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Top 10 Tourism Rankings Will Draw the Beautiful Picture of Sichuan Tourism During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period

   The increase of revenue is driven by the great tourism industry. In the past 5 years, Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Leading Group has continued to strengthen comprehensive coordination responsibility, and promoted tourism development in policy supporting, fiscal allowances, project approval and so on. Tourism has been an important means to achieve investment, consumption, fiance, taxation, enriching people and poverty alleviation. In 2014, the added-value of Sichuan tourism accounts for 21.2% of the service industry. Local GDP driven by tourism accounts for 9.47% of the provincial GDP. The achieved added-value of tourism is 2.26 times of that in 2010. While the ratio of tourism added-value increases 2 percentage points in GDP and 4.4 percentage points in tertiary industry compared with that of 2010. At present, tourism has provided employments of over 4 million. There are 3,500 villages enriching through tourism. Tourism has benefited over 100 million farmers directly and indirectly. Therefore, in this promotion, we especially established two awards, including top 10 tourism projects and top 10 tourism new forces during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period in order to stimulate the concentration of tourism on structuring reform so that demand and supply will adapt to the changes of demand structure.

  Now, Sichuan’s economy has entered into the transition period from quantitative change to qualitative change and the platform accumulation period from a province with big tourism economy to a province with powerful tourism economy. The batches of tourism projects born in the past 5 years will be crucial factors to increase investment and consumption driving power. Top 10 tourism projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period provide an opportunity to arrange the tourism investment promotion in Sichuan. In the past 5 years, Sichuan has continuously innovated tourism investment financing modes, cooperated with financial institutes such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China and so on, and increased the supporting for the construction of major tourism projects. During 2011 to 2014, Sichuan has reserved 4,157 major tourism projects with the investment volume of 2.8726 trillion yuan, completed investment on tourism projects of 227.2 billion yuan, achieved tourism investment promotion of 336.3 billion yuan with the annual growth of 19%. The revealing of top 10 tourism projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period will be the best interpretation for the effective docking between tourism resources and capital in Sichuan.

  Tourism develops with multiple points and poles and achieved breakthroughs in major regions
     In accordance with former two sessions of election of Top 10 in tourism industry, there are still 3 major awards in Sichuan Tourism Top 10 Selection Activity during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, including Top 10 Tourism Cities, Top 10 Tourism Counties, Top 10 Tourism Scenic Spots. The awards are aimed to selected good examples which have achieved breakthroughs in the multiple pole and multiple point tourism supporting development among tourism boutiques. During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, Sichuan has concentrated on optimizing the development pattern of tourism, taken county tourism economy development as supporting, highlighted regional cooperation, adjusting measures to local conditions and stimulating development vigor, and spare no efforts to create “one core, two belts and four zones”. ”One core” indicates that Chengdu will accelerate to construct into global tourism destination. “Two belts” include Chengdu Mianyang Mianyang Guangyuan Meishan Leshan Tourism Economic Belt and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Belt and highlight to construct regional tourism alliance. “Four zones” cover Northwestern Sichuan Zone, Southern Sichuan Zone, Ya'an-Western Panzhihua Region, and Northeastern Sichuan Zone. During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, there are 8 cities with the annual tourism total revenue growth rate of 30%.

  Sichuan has also achieved breakthroughs in major tourism regions firstly and formed the supporting pattern of multiple points and multiple poles. In the past 5 years, the Big Chengdu Region has concentrated on increasing internationalization and accelerated the construction of global tourism destination. The Big Emei Region is sparing no efforts to create “Big Emei Tourism Sightseeing Resorts” and tourism destinations gathering sightseeing and dynamic vacation. Ya'an Earthquake Stricken Region has also fastened to build national ecological and cultural tourism integrated development trial zones. Qinba Mountain Region and so on has highlighted tourism poverty alleviation. The Tibetan Region has established 4 international tourism brands, including Big Pandas, Big Jiuzhai, Big Grasslands, and Big Shangri-La, and implemented 5 projects, namely, highway seamless docking, self-driving tourism service demonstration, special cultural tourism towns (villages), service element enhancement, and industrial poverty alleviation. We hope that on the map of Sichuan tourism multiple pole and multiple point supporting development, cities, districts and counties which could represent the tourism development achievements during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period will stand out.

  Sichuan has also achieved the flourish of Sichuan tourism boutiques in the past 5 years. Since 2011, Sichuan has established 180 national A level scenic spots, increasing 124% compared with that of 2010. The number of 5A level scenic spots has increased from 3 to current 10, making the ranking of Sichuan rise from No. 15 to No. 4 in China. Sichuan has also constructed 1 national tourism resort, 9 demonstration counties and 11 demonstration points of national leisure agriculture and rural tourism, and 4 national ecological tourism demonstration zones. 318/317 Most Beautiful Landscape Avenue in China, experiencing of the Long March roads and so on have been new inter-provincial tourism roadster. Big Singri-La Ring Road, Big Panda Ecological Tourism Line, and Southern Silk Road Tourism have been upgraded as national boutique tourism lines which have been praised by domestic and foreign tourists. Among the top 10 scenic spots during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, the fierce competition between these scenic spots of long or new establishment is unavailable.

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