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Dujiangyan Will Create World Tourist Destination of Fitness and Health Preservation
  On May 23rd, Dujiangyan held the briefing of “China Mount Qingcheng World Tourist Destination of Fitness and Health Preservation”. This is the new city name card in the future, after “going to Mount Qingcheng to worship the Taoism and going to Dujiangyan to appreciate the water”. Dujiangyan is going to create the first “world tourist destination of fitness and health preservation” in China in the following 10 to 15 years “Developing fitness and health tourism is the core and endogenous power for Dujiangyan to create herself into the satellite city of Chengdu leisure tourism and international tourism city.” Relevant officials from Dujiangyan Municipal Bureau of Tourism introduced. In the following 10 to 15 years, Dujiangyan will highlight the development of fitness and health industry, including Rural Fitness and Health Reservation Economic Belt, Medical Tourism Economic Belt, High-end Medical Cluster Area, Recovery and Rehabilitation Cluster Area, Fitness and Health Preservation Cluster Area, Health Education and Research Cluster Area, Health Management Service Cluster Area in order to construte a medical tourism economic belt.
  On the same day, Shanghai Shenyou Genetic Test Center, Qing'an Anti-Aging Hospital, “Medicine Palace” Traditional Chinese Health Preservation Theme Street, Jinxin China Mount Qingcheng Anti-Aging Center and other fitness and health preservation programs had been officially settled at the foot of Mount Qingcheng.
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