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Taiwan Increased 53 Enterprises in Sichuan

  On January 7th, reporters learned from Department of Taiwan Affairs of Sichuan Provincial People's Government that Sichuan had achieved remarkable work achievements to Taiwan. Especially as the continuous cooperation between Taiwan and Sichuan in trade, Sichuan has introduced 53 Taiwan-funded enterprises with new investment and increase capital of 2.5 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, the trade volume between Taiwan and Sichuan has amounted to 1.59 billion US dollars. The priority status of Sichuan as the first alternative of Taiwanese entrepreneurs has been further strengthened.

   By the end of 2015, the number of Sichuan-funded and Taiwan-funded enterprises has been 1,763 with the investment volume of 16.5 billion US dollars. Sichuan has also successfully held 2015 Western China Cross-Trait Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Conference, the 2nd Sichuan Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Forum, Sichuan Taiwan Financial Cooperation Forum, Sichuan Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Achievement Expo and other major economic and trade activities concerning Taiwan, which have provided multiple platforms for economic and trade cooperation between Taiwan and Sichuan. To support the growth of Taiwan-funded enterprises in Sichuan, Department of Taiwan Affairs of Sichuan Provincial People's Government also organized Season of Providing Services for Taiwan-Funded Enterprises in Sichuan, visited 1,400 Taiwan-funded enterprises, and safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan enterprises.

  Besides, the cultural exchange activities between Taiwan and Sichuan are also colorful. Tianfu Summer Camp of Taiwan Students, Sichuan Cuisine Cultural Experience Camp for Sichuan and Taiwan College Students, Cross-Strait Media Co-Interview in Sichuan Anti-Japanese Front and so on have been held in Sichuan. Sichuan has also organized 300 rural tourism leaders for 6 batches to train and Zigong Acrobatic Troupe and Sichuan Folk Dancing and Singing Troupe to perform in Taiwan.

  Besides, the personnel exchanging between Sichuan and Taiwan is getting increasingly frequent. There are 852 exchange projects involving 6,338 people to Taiwan. There are over 310,000 Taiwan people visiting Sichuan and 60,000 Sichuan citizens to Sichuan.

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