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Tourism Enriches and Increases Income of People in Sichuan Tibetan Region

  The Northwest Sichuan Plateau in June is full of green grass and fragrant flowers. At Que'er Village, Bamei Township, Daofu County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, there are filled with guests from the world. Mr. Deji, an owner of a Tibetan Agritainment, is quite happy. “Luckily I expanded my guest rooms last month. Or else there will not be enough rooms for guests in the weekends.” In two or three years, villagers of Que'er Village have grasped the opportunity that Sichuan is accelerating the tourism in Tibetan area. 85 households of all together 144 households have opened Tibetan Agritainments. Over 20,000 yuan every year is increased for every household on average. Que'er Village has become a certain famous tourism village along Northwest Sichuan Tourism Ring Road. “A scenic spot could enrich a village.” While Que'er village is just a common one of many villages which have changed greatly among the scattered rural tourism attractions in Sichuan Tibetan Region.

  By now, there are 3,600 Tibetan Agritainments, Herdsman Agritainments and rural hotels in Sichuan Tibetan Region, bringing about job opportunities for 130,000 farmers and shepherds. Last year, 8.94 million visitors toured for rural tourism in Sichuan Tibetan Region, achieving tourism turnover of 970 million yuan.

  Sichuan Tibetan Region is abundant with tourism resources and diversified forms. In recent years, as Sichuan is accelerating to establish comprehensive transportation hub in Western China, the transportation in Sichuan Tibetan Region has been greatly improved. An increasing number of natural and cultural scenic spots have been veiled and known to people. By March 2015, the total highway mileages have surpassed 45,000 kilometers. Approximately 80% townships have been linked with asphalt roads and over 90% villages could be reached through motor ways.

  Tourism is known for “smokeless industry” which benefits for ecological protection and enriches local people. Focused on the sustainable development of the society and economy in Sichuan Tibetan Region, Sichuan has explicitly proposed to integrate regional and minority development with tourism preferentially, set a solid root for tourism here with ecology, gorge the soul for tourism here with culture, and expand tourism.

  To ensure the focus of economic work in Sichuan Tibetan Region is developing ecological tourism, Sichuan not only conceals the GDP check but also enlists the following indicators into target management and evaluation system, including the share of added value of tourism in GDP, the share of tourism in service industry, and the accounting of tourism income among farmer and shepherd incomes.

  Sichuan also expands the fund support for tourism in Sichuan Tibetan Region. Every year Sichuan uses one third of the provincial tourism development funds to construct tourism projects in Tibetan Region. In 2014, 10.9 billion yuan has been invested on tourism infrastructure projects.

  “Engaging in tourism means entering into a well-being door.” At Qiudi Village, Guergou Township, Li County, Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mr. Ze Siman, a villager and boss of a hotel with 10 guest rooms available, has equipped his rooms with facilities such as air conditioners, TVs, and broadband and so on. “My hotel is one of the best hotels at my village, bringing me over 200,000 yuan every year.” He also mentioned that five years ago a Tibetan Agritainment tourism cooperative was established at my village and now there were many villagers like him who had improved greatly their lives through engaging into tourism. “We appreciate that the government helps us to improve our tourism infrastructure, lay out tourism development plannings and provide another way for us to be rich.”

  In 2014, a total of 36.7 million villagers toured in Sichuan Tibetan Region and tourism income amounted to 32.4 billion yuan, which has been doubled in previous years. The total revenue in Sichuan Tibetan Region in the first quarter of 2014 has been increased 34%. Mr. Hao Kangli, head of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism, held the opinion that tourism had been the leading and pillar industry to promote the development of Sichuan Tibetan Region.

  According to Three Year Action Plan for Tourism Development in Sichuan Tibetan Region (2014 - 2016), Sichuan will build 8 boutique tourism ring roads Sichuan Tibetan Region, highlight the construction of “the last kilometer of tourism”, and strive to achieve tourism revenue of over 50 billion yuan and triple it in next three years.

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