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Import and Export Value of Sichuan in 2015 Reaches 319.77 Billion Yuan

  On the first press conference in 2016 held by Chengdu Customs recently, import and export data of Sichuan have been released. The total import and export value of Sichuan in 2015 has amounted to 319.77 billion yuan, decreasing 25.8%.

  According to Mr. Ni Zao, deputy director of Chengdu Customs, the foreign trade between Sichuan and Macao SAR, Egypt, Algeria, Turkmenistan and Benin and so on has been increasing rapidly and the growth rate is 49.3%, 27.2%, 2.7%, 50.5% and 13.2% respectively, indicating that the boosting function of “One Belt and One Road” strategy on Sichuan foreign trade has been emerged.

  Mr. Ni Zao held the opinion that there are 3 major factors which have led to the decreasing of Sichuan foreign trade in 2015. Firstly, fatigued foreign market demands. The overall sluggish recovery of global economy and the whole shrink of international trade scale have resulted to the downward of export in China. Secondly, the decreasing of the prices of bulk commodities. The prices of iron ore, steel, timber, these Sichuan major imported commodities, have decreased 43.8%, 39.1% and 11.7% respectively, which is beneficial to lower the import cost. But the decreasing of prices has also lowered the whole export value. ”Thirdly, comparatively strong reliance on electronic information manufacturing of Sichuan foreign trade. While the market demand of electronic products are elastic with weak ability to resist market risks. In 2015, integrated circuit accounts for 46% of the total import value and the parts of portable computers account for 33.1% of the total export value. Mr. Ni Zao said, “In 2015, the export value of mechanical and electronic products, turbine engines and parts have reached 136 billion yuan and 1.87 billion yuan respectively, increasing 7%. The export value of automobiles has amounted to 940 billion yuan, increasing 280%. Since May, 2015, Sichuan has initiated exporting cars to the US with the total number of 3,062 in 2015, unveiling the new chapter of exporting automobiles in a large scale to developed countries.”

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