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Mr. Yin Li Conducting Field Research in the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences

  On November 12th, Mr. Yin Li, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Governor of People’s Government of Sichuan Province, conducted field research in the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and emphasized the need to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought for a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and his important instructions for the work of Sichuan. He said that we should further free our minds and identify development targets as a way to push forward reform and innovation, accelerate the construction of first-class agricultural research institutes, and strengthen the scientific and technological support to Sichuan’s agriculture. He underlined our role as a supporting adviser for Sichuan's agricultural and rural development.

  Mr. Yin Li visited the key laboratory for testing the quality and safety of agricultural products as well as the Achievement Exhibition at the turn of the 80th anniversary of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He learned about the scientific research work on crop breeding, cultivation, pest control and quality inspection, and paid visits to workers devoted to agricultural science and technology. Mr. Yin Li expressed his congratulations on the 80th anniversary of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He praised the achievements it has made over the past 80 years, especially in the past 40 years since reform and opening up. He encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts to strengthen key work such as crop provenance protection, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and international exchange and cooperation. He urged everyone to make greater contributions to improve Sichuan's agriculture and promote it to the outside world.

  Following his visits, Mr. Yin Li met with representatives of the faculty and staff of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and listened to their opinions and suggestions on developing the agricultural and rural areas in Sichuan. Mr. Yin Li emphasized that the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences should remain committed to Xi Jinping Thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and to the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the in-depth supply side structural reform of agriculture and to hold up the golden banner to promote Sichuan agricultural products. He also underlined the need to identify the development targets for the new era that are in line with the objectives and tasks regarding the agricultural and rural development of our province put forward in the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Provincial Party Committee of CPC. In this way, we could better serve the major deployments such as rural revitalization and the integration of the development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. It is necessary for us to study the new situation of agricultural and rural development in our province. We should make suggestions as how to take targeted measures to address insufficient agricultural and rural development drivers, poor agricultural industry mix, and low rural economic benefits. This will help Sichuan to make quick transformation from a major agricultural province to a strong one. We should strengthen the application of basic researches and technological innovation, promote the integration of agriculture, science and education, integrate industry, education, and researches, enhance the level of collaborative innovation, and strive to cultivate first-class scientific and technological achievements, all of which will help build the Academy into a world-class agricultural research institute. We must put in place more powerful agricultural science and technology teams by training outstanding scientific and technological talents on the one hand, and introducing high-level scientific and technological talents from abroad on the other hand. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with high-level agricultural research institutes at home and abroad, to carry out joint research, and bring about institutional and mechanism innovation, which will fully stimulate the innovation and creativity capacities of the numerous talents in this field. We must serve the local economy and society. With a perspective on Sichuan's agricultural characteristics, we must aim at the development trend of the world's agriculture, transform more scientific and technological achievements of agriculture into real productivity, and strive to promote the supply side structural reform of agriculture, diversify agricultural product supply, and improve economic and social development quality. At the same time, all research institutes must strengthen their grassroots construction and build a clean government. Relevant departments at the provincial level should increase support for policies and projects, as an effort to create a favorable environment for the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to accelerate reform and development and build itself into a first-class research institute.

  The responsible person of the relevant provincial departments participated in the field research.

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