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Sichuan Tourism Investment Enters into “Tourism Plus” Era

  2015 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival just closed in Yibin. After the ending of this festival, the 4th Summit of Global Travel Network CEOs will be held in Chengdu from September 21st to 23rd. Then, the 2nd Sichuan International Travel Expo, organized by Leshan Emei City, will be opened from September 24th to 26th. Relevant responsible officials from Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism indicate that currently Sichuan has formed “4+4+1” Pattern with International Cultural Tourism Festival, International Trade Expo, Summit of Global Travel Network CEOs and International Tourism Investment Fair and so on as main activities. Changing from the role of government orientation to market driving, Sichuan is promoting local tourism development through massive and meaningful activities.

  Like “Internet Plus”, “Tourism Plus” is getting more and more popular. Tourism has penetrated into all walks of life, which would be indicated from the powerful industrial penetration from Sichuan tourism investment. Insiders indicate that Sichuan has stepped into the era of “Tourism Plus” Industrial Integration Development. 2014 Sichuan Tourism Investment Research Report released by Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism and Tourism Management Research Office of Southeastern University of Finance and Economics demonstrates that on the one hand tourism has integrated with relevant traditional industries forming multiple categories of industrial integration development momentum, including tourism plus agriculture, tourism plus real estates, tourism plus trade and commerce, tourism plus finance, tourism plus exhibition, tourism plus forestry and so on, and emerge a large number of Tourism Plus investment projects such as International health resort zone, agricultural ecological sightseeing park, historical and cultural style blocks and so on. One the other hand, rising cross-border tourism project investment has been emerging recently. Tourism plus aviation, tourism plus sports, tourism plus film and television, tourism plus medical health care and so on have arisen. New projects aiming to more specific market and tourist groups, such as animation creative leisure, low altitude tourism, live performing, film and television tourism, and traditional Chinese medicine and health preservation and so on, have won active responses from the markets. 
  Authorities said that “Tourism Plus” actually focuses on creative thinking and highlights the digging of value intersection of tourism and relevant industries, and achieves the tourism of resources through innovating tourism experiences and satisfying diversity and personalized travel demands of tourists. Therefore, the feature of tourism project investment, namely, “Tourism Plus”, has injected new vitality to the innovative development of Sichuan tourism.

  Tourism Plus Capital
  Quality tourism projects were enlisted on China Beijing Equity Exchange and in the future more projects would land on China Assets Exchange.
  On the China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conference held on July 23rd, responsible officials from China Beijing Equity Exchange announced that the first batch of 5 quality tourism projects of Sichuan, including Neijiang Qionglong International Leisure Tourism Project, Mianyang Huya Ecological Tourism Scenic Spot Development Project, Leshan Bagou Ancient Town Cultural Tourism Comprehensive Development Project, Guangyuan Tangjia River National Level Tourism Resort Project, and Aba Se’er Ancient Tibetan Water Village Development Project, have been enlisted on the Major Program Recommendation Plate of China Beijing Equity Exchange and initiated exchange.

  This is the first time that Sichuan tourism projects have been enlisted on China Beijing Equity Exchange and initiated exchange and an important attempt of Sichuan “Tourism Plus Capital”. Mr. Wu Ruchuan, president of China Beijing Equity Exchange, holds the opinion that Sichuan is rich with tourism responses, needs more professional investment and financing platforms to find good investors based on different situations of these programs, and accelerates the integration of tourism responses and capital. 
  Now, in Sichuan, there are over 4,000 tourism resources of all kinds, including 11 top tourism places of interests in the world and over 400 national level tourism resources. In recent years, Sichuan has made great efforts in the interconnection of transportation, communications and other infrastructure. Therefore, regional transportation condition has been improved continuously. Research Report of 2014 Sichuan Tourism Investment (hereafter referred to as Research Report) indicates that 2014 has witnessed continuous vigor in Sichuan tourism and steady growth of investment scale. There are a total of 473 tourism investment projects with the investment volume of 95.28 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 31.9%, much higher than the growth rate of Sichuan total investment in fixed assets in 2014 of 20%, and far higher than the investment growth rate, 20%, of the third industry of Sichuan, and almost the same as the average growth rate of national tourism investment in 2014. The total avenue of Sichuan tourism in 2014 amounts to over 4.891 trillion yuan, increasing 1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 26.1%, marking tourism one of the most dynamic economic growth points.

  Authorities from tourism industry indicate that actually, as an important resource, tourism resource, just like mineral resource and water resource, is a kind of resource type which could be undertaken equity transaction. Through enlisting Sichuan quality tourism projects on the equity exchange platforms and capital operation, these tourism projects could be exploited and developed in a better way. But at present, the thought on “Tourism Plus Capital” in Sichuan should be strengthened. Journalists from News Sichuan Net learned from Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism that the selection of quality tourism projects to be enlisted on China Beijing Equity Exchange marks a beginning. In the future, Sichuan will dock with more domestic equity exchange offices and strike to promote more excellent tourism projects to be enlisted on equity exchange platforms and achieve integration of capital.

  Tourism Plus Primary Industry

  Supporting rural tourism through tourism precision and a new round of tourism investment boom will come
  Forests, ice mountainside, streams, alpine meadows, alpine calcification pools, and Tibetan styles with unique ethnic features, all of these are at Ya'an Baoxing Qiaoqi Tibetan Village and Shenmulei Scenic Spot. Shenmulei is the first ice mountain crossed by the Red Army in the period of the Long March when crossing Jiajin Mountain. Taking full advantages of the primitive economical resources of Jiajin Mountain and focusing on Siguniang Mountain to develop, Baoxing County declares and build a nation forest park covering 20,700 hectare. The integration of national ecology and historical and cultural resources will promote the rapid and healthy economic development of Baoxing County. Developing tourism has become an important gripper of Baoxing to alleviate poverty. According to relevant responsible officials from Baoxing, Baoxing constructs the scenic spot based on Fengtong Village, Dengchi Village, Baoshi Forest, Dawagengzhi Scenic Spot and with national ecological and cultural tourism integration development trial zone as carrier, drives the peasants surrounding the scenic spot to run farmer hotels and sell agricultural specialties, transfers rural labors into service industry, promotes comprehensively the development of rural tourism, and increases the incomes of farmers and the well-being. Meanwhile, Baoxing County will actively explore the development mode of happy and beautiful villages, create a batch of new quality cultural tourism villages, enhance the taste of these villages, create economic, leisure and comfortable tourism surrounding with rural features, and promote farmers to work nearby.

  2015 No. 1 Central Document proposes to develop multiple functions of agriculture and digs the values of rural ecological leisure, tourism sightseeing, cultural education. Vice Premier Wang Yang once mentioned that alleviating poverty through tourism was an effective way for poverty stricken areas as well as an import channel for poor people to acquire wealth.

  Actually, in Sichuan, rural tourism has become a popular area of tourism investment. The Research Report has pointed out that there have been 80 rural tourism projects which are being constructed in Sichuan in 2014, accounting for 17% of the total projects. The actual finished investment volume amounts to 7.13 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 100%. In terms of investment content, rural tourism has expanded from single agricultural sightseeing industry to multiple and comprehensive rural products, such as theme leisure farm restaurants, rural resort hotels, specialty rural hotels, historical and cultural villages, and rural leisure zones and so on. In terms of investment scale, large investments occur in rural tourism. Among the rural tourism projects in Sichuan in 2014, there are 46 projects with planning investment of over 1 billion yuan. “With the rapid increasing of rural tourism demands, there will be comprehensive breakthroughs in fields such as scope of space, product types, and development quality and so on.” Mr. Yin Qingshuang, vice principal of Southwestern University of Finance and Economic, said that currently the rural tourism resort investment of Sichuan was still in initiative stage and in the future, a new round of tourism investment boom would come.

  The Research Report analyzes that there are 4 reasons. Firstly, rural tourism is in accordance with national policy trend. “Integrating cities into nature and people having the opportunities to see mountains, waters and remember nostalgia” indicate the concentration of rural construction from the national level. Developing rural tourism is a critical measure to construct a livable beautiful countrysides suitable for business and traveling and promote agricultural modernization and precise poverty alleviation. Secondly, from the tourism demands, people bore urban smog, congested traffic, and multiple pressures and desire to experience the rural peace and leisure. Their willing to return to rural life is getting intense. Thirdly, in terms of geographical location, rural tourism resort markets cover the first, second and third tier cities. These rural tourism resorts take full use of the regional advantages of surrounding cities based on urban agglomeration and satisfy the increasing demands from urban citizens of weekend leisure. Finally, in terms of investment, the scale of rural tourism project investment is comparatively small and dynamic which is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises full of innovation capacity.

  Tourism Plus Tertiary Industry

  Innovative cultural tourism increases rapidly and health preservation becomes concentration
  "Bring your parents Panzhihua to indicate your filial obedience.” On the news briefing of China (Beijing) Modern Urbanization Innovation Development Forum and Landscape of Sichuan Happy Life held in Beijing, Mr. Yu Huiwen, deputy secretary of of the CPC Panzhihua Municipal Committee, put forward this welcome speech. Panzhihua, once a steel city, has new normal of blue sky and white clouds. Then a new “Gold Mine”, health preservation industry, begins. Panzhihua has handed over a satisfying answer against smog. From January to July in 2015, the air quality attainment rate of Panzhihua reaches 98.6%. Therefore, developing health preservation industry has been an important measure for this leisure city to achieve transference and upgrading. Actually, as the rising of health preservation concept, the market development of caring for the aged and the growth of demands of tourism leisure vacation, the leisure resort projects focusing on health preservation and caring for the aged have been the major type and investment concentration of Sichuan tourism leisure vacation.

  Reporters learned from Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism that the growth rate of health preservation of Sichuan in 2014 amounted to 46.2% with the actual finished investment of 2.09 billion yuan. The investment on products such as caring the aged, sports, health preservation by TCM, cultural health preservation and so on has entered into rapid development stage.

  Apart from health preservation tourism, Sichuan innovative cultural tourism investment has grown at a comparatively rapid speed which fully indicates the deep integration between Sichuan tourism and the tertiary industry. In the first half year of 2015, Wanda Group has invested over 1 trillion on Chengdu. Wanda Cultural Tourism City in Dujiangyan with the investment of 55 billion has drawn wide attention. Mr. Wang Jianlin, president of Wanda Group, indicated in the news briefing that Dujiangyan Wanda City would be designed and constructed in accordance with 3 high standards including world first class, originality and uniqueness and the best cultural tourism project in China which would utterly changes the current situation of Chengdu cultural tourism project and makes Dujiangyan Wanda City become the cultural, tourism, business and health center in Sichuan even in China. It has been learned that Dujiangyan Wanda City will be constructed into a world cultural industry project concentrating on cultural tourism, gathering culture, tourism, business, hotel and so on, and covering all kinds of amusement elements such as film, performances, theme parks and so on with the total construction area of 5 million square meters. The project will bring the module combination of “Wanda Mall Plus Outdoor Theme Parks Plus Show Fields Plus Resort Hotels Plus Riverside Bar Street”. These product types with higher levels belong to those that have not been well developed in Dujiangyan. Experience, interaction and involvement are new types of tourism mode which Dujiangyan lacks currently. At present, there are 3 five-star hotels, 3 four-star hotels, 6 three-star hotels, business hotels and rural hotels. In the planning of Wanda City, Dujiangyan will increase a six-star hotel, 2 four-star hotels, introduce 20 well-known wine bars and music bars, and establish a business center gathering first class brands and 50 restaurants with global flavors, which would greatly enhance the business level of Dujiangyan.

  Statistics indicate that 2014 has witnessed the most rapid development of Sichuan innovative cultural projects with the volume of completed investment amounting to 3.61 billion yuan. Innovative cultural projects concerns cultural film tourism, cultural ecological tourism, tea cultural theme parks, Three Kingdoms culture, cultural expo parks, college culture and so on with diversified forms and rich contents that would become a beautiful scenery in the tourism development of Sichuan.

  Role Changing
  Changing from leading by the government to driving by market and promoting the local tourism development through activities
  Just as Mr. Li Jinzao, director of China National Tourism Administration said, Tourism Plus was similar to Internet Plus which had the function of constructing platforms, enhancing shares, and enhancing values. Insiders indicate that the docking of government and local or national equity exchange offices is actually a construction of platform to achieve the exchanges between tourism resources and capital market. 2015 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival held in Yibin is also a tourism resource exchange and cooperation platform built by Sichuan. Relevant officials from Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism introduce that currently Sichuan has formed “4+4” Pattern including International Cultural Tourism Festival, International Trade Expo, Summit of Global Travel Network CEOs. Plus China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Fair, a “4+4+1” Pattern is playing the function of constructing platform, enhancing sharing and enhancing value of Tourism Plus.

  For the cities held these activities, every conference means a promotion. An insider said, “The city held these conference will be popular and the market there will be well-developed. Market orientation will promote local tourism development.” This sentence touches Yibin the most, where 2015 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival is just concluded. It is learned that during the festival, Yibin displays her whole tourism resources comprehensively in accordance with “1+2+N” method with the theme of Beautiful China, Amazing Yibin and two activity routes including main hall activities and supporting activities. Xingwen Stone Sea “Final of The Second Sichuan Folk Song Competition”, 2015 China Nanxi Han Style Wedding Activity at Nanxi Ancient Town, Love Song Antiphonal Singing Performance at Xinwen Stone Sea, Junlian County Qingxi Valley Miao and Yi Nationality Customs Activity, Changning Wenzhou Merchant Tourism Product Expo, “Passionate July and Pingshan Torch Festival” Yi Torch Festival, Jiang'an Xinjia Southern Sichuan Folk Cultural Performance and other supporting activities provide global guests an opportunity to feel online and offline cultural tourism activity full of Yibin features. Meanwhile, specialty tourism products from 21 Sichuan cities display at the tourism product exhibition centers at Cuiping District, Changning County, and Xingwen County which make tourists enjoy shopping and entertainments and experience diversified and Innovative cultural tourism of Sichuan. As an important supporting hall of this festival, Lizhuang Ancient Town, after being redecorated, covers the features of Lizhuang culture. Unique, innovative and recognizable “Drunk One Kilometer”, New Tourist Service Center melting age and fashion, and Sugar Cultural Experiencing Zone” undertaking the memories of generations of Lizhuang people, all of these signs and new scenes full of profound culture of Lizhuang present before the eyes of tourists which make people experience the passion and reform of Lizhuang Ancient Town. Apart from the upgrading and changing of scenic spots, Lizhuang also integrates modern scientific technologies based on her own features so that tourists could have a direct understanding of Lizhuang. Moreover, the museums of Lizhuang reproduce her history of resistance Japanese and the spirit of “Inclusiveness and Wideness” through real things, live scenes, micro films and 3D images.

  Relevant responsible officials from Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism mentioned that a couple of years ago, Sichuan held Tourism Development Conference which was an epoch-making move. Now, the scale and connotation of current conferences, after being upgraded, are equivalent to 8 original Tourism Development Conference. While the largest change goes to from leading by the government to driving by the market. “It is quite precise and accurate to ensure the theme of every conference based on the market demands. For instance, International Tourism Trade Expo gathers professional buyers and sellers. Considering that the expo is held by local governments, some tourism product exchanges will also be undertaken. Therefore, the expo is government and market orientation. After the coming of large domestic and foreign purchasers, the conference is more practical and inspects tourism products and projects as well as docking with sellers. Although the name of the conference remains, substantive changes have occurred in the contents.” This official introduced.

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