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First “Sichuan Golden Tourism Snacks” Competition Was Held in Chengdu

  Recently, Sichuan Regional Final of “Chinese Golden Tourism Snacks” and the First “Sichuan Golden Tourism Snacks” were held in Chengdu. A total of 107 special snacks from 62 enterprises, 15 cities of Sichuan, have registered to attend the competition. Examination Committee from Sichuan restaurants and catering sector conformed to the selection standards and procedures of “Chinese Golden Tourism Snacks”, conducted strict selection among registered snacks, and eventually conferred to 20 snacks to the titles of “Sichuan Golded Tourism Snacks”, including Longchaoshou, Zhong Dumplings, Lai Rice Dumplings of Chengdu Catering Company, Tianshui Noodle from Head of Chengdu Dandan Noodle Store, Sesame Seed Candy Guokui from Chengdu Hongxing Restaurant, and Phoenix Excellent Beef Rice Noodle from Chengdu Wanshixing Phoenix International Hotel. They also selected 10 kinds of snacks and companies to attend the national competition of “Chinese Golden Tourism Snacks” on behalf of Sichuan.

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