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Sichuan Promoting All-Round “Separation of Business Permit and License” to Facilitate the Operation of Enterprises

  Recently, the People's Government of Sichuan Province has issued a Notice on Promoting All-Round "Separation of Business Permit and License", which clarified that starting from October 10th, 106 administrational examination and approval items concerning  enterprises (including individual businesses and farmers' professional cooperatives) will be reshaped within the province. Instead, four other methods, including canceling the examination and approval process directly, replacing examination and approval to filing, initiating notification commitment, and optimizing market access, will be adopted as a way to open wider the market to potential business individuals.

  According to relevant record, the China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone has carried out 99 items regarding the reform of “Separation of Business Permit and License” since the end of 2017. Starting from this year, a total of 6341 reform items has been handled in the zone, which has provided a favorable environment for the development of enterprises. With that being said, the effect of the reform featuring “Separation of Business Permit and License” has gradually emerged.

  It is clearly stated in the notice that Sichuan will distinguish the functions of “Business Permit” and “Business License” through the separation reform, and see to it that more market entities are allowed to operate with business licenses as a fight toward the problem of “free access but no right to operate”. Sichuan will keep a live track of the “multi-certificate integration” reform items which concern the separation of business permit and license. As such, we will be able to provide favorable conditions for a number of enterprises and a lot of items can be integrated in the process.

  At the same time, on the basis of the implemented "Integration of Thirty-three Certificates", Sichuan will also combine matters that fall into the category of information collection, record publicity and management investigation after the separation reform with business license through the "multi-certificate integration" reform. As such, Sichuan would be able to achieve the goal of “going global by one business license and one code”.

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