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Sichuan Is Working to Build Park Cities

  Sichuan Province will take the lead in constructing park cities in the country. Recently, the Provincial Office of the Leading Group for Accelerating the New Urbanization has issued the Notice on Initiating Construction Works of Park Cities, which supports Chengdu in piloting park city construction; which dictates that 3-4 cities besides Chengdu, 6-7 towns at county level will be selected as pilot areas for the construction of park cities.

  To apply for park city construction, a place needs to meet the strong will of the party committee and the government. Specifically, a city should be equipped with sound urban conditions, well-protected landscape and ecology, as well as meet various conditions for ecological protection and restoration, environmental quality improvement, and integration of industry and production. Cities and counties that have won the title of “National Garden City” and “Garden County” awarded by units above provincial level will be given priority.

  Requirements of pilot park cities clarify that by the end of 2021, the pilot cities must improve their ecological environment condition measurably; their ecological restoration rate of damaged mountain areas in the planned area must reach over 90%, and the proportion of black and odorous water bodies in the planned areas will be controlled within 10%; these cities are with greatly improved quality of living, perfect grassland distribution and park system, reasonable construction layout, realizing the objection of seeing “grasslands in every 300 meters, garden in every 500”; each pilot city has to finish building more than 2 urban parks, and at least one provincial level key park; these pilot cities have the optimized their industrial mix and finished a certain number of green and low-carbon transformation in high-pollution and high-energy-consuming enterprises, increasing the proportion of high value-added and high-tech industries in the total mix.

  From January 2019 to the end of 2021, the practice and theoretical research works concerning park city construction will be carried out according to the plan. The pilot cities will further refine their work plan to determine their key construction projects. In 2022, the comprehensive evaluation regarding their achievements will be carried out, during which their pilot experiences will be summarized as a whole to form many experiences, institutions and mechanisms for future construction works. Sichuan will promote the construction of park cities across the board. By 2035, we will build a number of park cities of different scales and bearing distinctive features.

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