sat together with the innovative entrepreneurs who have just settled in. They drank coffee and talked about their stories of starting businesses. Mr. Peng Qinghua listened to their opinions and suggestions on promoting the healthy development of the private economy in our province. He said that General Secretary Xi Jinping is highly concerned with the development of the private economy. He has thus made several firm statements urging us to remain committed to the two major unshakable policies on various occasions and put forward a series of major measures to support the development of the private economy, which has greatly reassured the owners of private enterprises and boosted their morale. The private economy has grown side by side with reform and opening up. It has become an indispensable force for driving economic and social development. Today, we are very pleased to see so many young people engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship. All departments in the province must implement to the letter the requirements of central government, try hard to provide them with all-embracing, all-weather, and whole-process service, and offer them more convenient and efficient government services. These would help remove the burdens on private enterprises, thus making the entrepreneurial dream more possible for many startups.

  Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. and Injet Electric Co., Ltd. are two state-level high-tech enterprises, basically leaders of the industry. Mr. Peng Qinghua went to the automation production workshops and product display areas of the two companies, and exchanged remarks with their responsible persons, scientific research personnel and front-line workers to learn about their operation, technology research and development, innovation, energy saving, emission reduction, safety production, brand marketing and market expansion. He has helped them resolve difficulties and problems in electricity and financing. Mr. Peng Qinghua said that innovation is the fundamental driving force for the sustainable development of private enterprises. He hoped that all relevant parties and enterprises will further strengthen their confidence to overcome difficulties, continue to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, build a strong team by cultivating innovative talents, strive harder to make breakthroughs research and development, promote the deep integration of industry, education and research, and make sustained efforts to improve their research and innovation capabilities and strengthen their core competitiveness.

  Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Corporation, an equipment manufacturing company with mixed-ownership for the exploration and development of oil and gas, and its products are exported to America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places. “How big is the market order this year?” “How well does the product perform?” “What new technologies are being used?”... At the assembly site for drilling equipment, Mr. Peng Qinghua looked around the various products produced by the company, and made relevant inquiries. He praised the enterprise for enhancing its independent research and development capability and exploring the international market. Therefore he had congratulated on their achievements. In Qida Industrial Group, Mr. Peng Qinghua stepped into the production workshop, R&D center and leading talent studio to learn about its development trajectory and current production and operation condition. He encouraged them to strengthen quality management, make faster move toward transformation and upgrading to further promote innovation in product, management and service, which would in turn improve its brand awareness and influence. Mr. Peng Qinghua hoped that private enterprises will give full play to their advantage of identifying accurately the market trend and to the ability of making flexible decisions. That means they should analyze and judge the macroeconomic situation in a scientific way, and keep close track of market changes and consumer demand variation. As such, they should be able to make timely adjustments in product mix, industrial mix, and make full use of international and domestic markets. They need to "go global" to carry out capacity cooperation with the international community, adhere especially to the vision of quality first and artisanship, build a sound and standardized management system, and strive to forge time-honored brand and companies that could stand the passage of time.

  During the field research, Mr. Peng Qinghua also went to the Domestic Sewage Disposal Plant of Guanghan City. He ascended the disposal pool to get a clear picture of the live process, came near to the outlet to check the water quality, and listened to the report on strengthening the work of environment protection. He demanded that all departments at all levels in Deyang must have a clear consciousness regarding their political obligations, and remain committed to the concept of “clean water and green mountains equate with piles of material blessings”. Therefore, they should stay unserved on the path of green development which puts ecology at the top of its priority list. They should assume a sense of responsibility toward history, the people, and future generations. To that end, they shall pay close attention to the feedback given by the central environmental on environmental protection and work hard to prevent and control pollution, accelerate the construction of the ecological corridor along the Tuojiang River Basin, and devote more energy in accommodating the aspiration of the people for a beautiful ecological environment.

  Mr. Fan Ruiping, Mr. Wang Minghui and Mr. Li Yunze attended relevant activities.

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