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Chengdu Jintang General Airport Was Approved

  Recently, Sichuan Provincial People’s Government issued Reply on Feasibility Study Report of Chengdu Jintang General Airport. Sichuan Provincial People’s Government agreed to build Chengdu Jintang General Airportin order to promote the development of general aviation industry of Jintang, enhance general aviation operations and emergency rescue capability, improve the general airport network layout in the whole province and advance local economic and social development,.

  The reply shows that it is positioned as an A1 general airport with an index of 2B in its flight zone. There will be a new 1200-meter-long and 30-meter-wide runway, a 1200-meter-long and 18-meter-wide parallel taxiway, three 144-meter-long, 18-meter-wide vertical contact road, an apron for 24 aircrafts, a 1000 square meters of airport complex, a 1,500 square meters of hangar as well as air traffic control, navigational lighting aid, fire rescue and other related facilities.

  It is estimated that the project needs full capital investment of 742.29 million yuan which will be collected by the government of Jintang County. Its construction period is 3 years.

  The design and construction of the project should be in line with the energy-saving requirement with complete environmental assessment and implementation of all environmental protection measures. Its preliminary design and budget estimates should be organized as soon as possible in accordance with Civil Airport Construction and Management Regulationswhich should be submitted for approval by procedures. It is needed to optimize the construction program, strengthen management during the construction period to ensure the construction safety and earnestly implement risk prevention and resolving measures so as to ensure the project’s quality. Project funds should be guaranteed to ensure its successful completion and operation. The operation relationship between Jintang General Airport and surrounding airports should be fully analyzed and the use of airspace and flight methods should be made clear.


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