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Sichuan Tourism Sparkles the Silk Road

  The opening ceremony of the 2nd Sichuan International Tourism Trade Fair (hereafter referred to as the 2nd TTF), one of the three professional fairs in Sichuan, will be officially held in Leshan on September 25, which is less than 10 days away. It is still a question that what kind of surprises this year’s fair will bring to tourism circle in China and tourists at home and abroad. Reporters get to know from the organizing committee that the biggest attraction of this year’s fair will be the integration of Sichuan tourism and the One Belt and One Road.

  The year 2015 is Silk Road Traveling Year. The Silk Road consists of the Northern Silk Road, the Maritime Silk Road and the Southern Silk Road whose starting point is Sichuan. This year’s fair, themed as “Tourism Trade•Opening and Cooperation-- Promoting the Prosperity of the Silk Road Economic Belt”, tries to achieve the following quantitative objectives: attracting participants from 40 countries and areas overseas and  more than 400 buyers and sellers respectively; reaching more than 60 billion Yuan in terms of contract value in tourism investing and cooperation and purchase; 66,000 square meter of area used in fair and trading(40000 and 26,000 square meter indoor and outdoor respectively);tentatively setting up themed fair of mountain tourism.

  Reporters get to know that in this year’s tourism fair the theme of the Emei Summit Forum is chosen as “the Silk Road--Integrated Development of Culture and Tourism”, and that many different tourism organization officials, tourism department leaders and tourism experts are invited to discuss on the integrated development of culture and tourism of the Silk Road. In this fair, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will release the“Development Report on China’s Most Beautiful Landscape Avenue-318/317 Sichuan and Tibet World Tourist Destination”; the Pacific Area Travel Association ( PATA)will give “Development Report on Mountain Tourism--Taking Sichuan as an Example” and  Tourist Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences will present “Research Report on World Tourist Destination”.

  Sichuan tourism integrates with “One Belt and One Road”. In addition to scenic beauties, profound cultures are also important. Many cultural events are arranged in this year’s fair, including performances like the God Joy of Three Kingdoms, featuring Sichuan’s tea culture, Martial arts of Emei.

  Compared to the first TTF which highlights “internationalization, professionalization and marketization”, this year’s fair includes “intellectualization” as a new feature, which  first has its presence in pavilion. In Emeishan city on September 11, reporters come to see that the main venue of the 2nd TTF, Sichuan International Tourism Trade Fair Center, is being arranged. The pavilion, with Chinese Red as the main hue, is a modern Chinese building with Han and Tang Dynasty style. More than 9800 sets of lighting, 99% of which are energy-saving LED products, are installed in the whole venue and domestic advanced intelligent computer systems are applied to control them. In the evening, lightened up by the lighting, the Chinese Red shines and glows.

  Intelligence also demonstrates itself in how a deal is completed. Complying to Online to Offline Model(O2O), Sichuan TTF will be live web-cast this year. Reporters get to know that the organizing committee has already improved the overall running and managing level of the Sichuan TTF official website, enlarging the unit and content of “online Sichuan TTF”which, based on the tourism products of Sichuan, attracts and absorbs tourism products nationwide and worldwide. Meanwhile, this year’s fair opens up such platforms as Micro-blog, We-chat and other APPs to interact with our citizens, thus encouraging participation.

  As is known that Sichuan International Tourism Trade Fair Center is the first large-scale international exhibition center in Leshan, and is also the first international multi-functional and intelligent tourism trade fair center in mainland China, whose major functions include holding tourism fair, sports events and various kinds of commercial fairs. The Internet technology will be used in the trading hall of Sichuan International Tourism Trade Fair Center to update in time the trading data on the big screen. In the interacting area of the pavilion, high-technology intelligent travel experience items like virtual travel of scenic spots and naked-eye 3D are available, which would hopefully improve a great deal of tourists’ experience.

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