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Trade Volume of Sichuan’s Technology Contracts Reaches 87.9 Billion Yuan during the 12th Five-Year Plan

  Reporters have learned from Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province that according to statistics, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the technology trading market of Sichuan has accumulated 57,368 technologies which have been traded with the contract amount of 87.986 billion yuan, 3.85 times of that in the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Sichuan has finished the target of 40 billion yuan during the 12th Five-Year Plan period successfully, supported and guided the development of high-end technological industries and strategic emerging industries.

  It has been learned that since the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Sichuan has adhered to treating the promotion of technology market development as important measures of enhancing scientific achievement transformation, guided actively the clustering of innovative factors to enterprises, and promoted the effective connection Pfizer knowledge flow and technology innovation. Especially after the implementation of “Project No. 1” of achievement transformation, Sichuan has subsided a total of 200 million yuan and million to 5 million yuan for each project settled in Sichuan with achievement transformation technologies every year. Sichuan has also provided subsidies of 3 million to 5 million yuan each year for technology contract confirmation and registration institutes and 70 million yuan in total for the capacity construction, transaction, personnel training and so on for technology transfer platforms, and initiated fiscal subsidies for enterprises to purchase transformed achievements. Relevant tax authorities have implemented these tax preferential policies for technology contracts and created a sound advantageous ecological environment for achievement to transform into values.

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