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Sichuan Takes Multiple Measures to Regulate Tourism Prices

  During the Dragon Boat Festival, at such a perfect tour time in summer, do you have a good time? Have you encountered with frauds? Are all of your consumption at scenic spots transparent?

  For all scenic spots, sound order for tourism market and transparent consumption are the guarantee for happy travels. To further enhance the supervision of tourism market and safeguard the legitimate rights for tourists, on June 11th, National Tourism Administration, Ministry of Public Security and State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the People's Republic of China held a teleconference to regulate national tourism market order. On the conference, a series of behaviors which disturb the regular order of tourism market, including unreasonable low price, illegal one day tourism and so on, are the concentration to deal with this year. Effective measures will be taken to curb tourism market chaos. Therefore, what are the measures taken by Sichuan?

  Transparent cost to guarantee happy travel
  The so-called “unreasonable low price” means attracting tourists with unreal prices which are lower than operational cost and deviate the law of value with fake propaganda and unfair competition. “Tourism group with zero yuan” or “tourism group with lower cost” belong to typically unreasonable tourism group.

  In order to make tourists distinguish reasonable tourism cost, last July and this May, Sichuan Provincial Tourism Association released respectively the reference cost for products of tourism routes including Jiuzhai-Huanglong, Mount Emei and Leshan, Mount Qingcheng-Dujiangyan and the Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea, and the cost prices for hotels, transportation, dinners, tourism, guides and so on. Therefore, visitors could have a clear understanding of the costs for their travels and the real situation of their tourism group. Theses reference costs have been an effective reference and a mirror for Sichuan to regulate tourism enterprises to operate honestly and discipline strictly.

  To improve the influence of the reference costs and guarantee the rights of more tourists, Sichuan Provincial Tourism Association and China Tourism Association work together to release the costs of Sichuan tourism routes on the reference cost platform for popular tourism routes in major cities. This platform is equipped with price query and export function. Therefore, users could inquire costs through key words such as departure time, departure location, destination, travel days and so on.

  "Currently we mainly focus on the released costs for tourism routes. We will release the costs for more routes and enlarge our costs from within a province to interprovince.” Relevant responsible official of Sichuan Provincial Tourism Association told reporters from Sichuan Daily that this measure would ensure more tourists familiar with the costs of tourism routes so that when they choose tourism routes they are confident.

  Regulating transparent consumption market and safeguarding the rights of tourists
  To tackle with the problems of “free tourism group” and “tourism group with lower prices” and so on, apart from the releasing of costs, consumption market should also be regulated. It is learned that the reason why travel agencies dare to promote tourism groups with unreasonable prices is that they receive abundant rebates from “secondary consumption” such as shopping and performances during the travel period. To deal with compulsory consumption in the traveling, Sichuan Provincial People's Government has released Work Plans for Sichuan to Regulate Market (2014 - 2016) and strove to cut off the source chains for unreasonable prices. The work plan proposes that operation units concerning tourism shopping, performances, accommodation, dinners, travel agencies and so on should use electronic invoice. Since May 1st, all 5A scenic spots and some 4A scenic spots in Sichuan have been promoted electronic invoice with the concentration on Jiuzhai Ring Route, Mount Emei and Leshan Ring Route.

  It is learned from Aba Tourism Commission that currently relevant national tax and industry and commerce departments have proposed solutions and strove to promote this work. They try to complete the electronic invoice coverage at the shops surrounding 4A scenic spots. Long Attachment of Jiuhzai, a large singing and dancing performance at Jiuzhai Songcheng Tourism Zone, has been used electronic invoice since the very beginning. At Songpan County where has the most shopping points, this work would be carried out initially. “The popularity of electronic invoice could exert a positive influence on establishing a sound tourism image for local tourism shopping markets and attracting more tourists.” Relevant responsible official at Songpan county told the reporter.

  Moreover, Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism is creating Tracing Platform for Sichuan Tourism Products. The unique two dimensional codes on every product could be corresponded with the information on the platform, which not only protects the intellectual property of original products but also traces back the information of products to ensure quality and fair deal as well as safeguarding tourists' rights.

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